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In Fact, Love Has Not Pride.

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Love has no pride: It is human nature to be proud. In order not to lose face in front of others, gain the right to speak or occupy a place, people are always unwilling to admit their own status quo and do not want to reveal their true thoughts.

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Moreover, the more you care about people, the more proud you are. Obviously, this reason is not unique to any country, but a common human disease. But love has no pride.

Love has no pride: In “love you, Rosie”, Alex said that the friendship between men and women is sometimes very complicated. It sounds to Rosie like an explanation that I need you, but I don’t love you. So Alex’s subsequent “but you know, if you need me, I’ll always be waiting for you” confession was lost in the two people’s frank dialogue.

Rosie’s “don’t be conceited” joke has become a heavy shackle in Alex’s heart. What are the consequences of pride? Rosie is married to Greg, who is flirtatious, and Alex is married to Baofeni, who he doesn’t love, after several relationships.

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In fact, love has not pride. This kind of love, which is pleasant but unspoken, torments both of them until Rosie’s daughter, little Katie, and her partner make Rosie recall her happy past with Alex and make up her mind to go to the man to confess. After the wedding, little Katie tells them to put down their meaningless pride and help their mother find their true love. At this point, they finally get good results.

In fact, love has not pride. They’re a natural couple, and all the blunders didn’t stop them from being together. But if the original choice is proud in the end, I’m afraid it will only leave the gray life.

Emma and Dexter’s love is not a matter of guesswork. Emma noticed Dexter long before she met him. It’s just that the girl Emma didn’t attract Dexter’s attention. In Dexter’s eyes, women mean sexual partners.

Dexter is proud, he does not want to let this mediocre girl become his girlfriend, so he should take Emma as a friend. They both love each other, but to the extent of love, Emma loves more. She wrote her feelings for Dexter in letters, poems and diaries. Dexter only needs Emma to give him spiritual comfort, and in the confusion, to talk to each other.

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Now it seems that the sentence “the more you experience, the more you see” is quite true. After Dexter lost his job, they met and quarreled because of different values. Emma’s words before she left “Dexter, I love you very much, but I don’t like you anymore” made Dexter wake up. Dexter is much more stable when he meets again, but he thinks that his current girlfriend has changed him, but he refuses to admit the importance of Emma in his heart.

Dexter, who has gradually adapted to a stable life, decides to go to Emma after her marriage. At this time, Emma has become a famous writer, but Dexter is destitute. They have a cruel dialogue in Emma’s apartment building. Emma is proud not to admit her love. Dexter’s grief and indignation after knowing that Emma has a boyfriend are also expressed. After seeing Dexter off, Emma knows what she loves in her heart. She catches up with Dexter’s back and tells him that she still can’t let him go. They kiss and hug each other in the lake and mountain.

After Emma died, Dexter’s heart was empty, and no amount of wine could paralyze his decaying heart. July 15 became the most difficult day. I think he finally understood what love is, love is not sex. Later, he lived a life when Emma was by his side. He cheered up and faced life again. Their marriage is only three years short, and even their desire to have their own children has not been realized, but the beauty Emma left behind is everlasting, starting from the first July 15.

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In fact, love has not pride. Some people say that this is a huge secret love, Emma’s secret love as long as 15 years. From the night they missed, to their best friend, to their kiss on the roof. Know each other in the heart, but proud but persistent.

In fact, love has not pride. In front of love, pride means missing. Missing makes us regret. There is no confession that it is difficult to be a friend after failure, but it is a high sounding excuse for self-confidence and fear. Because lovers can be at ease after separation, why should we deceive ourselves.

In fact, love has not pride. Love without the bondage of pride, will blossom and bear fruit, dense into a complex shade, become a touch of cool on the way forward. At the beginning, Rosie and Alex encouraged each other to enter the dream university; Dexter also slowly changed under the influence of Emma, who realized her dream of being a writer.

In fact, love has not pride. So, please put down those meaningless pride, dream to chase, love to chase, love has never been a fetter on the road to dream, it is a kind of support, is the belief, encourage each other to become better.

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