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Love And Confuse: All The Questions About Love

Love And Confuse: Is that person suitable for you? Your temperament type also affects your love! Don’t worry, I will tell you all the questions about love once!

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Love And Confuse: All The Questions About Love

I will tell you all the questions about love once!

Love And Confuse
1. Is that person suitable for you?

What kind of other half do the girls need?

The person who can really accompany you to the end has the answer in your character genes. People of different personalities have really different ways of expressing their feelings and habit of getting along, and they can’t be changed with the hard work of the day after tomorrow.

Knowing your personality in love and the type of lovers that are suitable can help you avoid detours to find the destined person; or help you to foresee the conflicts that may arise between you at the beginning of your relationship, and help you better understand each other.

Even if there are differences between two people, love is the same soul living in two different bodies.

Love And Confuse
2. Your temperament type also affects your love

Love is easy and difficult to get along with. When you are in love, the shortcomings of the other party seem to be cute. After entering the running-in period, it becomes a time bomb, and small things will trigger wars from time to time.

If you don’t understand why the other party behaves like this, blame it on “the other party doesn’t love me enough”, in fact, he is very wronged!

Love And Confuse
3. Different temperament types, different ways of getting along

Temperament is divided into four types: bloody, bile, mucous, and depressive. People of different temperaments will show different mental activities and behaviors in life and work.

Once you understand the personality of the other person, you can communicate calmly, not forcing change, but choosing a more suitable way of getting along with each other because of understanding. Want to have a more pleasant love and life, how can you not understand your unique temperament?

Love And Confuse
Your attitude determines how you look in love

Although the love between Tom and Summer in the movie “500 Days with Summer” was sweet and romantic, they failed to get together in the end. Because of his parents, Summer did not have good expectations for marriage and love at the beginning, indicating that he would not make a promise to Tom, but this kind of love will eventually lack something; in Tom’s love, he is willing to make a promise. But facing Summer, he finally gave up. Just like their different attitudes towards love, they are destined to be unsuitable.

As the famous psychoanalyst Erich Fromm said in “The Art of Love“,

“People think that the problem of love is an object problem, not a problem of ability. They believe that love itself is very simple, and the difficulty lies in finding the object of love or being loved. Love is not first of all a relationship with a special person, but more It’s an attitude, a personality tendency.”

The answers to these questions should be explored from our true attitude towards love.

“It’s hard to come together, I really don’t want to leave regrets.” To understand more, the probability of regrets in a relationship may be lower, and the probability of embracing happiness will be higher.

Love And Confuse
4. What is it like to really like?

When a person is young, it is difficult to distinguish between “happiness” and “like”. When we are young, it seems that who can bring us happiness, we like whom.

There is a scientific name called “fortune love”. That is, when you are in a stage where you particularly need warmth, a small flame can make you desperately chase, and if you are not so shaky, you will find that this small flame is actually nothing at all. Therefore, people may fall into “heartbeat” after drinking alcohol and chatting with others for a few days, until they wake up and discover that all this is actually absurd. It is the alcohol that has inspired a different self, and that different self is eager to find the spirit. Pinned.

The mood of “wanting to escape” may be infinitely close to the mood of love. They all rise and dive like a roller coaster, and they are faced with things that make people nervous and uneasy. You need someone to do your romantic commentary. As long as you are not awake enough, you can privately imagine the person you are in contact with as any kind of personality. It is easier to imagine that you are a natural pair of soulmates, just like the game setter controls a character-hypothesis in your head Much more, even I have to take it seriously.

Love And Confuse
5. What you need more is to escape

But you don’t need him more, you need to escape more.

If when I was in my early 20s, I was willing to indulge in the intersection of the virtual and the real between people, mixed with competition, ambiguity, desire to conquer, and the occasional sincerity of mountains and rivers-this kind of relationship, then I am in In the past two years, I have experienced more of the illusion of feelings.

Yes, unreal. Sometimes you don’t like a person so much, how much you need someone, it’s all the factors in the environment that synthesize that kind of heartbeat, and what you think you have to do, in the future, it also often includes the worldly afflicted. The reason for the hole.

Love And Confuse
6. The heartbeat when lonely is not “love”

“Really like” it’s not like that. “Really” like it is not only the heartbeat when lonely.

If you really like it, you will also like it when you are living in peace, and you will want to share with him when you are surrounded by friends. It is that you will experience most of your life together, and you will understand each other very enough—— This understanding will shatter the illusion, but it will allow us to reach each other’s true nature.

True love is resilient, not a kind of “remedy” for you when you are lonely and helpless, but: even if your life is full and full, you really want him to accompany you, not that you need to be accompanied by any other person at this moment. It can only be him.

That must be something you still need even when you lack nothing.

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