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Love In A Puff: To Meet you

Love In A Puff: It only took 7 days for the two of them to fall in love from meeting each other. In fact, it is so simple to like someone, it may just be that you met a drunken man in a convenience store late at night.

Love In A Puff: Chunjiao and her boyfriend of five years, passion receded, feelings returned to dull, this time the appearance of Zhiming to Chunjiao’s life brought a different, the five years together with her man because of a “still pain” text message, to her big suspicion, there is no trace of care for her look, probably, the relationship is really coming to an end.




How hard is it to be together?

-I’m three years older than you

-I’m taller than you


That night when the whole city was frantically looking for cigarettes, Chunjiao and Zhiming, with such a simple question and answer, crossed the “age” gap between too many men and women.

The truth is: Chunjiao is four years older than Zhiming.

Love In A Puff: In reality, too many people are blocked from the wall of “age”, rather than fearing the real age difference, rather than fearing the psychological age gap.

After all, the books read, the roads traveled, the people loved, all in that number.

When she met Zhiming, she was the dashing lady.

Love In A Puff: The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

In the next seven years, Chunjiao endured the happiness and heartache brought by this “never grow up” boy; in the next seven years, Zhiming was also trying to grow up.

I admit that the age issue will more or less turn into a crisis, big or small, and the two people are always one step ahead and one step behind. But you ask me, “Do we have to think so much?”

I think that Zhiming and Chunjiao have given the answer.



“Some things don’t need to be done in one night.

We’re not in a hurry.”



Love in a puff vine:

That’s how Zhiming always thought, but Chunjiao might not understand.

Within a week of being together, Chunjiao wanted to switch to the same network as Zhiming. This sassy and cool girl liked it too much. And what waits is Zhiming’s avoidance.

He is used to uncertain relationships, why so anxious to determine everything, do not push me too fast.

Is this “bad”?

I have to say, one-night stands are too common, and fast-food relationships are not uncommon. The people who said: “Take your time, we’re not in a hurry”, while finding a breezy afternoon to walk out the door, most of them, never come back.

Love in a puff vine: The relationship not for the purpose of marriage is a hooligan, even the relationship does not want to determine?

Zhiming is like a single-celled creature, but whenever someone comes near, he chooses to instinctively run away.

It’s not hypocritical to say that what he needs is time.

There is a saying that you haven’t come home because you haven’t met someone who can surrender you.

If I may say: even if you love again, please give each other time.

Love in a puff: When you meet that person, you want to catch him, and this time you don’t want to miss it. But a good relationship does not require either party to lower to the dust, nor do they need to squeeze themselves quickly into each other’s world.

Wait a little longer, look a little more, think a little more.

The first time Zhiming fled, fled seemingly in a bit of a mess.

Chunjiao did not chase.

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Love you more than you love yourself

-Why don’t we quit smoking?


When did Chunjiao fall in love with Zhiming?

Love in a puff: I think it was in the alley when Zhiming lit Chunjiao’s cigarette with his own hands.

But Chunjiao suffers from asthma.

In love, are you willing to change for each other? Or to become better together with each other? When will you make changes?

When I really want to have a good future with the other person, I want to make her better and we become better together.

Long-term promises are no match for practical actions. This is a truth that adults will understand.

One question: When are you determined to spend your life with him/her?

Love in a puff: An answer that touched me for a long time: when I knew that he had planned me into all his possible futures.

That night, Zhiming and Chunjiao abandoned all the cigarettes they had bought.


“It was a little salty.

There wasn’t much meat.”


Love in a puff: The spaghetti with meat sauce that Zhiming finally told Yu Yu that he loved was a little salty and not much meat. But like is like.

He also said, “I like her because, I think she’s good, she’s good at everything.”

It’s a little salty and there’s not much meat.

Someone said this: after meeting you, all the previous standards are you.”

In this life, one will always meet one, who will break all your principles and become your exception.

Love in a puff: Chunjiao is definitely not perfect, she is simple and a bit silly, she is not delicate enough, and her body is not hot enough.

The same goes for Zhiming, who is childish, eccentric and not caring enough.

But Chunjiao and Zhiming, Zhiming and Chunjiao, together they are just right.

The thing is that there is no reason to be in love.




The years are long, but it’s worth waiting

-I like you so much that I am afraid of myself, so what?


Love in a puff: This is what Chunjiao said to Zhiming, but it also seems to be what she said to herself.

How many times have I envied people who are so defiant.

There are often unequal relationships in love, who loves whom a little more, who gives a little more.

But real love for a person, can not be restrained.

Love in a puff: I appreciate the fact that Chunjiao can admit her heart, admit love, and not be humble even after the breakup.


“I’m sorry, I really can’t live without you, you’re the one who made me grow up.”


Love in a puff: When Zhiming said this, I think these two people, both of them, have truly grown up.

Zhiming has finally learned how to love, and Chunjiao has learned how not to let her love burn each other and herself.

In this relationship, the most touching thing is the changes made by each other.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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