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Lesbians Having Sex: 10 Postures

Lesbians having sex: The best orgasms are those where you don’t think of orgasm as a goal, where you usually reach the top without thinking about “whether or not you’ll come. Whether it’s through erotic toys or masturbation, as long as it’s relaxing, it’s a good sexual experience, but if you want to try orgasms, here are 5 female sexual positions that can lead to orgasm.


1. Face time – Lesbian sisters having sex

Lesbians having sec: Adopt an elevated position, straddle your partner’s face, and gently pull your partner’s head forward, moving your pelvis to allow your partner’s tongue to find your point of pleasure.


2. Control Bondage – Lesbian getting caught

Lesbians having sex: Bind your partner’s limbs, put a blindfold on them, use your fingers and mouth to stimulate sensitive areas such as nipples, inner thighs, labia minora, neck and lips, focusing on keeping your partner’s anticipation alive and braking at the edge of orgasm.


3. Straight to the moon – Lesbians having sec

Lesbians having sex: Let the partner sit on the chair, put two fingers on his clitoris, with gentle licking and sucking movements, giving multiple stimulation to the size of the vagina lips, so that the partner not only to orgasm, but also all the way to the top of the moon.


4. Classic oral sex – Lesbians having sex

One of them lies down relaxed with the palms of the feet on the ground and the pelvis raised. A pillow can be placed under the buttocks to make the angle of oral sex more suitable and to maintain eye contact during the process. The person giving oral sex to the partner can also kneel at the edge of the bed, while the recipient puts his or her legs on the partner’s shoulders and enjoys pleasurable sex.


5. Subverting the missionary position – Lesbian sisters having sex

Lesbians having sex: The missionary position has a new twist! Lie down and lift your legs back to your shoulders, fold yourself in half to allow your partner to enter your body more deeply, or use your thighs to rub your labia to achieve a different kind of stimulation.




Lesbians having sex: Gender- fluid liberates the desire for sex without the constraints of the traditional heterosexual framework role, allowing people to explore new sex positions, re-imagine what sex looks like, leave behind social stereotypes, pursue unlimited pleasure in bed and embrace more possibilities of orgasm. The following are 5 kinds of love positions to get rid of gender stereotypes, how many of them have you tried?


1. MM Style – Lesbian sisters having sex

Lesbians having sex: Masturbation in front of a sexual partner is a kind of desire transfer, you can straddle each other, show a strong aura, dominant command, or adopt another posture: “I will masturbate for you. It will be a very hot scene, if you like, do not forget to add toys to help.


2. King’s Day – Lesbian getting caught

Sex toys can do everything, wear wear dildos to meet each other is also a sense of accomplishment, and no matter what the sex partner’s biological sex is, there will be an entrance for you to try the dildo.


3. Side orgasm – Lesbians having sec

Lesbians having sex: Face-to-face side-to-side kissing and caressing, maintaining eye contact, having one partner’s leg arched and body contact super tight, makes the process more intimate and equal.


4. The Power Pose – Lesbian getting caught

Lesbians having sex: If you want your significant other to perform oral sex on you, put your feet on the back of a chair or the edge of a chair and ask your partner to kneel or sit on the floor for you. Of course! Don’t forget to exchange positions so that both of you can enjoy the pleasure of oral sex!


5. Sweet spoon style – Lesbians having sec

Lesbians having sex: Use wearable sex toys to add fun to your sex life! Hold each other from the back of your partner, caress the other half as gently as possible, and slowly penetrate each other’s anus to enjoy the sexual pleasure of different parts.

Well, these are a few of the lesbian sex positions introduced to you today. You can try these positions with your partner and wish you a happy life!


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