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7 Things On Like Vs Love

Like vs love, what is the differences between like and love? There are two kinds of feelings, one is like, the other is love. Some people think that like and love are the same, are good for others. It’s true that they all have good feelings, but ah, the degree of such feelings is totally different. The difference between love and like include many aspects. Liking is unrestrained, while love is restrained.

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7 things you should know about like vs love

1. Like vs love: Like is to attract each other, love is to cherish each other

How do you think of love vs love? I like you vs I love you, when you like someone, you can’t control your desire for expression, and try your best to attract the other person’s attention and let them see you. If you love someone, you will be with him silently, happy for his joy and sad for his sorrow.

So, if you just want the other person to notice you, then you just like the other person; If each other’s every move will affect your heart, then you love each other.

2. Like vs love: Like is the joy at first sight, love is a long time

How do you think of love vs love? When you see a person, suddenly feel excited, no way to breathe, then you must be in love with each other. This kind of like, if not disappear with the passage of time, in you know each other better, but more like, that is love.

How do you think of love vs love? Like is the feeling of the moment, may not be long, but love is not. Love a person, is no matter how long, no matter how many shortcomings he has, your heart is still on his mind, want to be with him.

3. Like vs love: Like is in mind, love is sure to have action

How do you think of love vs love? Like a person, is when you are doing other things, will suddenly think of him, think of will be very happy, but this kind of Miss soon passed, you began to do other things. And love is an irrepressible miss, so you can’t help but think about him.

When you think of him, you have no way to seriously do other things, you will not be able to restrain their impulse, quickly contact him, or directly rushed to him, rather than just think about it.

4. Like vs love: Like is to possess the present, love is to plan for the future

How do you think of love vs love? When you like someone, you will have a very strong possessive desire for him. You will want to have close contact with him and have a complete him. And love a person, you will want to have, but you will think about the future, the best of each other, to stay in the future.

Like to be with him now, just enjoy the happiness at the moment, no matter what it will be like in the future. Love is not only want to have a good present with him, but also plan their future well.

5. Like vs love: Like is because there is a good feeling, and love is a kind of tolerance

How do you think of love vs love? Like a person is very simple, she has advantages that others don’t have, or she looks better than others, and so on. Compared with real love, like is often fickle, often because of the change of an idea and like another person, which is why like can’t represent true love.

If a woman just likes you, she often only likes your advantages. As for those less perfect points, she usually won’t hurt her acceptance. Once she finds that you are not as good as she imagined, she will turn around and leave without hesitation. On the contrary, if a woman has fallen in love with you, she will love everything. Even if you are not perfect, she will think you are the best person in the world.

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6. Like vs love: The woman who likes you doesn’t pay. The woman who loves you is not good enough for you

The woman who only likes you takes it for granted that you are good to her. If you don’t satisfy her with some small things in life, she will quarrel with you and ignore how tired you are, and she never pays for this relationship. How do you think of love vs love? When there’s a problem, it’s up to you. And the woman who really loves you has already thought about living with you for a lifetime. She will understand the pain and tiredness in your heart, and will take the initiative to help you reduce the burden of life, so that your future is full of hope.

7. Like vs love: Like only want to possess, and love only want to pay

 As a man, you should know what you really think when you meet a woman you like. Many men want to keep the woman they like for themselves, so they will try to catch up with her instead of thinking about how to live with her for a lifetime. When you really fall in love with a woman, what you think is not possession, but how to make her happy.

Like a person, does not necessarily mean that you love this person, but love a person, certainly contains that you like this person.

How do you think of love vs love? Like comes and goes quickly; And love, once it happens, will become its own destiny.

Will think of him, this is like, to see him, this is love; Want to be with him, this is called like, try to be with him, this is called love.

It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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