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Learning With Love: How To Love Someone?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE:Learning with love

If we want to know how to love someone well, we can think in another place and sum up which behaviors make us feel loved most.

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Learning with love 1) It seems to be easy to understand me and like me.

To be understood, seen and liked seems to be the primary need of most people. If you don’t understand me, even if we hold each other tightly, we can’t eliminate the great loneliness. When you understand me, like me, as if my existence has a meaning, the world in spring.

Learning with love 2) It’s consistent and I can count on him / her.

Even for my family, it’s hard for me to rely on them all the time. In addition to the very few immortal families, many of us grow up in a very difficult situation, but no one can turn to us for help. We feel powerless and betrayed by the whole world.

Learning with love 3) Always help me see things from a new perspective.

It requires his / her own rigorous and comprehensive thinking, deep understanding of the way the world works, so that he / she can always provide me with a new perspective.

Learning with love 4) It won’t impose things on me.

When I am forced to do something, I often feel very helpless, that I am not cared for, that I am not loved.

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Learning with love 5) Help me think things through. It’s up to me to make the final decision.

When I make my own decisions, I feel more in control of my life, help me think things through, give me the freedom to make my own decisions, and make people feel respected. It’s also very demanding for him / her. First of all, he / she should live a transparent life and respect my decision, even if it doesn’t seem wise to him / her.

Learning with love 6) His / her judgment will not replace mine.

For example, some people feel that I am also cold when they are cold. They feel that I also like what they like to eat. It makes me feel that my needs are not seen or respected.

Learning with love 7) He / she will not panic or be too emotional, he / she will keep calm.

Panic tends to make my performance worse, worsen the situation, keep calm, but more likely to find a solution to the problem.

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Learning with love 8) Help me think more rationally.

Rational thinking is often the most effective way to solve problems, and it is the best for me.

Learning with love 9) Gently and kindly criticize and correct my mistakes.

I will inevitably deviate from the right track, blindly support me and do not correct my mistakes, then one day there will be such a major accident as derailment. It is the best way for me to point out my mistakes and correct them in a way that is most acceptable to me.

I think the point of this sentence should be gentle and kind. It won’t make me unhappy. If I can’t accept it, the other person will stop immediately, and he / she will continue when I am happy.

Learning with love 10) I can listen to him / her tell the truth.

People who love me are often hard to be fair, but friends are more valuable. I never have to worry about hearing white “lies” to get neutral and objective evaluation.

Learning with love 11) The relationship between us is more important than the problems we are facing.

For example, when we have a conflict, or the other party is busy, but he / she is still willing to spend time and energy to stay with us, it is enough to express his / her attention and preference to me.

Learning with love 12) Tell me the reason, help me think things through, not just give me the conclusion.

Not everyone has the patience to stay and tell me why. Being willing to give reasons also means that the other party is willing to spend time and energy for my happiness and interests.

Learning with love 13) Provide options.

Help me better understand these options, give me advice and let me make my own choice.

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Learning with love 14) Challenge my assumptions and help me uncover the false assumptions I’ve been working on.

Button wrong, often button to the last to find. My dear, he / she can correct my mistakes in time and help me nip my mistakes in the cradle.

Learning with love 15) It makes me feel comfortable and comfortable.

Although he / she takes my problem very seriously. The most comfortable place in the world is around you.

Learning with love 16) It gives people the feeling that they are the real person, not that they are playing a role.

I don’t want you to love me. I hope you will always be the real you. Not just a drama.

Learning with love 17) Fully support me, and always seem to take my vital interests in mind.

Princesses need knights and princes need thoughtful princesses.

Learning with love 18) Remember everything I said, no notes.

This will make me feel that the other party is constantly paying attention to me.

Learning with love 19) Always honest.

He / she doesn’t gossip and I believe in his / her values.

Learning with love 20) Help me analyze the problem.

They usually borrow metaphors, stories and anecdotes (almost no problem is completely isolated), which are easy to understand and emotionally acceptable. They always seem to see the most essential side of things.

Learning with love 21) have a sense of humor, help me ease the tension in a difficult environment.

Humor is also very sexy, stay in a humorous person’s side, as if there is no summer, autumn and winter, four seasons such as spring.

Learning with love 22) very smart (sometimes make up for my shortcomings).

——Above all, I think this is the most perfect family or lover can give us. This is something they taught me with love. It’s warm and beautiful to read.

If there are such people around, it is too happy, easy to let us feel loved. This is probably the meaning of reading. We may find the answer to many things that the original family can’t teach us.

Many people say that to give each other better love, we must first become better ourselves, but growth is a long and difficult process, and it is difficult for us to give warm feelings that we have never had. So, use these 22 Love rules to learn from love.

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