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Inconsiderate Husband During Pregnancy – Do You Know The Pain Of Pregnancy?

Inconsiderate husband during pregnancy, pregnancy is never an easy task, with both physical discomfort and a lot of mental stress.
The most painful of these is the problem of poor sleep quality.
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Many people are not very clear about the importance of sleep affecting pregnancy, so this article will introduce the changes in sleep and precautions for expectant mothers according to the three stages of early pregnancy, mid pregnancy and late pregnancy.


The harm of poor sleep during pregnancy

[Inconsiderate husband during pregnancy]

Sleep deprivation not only makes pregnant women feel irritable and sleepy during the day, but also increases the likelihood of gestational hypertension, restricted fetal growth and development, and the probability of cesarean delivery.
A study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that first-time mothers who slept an average of less than 6 hours at night were 4.5 times more likely to have a cesarean delivery.
The physical changes and discomforts of pregnancy inherently make it difficult to sleep, and it is important to stay in bed for at least 8 hours a night to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

So, it seems that mothers-to-be should go to bed earlier.

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Pregnancy makes you tired easily

[Inconsiderate husband during pregnancy]

More attention should be paid to sleep
During early and late pregnancy, many mothers-to-be will feel tired and sluggish. Women in early pregnancy, in particular, often feel overwhelmed by the sudden changes.
Researchers have not yet found the exact cause of fatigue during pregnancy, but there are several possible factors associated with it, including

1. Endocrine changes 

Lack of energy during pregnancy is related to endocrine changes. Early in pregnancy, the progesterone level in the mother-to-be’s body gradually rises. Progesterone relaxes the body, and some mothers-to-be may take this feeling as fatigue.

2. Physical changes  

Fatigue is also related to the physical changes of women during pregnancy, such as the gradual enlargement of the uterus, fetal growth, weight gain and edema, which will increase the load on the body. Moreover, in order to provide nutrition to the fetus, the body needs more blood supply, the heartbeat will become faster and the body’s metabolism will increase.

3. Emotional changes  

When you are about to become a mother, you will feel joy, longing, worry and anxiety. All kinds of feelings are intertwined, which will also bring a certain amount of psychological pressure to the mother-to-be and make her feel more tired than ever.


How to get a good night’s sleep in early pregnancy?

[Inconsiderate husband during pregnancy]

It is common for mothers in early pregnancy to have the following problems:

1. Frequent urination

In early pregnancy, elevated progesterone can lead to frequent urination. 
The change in hormone level will make the bladder of pregnant women loose, and coupled with the enlargement of the uterus and pressure on the bladder, it will increase the frequency of urination. Always getting up at night to use the toilet will naturally affect the quality of sleep. 

Relief methods.
Mothers-to-be can reduce the amount of water they drink before going to bed. However, it is still important to drink enough water during the day to prevent constipation and excessive edema during pregnancy. 

2. Nausea and vomiting  

Nausea and vomiting can also affect the quality of sleep of mothers-to-be. In fact, this problem may occur at any time during the day or at night, except for waking up early in the morning. 

Relief method.
Eating a little bit of bread or cereal or something like that when you wake up in the morning can help. 

3. Dryness and heat  

Because of the increase in basal metabolic rate, mothers-to-be may feel hot and dry while sleeping.

Relief method.
It is best to wear light cotton clothing to bed. 
In addition, there are many reasons that may affect sleep in early pregnancy, and mothers-to-be can take more lunch breaks without affecting their sleep at night.  


How to get a good night’s sleep in the middle of pregnancy?

[Inconsiderate husband during pregnancy]

The middle of pregnancy is probably the most comfortable time for mothers-to-be. The physical condition of pregnant women at this stage will be relatively smooth, and various changes are steadily progressing.  

The endocrine changes mentioned earlier in the early stages of pregnancy will also gradually stabilize in the middle of pregnancy, and will only be noticeable in the late stages of pregnancy. 

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Suffering from restless legs syndrome  

[Inconsiderate husband during pregnancy]
The symptoms of restless legs syndrome (RLS) usually manifest as extreme discomfort in the deep calf muscles (in some people this also occurs in the arms), as if there are ants crawling up and down the blood vessels, with unbearable soreness.
It usually manifests in mothers-to-be who are anemic or iron-deficient and may even worsen in late pregnancy, but many clinical sources suggest that RLS-related symptoms will spontaneously decrease or disappear about 4 weeks after delivery.  

The U.S. Advisory Committee on Primary Care for RLS recommends that

If a pregnant woman is suffering from intermittent RLS, she may not be given daily medication. The main way to relieve this discomfort is usually to get up and try to take a couple of walks, which will inevitably interrupt sleep. Getting into the habit of getting to bed on time can regulate the circadian rhythm of RLS and thus control the symptoms.  

As a preventive measure, mothers should take iron-rich foods and folic acid supplements.


[Inconsiderate husband during pregnancy]
Many pregnant women report having strange dreams related to their babies. 
However, please rest assured that studies have shown that dreams during pregnancy are not substantially different from dreams before pregnancy. This may be due to increased sleep interruptions during pregnancy and a more vivid memory of dreams. 

Adopt a left side sleeping position  

[Inconsiderate husband during pregnancy]
It is best not to sleep flat on your back, when the heavy uterus can cause pressure on the nerves in the back and the inferior vena cava, resulting in reduced blood return to the lower extremities, affecting blood circulation and, in severe cases, the placenta’s blood supply. 
The American Sleep Foundation recommends that pregnant women sleep in a left-sided position, which is also beneficial in providing blood and nutrients to the fetus, as well as ensuring the blood supply to the heart, uterus and kidneys. 

In addition to placing a pillow between the knees, another can be placed under the stomach and one behind the back, which can provide support and also help relieve pain.
What should I do if I am uncomfortable lying on my left side? If you feel most comfortable lying down, it is not impossible, but try to avoid lying down for a long time.

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