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Love Hurts Incubus: I Love Him Why Did He Leave?

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Love hurts incubus-Why is it that the more he loves him, the more he wants to escape?

Everything has a degree, should be enough, love is the same.

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Many people say that love is troublesome, because love each other too much is because of fear of loss, always want to love as much as possible, the lover firmly tied to their side. As everyone knows, too much love will suffocate people, the result is counterproductive, pushing people farther and farther away.

Love is not a 24-hour watch and strict guard, love is equality and trust. If you don’t understand these, it means that you don’t know what real love is and are not ready to start a healthy and long-term relationship.

Why does love bother? Why love each other too much, but will strangle the love between you? There are three reasons.

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Love hurts incubus: I love him why did he leave? 01. No one wants to lose freedom.

Love hurts incubus: If you use the name of love to cut off the feathers on the bird’s wings, so that it can’t fly freely in the sky, then no matter how carefully you raise the bird and take care of it, it will still hate you.

This is true for birds and for people. If you try to use love to suppress and deprive each other of their freedom, they will also hate you and want to use every means to escape from the cage of your love.

You love each other too much, but you use it in the wrong place. You don’t know what the other person really wants. You turn a blind eye to the other person’s opinions and needs. It seems that you have managed everything for the other party, so that the other party has no worries about food and clothing, but you have asked the other party, do you really like what you have prepared, you deprive the other party of the right and freedom to choose.

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Love cannot be forced. If you are meant to be together, you will be together anyway. Trust each other and give each other freedom.

Love hurts incubus: I love him why did he leave? 02. This will hinder your respective development.

Love hurts incubus: In real life, love is to make two people better themselves.

In addition to love, there are also survival, career, family, love and self-improvement. Excessive love will hinder your own development.

Love means letting the other party choose the way of life and development they want to pursue their dreams. Love means respecting each other’s character and values. Don’t disturb when the other person wants to focus.

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Don’t try to control and interfere with each other’s development for the sake of your own selfish desire. Love is like sand. The tighter you grasp it, the faster it goes. On the contrary, if you loosen your hand, the sand will stay in your palm.

If you don’t want to be pushed away by your lover and become single again, share some of your love with yourself, focus on your personal development, and grow and progress with your lover.

Love hurts incubus: I love him why did he leave? 03. This will lead to the neglect and contempt of the other party.

Love hurts incubus: Too easy to get things, will fall in price, causing each other’s boredom and contempt. That’s what the loved one says.

Distance produces beauty. Sometimes it’s better to retreat appropriately to let each other have more space, which is more conducive to enhancing the feelings of two people. People always pursue what they can’t get, but turn a blind eye to what they hold firmly in their hands. People have such bad habits. If they love and take the initiative too much, they will not take you seriously.

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This is a delicate balance, between freshness and familiarity, between close distance and long distance. It takes energy to handle it, which is far more troublesome than the “stupid” way of blindly loving and paying.

Remember: too close, too active, the other side will breed neglect and contempt. This is human nature. Don’t try to fight against human nature.


Love hurts incubus-Why is it that the more he loves him, the more he wants to escape? No one wants to be with a low self-esteem, paranoid, clingy partner, because such a partner is not attractive at all.

When you love, please be confident, don’t lack a sense of security, give each other freedom and space. The more afraid and the more firmly love is grasped, the faster love will slip away.

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