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Is The Opposite Of Love Is Indifference? Love Yourself!

Topic of this article: The opposite of love is indifference

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People yearn for a life with a sense of ceremony, so does love. When breaking up is inevitable, how to end the relationship with dignity is a compulsory course for every adult. Is the opposite of love is indifference? Love yourself!

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I’ve seen scenes of old age and death after breaking up, and both sides are still trying to figure out who loved each other; I have also seen the scenes of pretending to be generous after breaking up. Both sides always wet their eyes in the dead of night; I have also seen the scene of getting drunk and flying all night after breaking up. When I look back, I find that I have already been covered with bruises.

Is the opposite of love indifference? No, you should love yourself! Some people say that to love someone is to care about someone to the extreme; Hate a person, also care to the extreme, just from care into hate. The opposite of love is hate, which seems reasonable, but I don’t like and agree with this extreme love.

Others say that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. I think indifference is just the external manifestation of hate. The opposite of love is not hate and indifference, but love yourself well. Those who have loved others hard can neither be friends nor enemies.

It’s better to calm down and find a quiet night to write a letter to your predecessor, to yourself, to the future, to anyone, as long as you write.

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I’ve been doing this recently. When I use words to count my past emotional experiences and reflect on them, my thoughts are instantly opened.

Is the opposite of love indifference? No, you should love yourself! I think there are two things saddest in love. First, I pay too much attention to my partner’s feelings and forget my growth; Second, let the hurt in the last relationship affect this relationship.

Is the opposite of love indifference? No, you should love yourself! Whenever I see a girl who once gave her heart and soul, but was brutally betrayed, and becomes more self-centered or even selfish in the next relationship, I always feel heartache. Love yourself is indeed the most noble thing, including your body, your emotions, and everything.

But when a person loves himself too much and regards loving himself as the criterion of all behaviors, and even conceals his feelings of insecurity and hurt, instead of meditating, I think we are all going astray.

Of course, I missed it. For a long time after breaking up, my heart is full of hate and pretending indifference. The so-called “love yourself well” is just an excuse not to give up. I just want to prove to her that I can prove how good I have been since I left her, which just proves that I haven’t completely put down my last relationship.

Although I have grown up during this period, my inner peace has already been destroyed. This is not what I want to talk about today. It’s the only thing I’m glad I didn’t hurt a third party in the process.

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Is the opposite of love indifference? No, you should love yourself! Along the way, what I really encourage and admire must be those who guard their own heart, have the courage to stand side by side with others, and learn to love themselves well. Side by side, not everywhere; Love yourself well, not catch up and make do with everything.

Is the opposite of love indifference? No, you should love yourself! I know it’s hard to improve myself, to find equal love, to find lovers who can stand side by side, but isn’t that what we expect and pursue? How to improve themselves, how to love themselves, is also a compulsory course for every adult.

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Love and marriage, I believe, are the same. In any case, we have to stand in an equal position to have a dialogue of equal value.

Is the opposite of love indifference? No, you should love yourself! The most comfortable relationship between lovers is not to make do with it or to pursue it. I love you. What I love is that you are not in a hurry to keep your rhythm.

To love yourself well is not so-called refined egoism, but meaningful self-respect and mutual respect.

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