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Is My Ex Using Me? 10 Signs to Look Out For

Is my ex using me? Are you also wondering about this issue? If he shows these signs, then you are likely to be regarded as a runner-up. Simply put, after the breakup, the other party did not cut off contact with you, but demoted you to a runner-up. How to judge Is my ex using me? The following are 10 signs my ex is using me

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01.Is my ex using me-He keeps on contacting after breaking up, and his response state is unstable.

Is my ex using me? First of all, if he wants to treat you as a temporary spare tire, he will definitely not disconnect from you. But even if the two of you still keep in touch, you will find that his attitude towards you is hot and cold. why?


This is easy to understand-because he is looking for new goals. Is my ex using me? If you find that he is indifferent to you, it proves that he is spending a lot of his mind on the pursuit of a new love, and when he is enthusiastic about you, it means that it is very likely to pursue failure, so continue to come back to hang you. This is an obvious sign my ex is using me.


02. Is my ex using me-break up but not open.

Do you want to know does my ex want me back or is he using me? Although he broke up with you, he did not disclose this fact through his social software. Is my ex using me? In such a situation, it is very likely that the other party has already made plans to treat you as a spare tire, so they have left a way out for themselves, and the breakup is not open, but you can advance or retreat. This shows that ex is using me.


03. Is my ex using me-keep in touch with you, but withdraw from your network.

Is my ex using me? If this sign appears, it means that although he is still in contact with you, he has actively cut off all contacts with your friends and social circles. This is an absolute method. This proves that he doesn’t like you at all, but he doesn’t want your friends around you to wake you up, so he maintains a one-line contact with you, allowing you to continue to imagine that it can be restored, but does not make any substantive behavior.


04 .Is my ex using me-He often asks you suddenly or cancels appointments temporarily

Is my ex girlfriend using me? yes! If a man asks you to be very temporary or after 11 oclock in the evening, then you may have to be very careful, Is my ex using me? If he has this sign, this man may just treat you as a spare tire for love. It may be that he has a girlfriend or other favorite objects, so when the official does not have time to accompany him, he will have time to think of your existence!


05. Is my ex using me-He often calls mysteriously when he is with you

Is my ex using me as a security blanket? Another obvious sign that a man treats you as a spare tire is when he is with you, Is my ex boyfriend using me? His phone rang often, and either ran outside to pick it up mysteriously, or simply refused to pick it up, especially when he was close to you. Do you want to know why? He might say that he doesnt want to spoil the sweet atmosphere between the two of them. In fact, hes afraid that you will ruin his good deeds. In case you say something or something and are heard by the lady on the other side of the phone, then Isn’t it broken? He wants to become a dream of splitting his legs on two boats.


06. Is my ex using me-Only passionate when he needs you, usually cold and indifferent to you

Many boys are very attentive and inconsistent in love. They obviously have a spoiled wife or a regular girlfriend at home, but they always want to have the opportunity to develop an ambiguous relationship with other women, Is my ex using me? This is very obvious. 

If a man treats you as a spare tire for love, he will only take time to treat you when he needs you, and freeze you in the freezer when he doesn’t need you. 

The so-called spare tire of love is what men use to prepare for emergencies.


07. Is my ex using me-The time he gives you is always fragmentary

Does he always come and go in a hurry, as if he is always busy day or night, seems to be busy with things, so I can only ask you occasionally at night. In addition, when you call him, he often says “I’m very busy, baby! I’ll call you when I have time.” It seems that the only way you two get along is that he asks you, and you want to ask him but you can never make an appointment.

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08. Is my ex using me-You never spend a whole night together

If a man treats you as a spare tire, after your sweet affection, he will never stay for the whole night, even if it is later, he will insist on going home, always saying “Tomorrow morning I have an important thing or a meeting early in the morning” “This kind of prevarication? Sisters, this man will not take you seriously.


09. Is my ex using me-He is not willing to spend money for you and is always stingy to you

Is my ex using me? The man who treats you as a spare tire will not be willing to spend too much money or too generous on you if he is not very rich. Think about it carefully. A man treats you as a spare baby. He has his own destiny. How could he be willing to spend money on you? Maybe behind him, there are more other women who are as ambiguous as you. Need to spend money!


10. Is my ex using me-He never responds to your call and Line in time

Another obvious behavior of a man who treats you as a spare tire is that he seldom contacts you normally, and even if you want to find him, he may not give you a timely response. Is my ex using me? If he has the following situations, especially if you send a line, he may just pretend that he hasnt seen it, is busy, or hasnt received it, and then cant read it back for a long time, leaving your heart hanging over there.

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