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14 Advice For Internet Love Girls


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14 advice for internet love girls 1

The girl of internet love love should not easily put into real love, especially in a period of online love, you never know if the other party is just playing, or maybe the other party is in online love with countless people, and you are just one of the many fish he wants to salvage. So you don’t take it too seriously from the beginning. Once you get into it, it’s hard to get out and easy to get hurt.

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14 advice for internet love girls 2

Girls who love internet should not send the beautiful photos to boys, because many boys will be attracted by the appearance of girls. After confirming the relationship, immediately make a video phone call to confirm the identity. Even if the video is over, don’t completely trust him in the video, because now the video will have special effects. It’s possible that he looks very handsome in the video just because of the special effects of the video.

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14 advice for internet love girls 3

If you want to know your status in a boy’s heart, you can keep sending him messages when he plays games. His attitude and the speed of answering messages can explain a lot.

14 advice for internet love girls 4

If you are ready to meet in real life after internet love, you must let the boys take the plane / high-speed rail / train instead of running by themselves! Especially the first formal meeting!

14 advice for internet love girls 5

It is suggested that you don’t meet each other easily. The primary purpose of most men’s online love is just to chat with the opposite sex. In fact, it doesn’t matter to change a person. Maybe you are just a plaything he uses to amuse himself when he is bored. This is the truth.

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14 advice for internet love girls 6

For internet love, girls should protect themselves. When they first meet, even if they think the other party is good, they should not go to the hotel. What’s more, they should not believe that what the boy says will not do to you. Never develop too fast. If you meet him one day, he will get you. Maybe you just got a one night stand.

Even if the boy is a good man, your attraction to him will be greatly reduced. Boys are curious. They will not be interested in you any more if they have explored your body one day after meeting. This is the truth.

14 advice for internet love girls 7. 

If you can, try to meet as early as possible in reality, and accompany each other in life for a day to live online for a month. Only when you meet, can you know whether the other party is the right one. No matter how intimate you are, you two are just strangers.

14 advice for internet love girls 8.

If the other party is playing, then they will procrastinate and don’t want to meet you. If the other party wants to start a real relationship, then they will try every means to meet you.

After all, online love can only be said, he does not need to pay any cost, and the general online love people are more time, so the cost of time for him is not very high.

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14 advice for internet love girls 9.

If you don’t see each other all the time, please don’t take it seriously. You are just the emotional sustenance of each other. You just feel very good. Each other is the emotional value transmitter of each other.

14 advice for internet love girls 10.

Most people who love internet are just greedy for each other, constantly care about themselves and love their own expression, which he can not get in real life, so we need to find such a person in the network to make up for his inner vacancy.

14 advice for internet love girls 11.

Don’t borrow money or have financial contacts before you meet. If it’s OK to give a gift, the price of the gift can depend on the price of the gift from the other party. Give a gift at the same price.

14 advice for internet love girls 12.

If you love internet, girls always keep sober, because there is a big gap between a person on the Internet and in reality. You think that you like him, maybe you just like your perfect fantasy. After all, you don’t know many shortcomings of him in real life. What you know is only what he tells you with his mouth, even you can’t confirm the truth.

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14 advice for internet love girls 13.

Even if you love internet, try not to go to other places. The material cost and time cost of meeting each other are too high. No matter how strong your relationship is, it will gradually collapse because of these.

14 advice for internet love girls 14.

There is no beautiful imagination in reality. Many of the beautiful imagination will be broken. So prepare for the worst. Unless you just want to find a partner from the beginning and make do with it later, as for specific requirements, you can be a heterosexual.

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