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3 Reasons On What Does Love Is Blind Mean

What does love is blind mean? What does blind for love mean? Most people think that love is unexpected. We unknowingly fall into the trap of love, crazy for love.

But our love is not unexpected. We love each other because we choose to love each other. As “a letter from a strange woman” said, “it’s me who squeeze in front of you, plunge into your arms and plunge into my destiny, just like falling into an abyss.”

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What does it mean love is blind? And what does the phrase love is blind mean? When we are asked why we like or love our current partner, many people will look innocent and say, “I don’t know why.” But please think about it carefully. Why do you choose to be with your partner in the vast crowd and among so many people you know? Hollywood love movies tell us: “love is blind.”

But psychologists tell you: “love is not only not blind, but also very explicable.” “Tell me who you love, and I’ll tell you who you are,” is the most powerful saying I’ve ever heard from a psychologist.

3 things to understand what does love is blind mean

1. What does love is blind mean? The reason why fall in love with a person

What does love is blind mean? Professor Nathaniel Branden, the most senior self-esteem psychologist in the United States, explains this way: just as we see everything, we want to “see” ourselves in the world.

What does the saying love is blind mean? We can easily see the physical form of “real existence” because we just need to look in the mirror. One of the important reasons why we like looking at ourselves in the mirror is that the mirror can make us feel our objective existence in the level of consciousness.

About what does love is blind mean? There is a part of ourselves that we can’t “see” directly. This part is our soul. Our thoughts, values, beliefs and so on can be reflected to some extent through our achievements. For example, we draw a picture or design a building, but our whole soul can not be shown in the form of entity in this world. This is a very disturbing thing for us.

2. What does love is blind mean? Principle of psychological visibility

What does love is blind mean? Love is blind what does it mean? The reason why we fall in love with someone for a long time (short-term is not counted, because short-term may be due to some wrong reasons) is essentially because of his “principle of psychological visibility”.

Like a mirror, if your soul is really seen by someone, you will fall in love with that person.

When you find that if other people look at us in the same way as our innermost true self. And they show this understanding of us through their words and deeds, and we will have a deep feeling of being “seen”.

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First of all, we assume that you have a relatively mature psychology and a relatively correct self-awareness, and then you feel that you are an optimistic, cheerful, enthusiastic, brave and confident person. At this time, you meet a pessimistic, closed, no enthusiasm and very confident person. He will regard your self-confidence as an attack, and doubt the intention of everything you say and do. He always thinks that you want to manipulate him. How do you feel at this time?

What does love is blind mean? You may feel confused, puzzled and deeply misunderstood and not understood. On the other hand, when you express yourself with great confidence, and then another person immediately understands your confidence and calmness, and smiles at you, what does he feel for you? You’ll feel “seen” by him. This is what we call the feeling of being seen. There is also an important reason why we love another person: by loving you, I see myself.

3. What does love is blind mean? Psychological visibility and self exploration

What does love is blind mean? In fact, our psychological visibility always has a degree problem. From the beginning of our childhood, we have been gradually through interaction with others to constantly better understand ourselves.

Every child is more or less “seen” in the family, because children who are not seen can not survive at all. But there are countless children, because they are not seen in the family, they always feel insecure or inadequate in the intimate relationship after adulthood.

Psychological visibility actually opens the door to self exploration. We constantly deepen our self-awareness in all kinds of interactions with others, but nothing can increase our self-awareness more than intimacy.

In an intimate relationship that we’re really seen, we’re constantly discovering ourselves that we didn’t realize before, or that we haven’t come to the surface – those we don’t have the ability to discover. Our latent potential, the personality traits that we have never clearly expressed, and so on.

This is an important reason why we fall in love with another person for a long time and always fall in love with this person. Because in your eyes, I see myself in my eyes; Because in you, I see my own shadow; Because you really see me, and constantly let me find new myself; I love you, because in your eyes, I really find myself in this world.

What does love is blind mean? It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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