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Jokes To Make Her Laugh-Political Jokes

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Jokes to make her laugh 

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Jokes to make her laugh 01.

Obama: “during the epidemic period, due to the blunders of the trump administration and the incitement of hatred, we have seen the American people go further and further on the road of growing division and hatred. We urgently need a leader who can really lead the United States to victory. So… “

“Biden has just announced that he has withdrawn from the election because of his low approval rating,” someone whispered

“So I support President trump to lead us out of this dilemma.”

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Jokes to make her laugh 02.

One day, governors of various states rushed to China to buy masks, and the scene was very lively

Governor of New York: 10 yuan each

Governor of California: 15 yuan each

Governor Washington: 20 yuan each

This is trump coming over, and the governors of the states are happy to welcome Trump’s desire to co-ordinate supplies

Trump: 1000 yuan, federal buyout.

Jokes to make her laugh 03.

I just played an American joke and deleted it. My girlfriend came up to me and asked me

-Why delete

-Because I found out it was true

-What did you fight

-One day, trump tweeted: CNN, NBC and VOA are China’s puppets!

Jokes to make her laugh 04.

One day, Americans and Russians met in the street.

American: Oh, dear gentleman, I can say freely in Washington that trump is a fool. Can you laugh at Putin in Moscow?

Russian: No, dear Davari, I can shout long live Putin in Moscow. Can you say long live trump in Washington?

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Jokes to make her laugh 05.

Pompeo: China and Russia have been stealing American means of production and intelligence.

Reporter: Oh? How did you find out?

Pompeo: the CIA’s spy in China and Russia told me.

Jokes to make her laugh 06.

During the Sino US trade war, the United States expelled 50 Chinese journalists, and China responded by expelling 50 American journalists.

-How many less people satirize the trump administration


Jokes to make her laugh 07.

Reporter: why do you say CNN is fake news?

Trump: where are you from?

Reporter: CNN

Trump: make news! next.

Jokes to make her laugh 08.

Wall Street tycoons got together one day to discuss how to save the American economy

-The current economic situation is very good. Why do we need to save the economy?

-But now the Gini coefficient is getting higher and higher, and the unemployment rate at the bottom is very high.

-High unemployment? I don’t seem to see that data. Take a look at my report.

Sir, I have finished your report, but you have not counted the tramps and the minority who are not in registered residence.

-Oh, my husband, you mean those are human?

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Jokes to make her laugh 09.

One day, a reporter asked trump

-Ma Yun sent a batch of masks from China. Bill Gates said that China has helped the United States a lot in this epidemic. We should not annoy China. What do you think?

-Ma Yun is my good friend. That’s why he donated these materials. When Americans receive these materials, they should first thank them for having a good president.

Jokes to make her laugh 10.

Trump held a press conference after the shooting on campus.

-Mr. President, what do you think of this campus shooting case?

-This would not have happened if the teacher had a gun.

-Oh, my God. What if a teacher shoots a student?

-Oh, that’s a good idea. Students should have guns, too. I’m going to draft a bill.

Jokes to make her laugh 11.

The epidemic is rampant in Britain.

Accompanied by Sir Patrick Wallace, Johnson went to London to inspect the anti epidemic situation.

They went near the dump and found a mask on the ground.

“Whose mask is this?” Johnson said

Sir Patrick Wallace looked around and said happily, “it seems nobody’s, Mr. prime minister. Pick it up quickly!”

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Jokes to make her laugh 12.

The host said on the stage, “please sit on the left for those who want the priority of pneumonia detection, and on the right for those who want equality and human rights.”

Someone said: “but I want to give priority to testing my pneumonia, and I want equality and human rights.”

“Oh, dear president trump, please come to the rostrum.”

Jokes to make her laugh 13.

Trump is addressing voters:

“Soon we’ll be better off!”

A voice came from under the stage

“What shall we do?”

Jokes to make her laugh 14.

Outside the Pentagon, a man with a sad face said to himself as he walked: no mask, no disinfectant, no test kit… At this time, a man who looked like plain clothes came by and whispered to him: citizen, if you slander our great Lighthouse of the free world like this again, I will put you in the toilet of the building.

The man looked at the plain clothes policeman and continued to talk to himself: look, there is not even a cell.

Jokes to make her laugh 15.

The British Prime Minister visited China, where China asked a painter to paint Britain stepping up its efforts to deal with pneumonia. The painter finished the painting reluctantly. When the British Prime Minister visited, he was surprised. The picture shows a cemetery in the suburb, and there are coffins that can’t be buried. The British Prime Minister said, “what is this?” “It’s Britain stepping up its efforts to deal with pneumonia,” the painter said The British Prime Minister said, “then why do you paint mausoleums?” “Because Britain is stepping up its efforts to deal with pneumonia,” the painter said

Jokes to make her laugh 16.

Trump reported: medical supplies have appeared on the horizon of the United States

The child didn’t know what the horizon was. When he came home, he asked his father. The father said, “the horizon is a line that can be seen but can never be reached.”.

Jokes to make her laugh 17.

After the CDC of the United States announced the lack of masks, people can only buy masks in long queues in some specific stores.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a Dezhou red neck queue, was impatient. It also saw the new announcement of CDC: “ordinary people do not need to wear masks, and they can resist new crown pneumonia if they wash their hands frequently.”

“- oh my God, I’m going to take a gun to the CDC and kill their leader!” Red nose turned and left.

After a while, he came back, and the people next to him asked, “have you done it?”

“What are you doing? The team over there is longer than here.”

Jokes to make her laugh 18.

Washington Hospital Center, a large number of reporters waiting anxiously at the door. When the door opened, a doctor came out slowly, and reporters swarmed up and asked, “is trump going to be saved?”? The doctor shook his head, and the reporter asked: can burns and Pompey still be saved? The doctor shook his head again: it’s hopeless. The reporters asked again: who else can be saved? Hearing these words, the doctor suddenly got a boost and cried out: America is saved!!!

Jokes to make her laugh 19.

There was a salute at Los Angeles Airport. The first sound. The wife asked her husband, “what are you shooting for?” The husband replied, “here comes president trump.” Another shot, his wife asked: “what’s the matter, the first shot did not hit him?”

Jokes to make her laugh 20.

An American citizen publicly denounced trump as stupid * arrested by the FBI for insulting the head of state in public.

He explained: why do you arrest me? There are so many trumps in the United States. Do you know which one I scold?

FBI: you say it’s a fool. What else?

Jokes to make her laugh 21.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a teacher in New York, who teaches students in his kindergarten: “the United States is the most powerful country in the world, with sufficient supplies and perfect medical facilities, so people do not have to be afraid of new crown pneumonia.”

The students cried: “teacher, we don’t want to stay in New York, we want to go to America!”

Jokes to make her laugh 22.

Can capitalism be built in China The expert said: “it’s feasible in theory, but where can we buy masks then?”

Jokes to make her laugh 23.

When John learned that the virus was coming, he went home anxiously and said to his wife, “we need to wear masks to prevent the virus.”

The wife said, “no mask.”,

“Check ahead.”,

“No kit.”,

“Then disinfect”

“No disinfectant”

John was so angry that he had to give up the fight against the virus. The virus was so happy that he raised the glycoprotein and cried out, “long live trump.”.

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