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What Love And Light Meaning?

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What love and light meaning? There are many problems on the Internet, such as what kind of girls boys like, what kind of boys girls like, why they are still single when they are 30, why they can’t attract high-quality heterosexuals, why they feel life is boring,,,,,

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Love & light meaning: I think a person’s eyes are the focus of this person.

Most people will pay attention to the eye interaction, of course, the amount of information is very large, whether they like eye contact, reaction to various topics, whether the smile is true or false, and so on

But there’s one kind of look that’s more important than interactive: when you’re alone

Love and light meaning: Why is this more important?

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What love and light meaning? Because interactive eyes can deceive people, people will have camouflage, for various purposes, such as doing sales, we have to try our best to deal with customers. Of course, that way is to show ourselves around customer needs. There are many chameleons that can make everyone like them at the moment.

So, when you’re alone, your eyes are more authentic. How do you look when you don’t need to please others and relax to be yourself? Is there still light?

There are two kinds of light in eyes: love and the blooming of self life

Love and light meaning: 1. About the light of love in my eyes when I’m alone (the deepest level)

What love and light meaning? When you just get up, when you walk in the street with few people, when the crowd disperses at a party, when you are alone, when you can’t get in a conversation, when you wash your hands at a party, when you are driving alone / in a taxi, when you have no words to talk about when you have a date with two people ,,,,,,,,,,,,

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 love and light meaning: According to my observation for many years, I like to observe that when the other party is waiting for me, when they can’t get in touch with each other when they are chatting, and when they are not chatting, if they still have light in their eyes at these moments, they are definitely worthy friends and good partners.

Because in the most unique moment, there is still light in the eyes, which shows that even if no one pays attention to it, they can still narcissism, their love for life, their self blooming will not depend on others, and there is surplus, which can warm others and become their little sun

There are many hypocritical men and women in the world. What are they hypocritical about? Why do they show kindness and integrity in the workplace where reason is needed? When they come to their partners, they become different people?

My answer is that they are making trouble out of nothing: I want to see if you will not leave me no matter how unreasonable I am. I will love and love me as always.

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In the final analysis, they have no confidence in the love of others, which is due to the bad experience in the early life

Love & light meaning: This kind of practice will burden others or their partners. For example, they owe them before they start, and others have the obligation to make them happy. When they start to make trouble without reason, others will be on guard: look, he / she wants to see the beginning again, and I have to work hard to make him / her happy, but he / she will leave me / be angry with me.

Love and light meaning: 2. No matter how good the expression management is, eyes still can’t cheat people

What love and light meaning? These loveless people may have external conditions to attract others at first, but after getting along with each other, they will always feel that they are not attractive. 

What love and light meaning? People who do not lack love, on the contrary, have the ability to identify the quality of love because they have too high quality of love. On the one hand, they can avoid these unreasonable people, and on the other hand, they can attract those who like to love each other. These people get along well with each other, so they can better return their love to you, so the more they can get love

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