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If I Ever Said I Love You I Was Lying

If I ever said I love you I was lying: expression of man’s true love for you.

There is a saying in relationships: with a long time together, boys will not love more and more, but girls will be more and more affectionate.

Finally, the two people are like two intersecting straight lines. After the infinity tends to be the same, they gradually become the passers-by in each other’s lives.

As the saying goes: at the beginning of the story, it’s just the right time to be caught off guard; at the end of the story, there are two flowers in each side of the world.

At the beginning, everything is beautiful, but in the end, it is endless bitter and sad.

In fact, only the man who doesn’t love you enough will gradually neglect you, and even make you feel aggrieved.

A man who loves you enough will only have more and more deep feelings for you. His love is revealed in ordinary but small moments. Although it is plain, it also flows slowly.

Once a boy has identified you, he will show the following behaviors. He will treat you as the treasure and the only one in his life.

If I ever said I love you I was lying: expression of man’s true love for you 01

He’s a waste of time with you

There are thousands of standards to measure whether a person loves you or not. It’s just one of them to waste time with you and waste time with you.

The man who is willing to spend money for you can turn around and spend a lot of money for others.

If I ever said I love you I was lying:expression of man’s true love for you.The man who speaks sweet words to you, you don’t know whether he is sincere or honey.

And a willing to share life with you trivial, willing to take time to accompany you, must be enough to like you.

To see how a person feels for you depends on whether he is willing to give the most precious things.

Compared with others, time is gone forever and can not be recycled. Only those who are precious enough are worth wasting their time.

When you need company, I will appear in front of you for the first time. I can’t bear to make you lonely.

Sad, give you a hug and shoulder, do not want to see you cry wronged.

Even if two people together, do not speak, just sit together in a daze, is also extremely happy.

It’s also a kind of enjoyment to waste time with people you like. It’s a torment to do anything with people you don’t like.

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If I ever said I love you I was lying: expression of man’s true love for you 02

He has no temper with you

When falling in love, men and women are just the opposite: the more men love you, the less they have the heart to lose their temper with you; the more women love their partners, the more likely they are to lose their temper.

When a man really identifies a person, he has no temper to her, because he loves her deeply.

Can’t bear to be angry with her, can’t bear to let her hurt, can’t bear to see her tears.

When a woman really falls in love with someone, she will always lose her temper because of little things. Big things can set off a bloodbath, but she cares too much, little by little.

If you find that your boyfriend is less and less temperamental, and everything follows you and depends on you, that is to love the right person.

On the contrary, the boyfriend’s temper is getting bigger and bigger. He always gets angry with you and transmits negative emotions endlessly. He certainly doesn’t love you much.

If I ever said I love you I was lying:expression of man’s true love for you.A person who loves you will keep you in mind all the time, can catch your negative emotions, and will pay attention to your emotions all the time. He is more reluctant to pass on his negative emotions to you.

With a person, not to see how good he is to you, but to see how bad he is to you.

If you can’t bear his “bad”, you need to reconsider the relationship.

If I ever said I love you I was lying: expression of man’s true love for you 03

He loves your body

I’ve heard a lot of girls confidently set up flags, such as “lose weight after eating this meal”, “lose 20 a month”, “don’t lose 10, don’t change their avatars” and so on, but they always face each other.

If I ever said I love you I was lying:expression of man’s true love for you.Boyfriends also have different reactions to this, some say “if you are so fat, don’t eat any more”, some say “if you have nothing to eat more, you will be fat and healthy”, and some say “don’t diet, body is the most important”.

In fact, if a boy loves you, whether you are fat or thin, he loves you.

He doesn’t care whether you are beautiful or ugly, thin or fat. He only cares about your body, good or bad.

Even if you are clamoring to lose weight, he will secretly buy snacks you like and give them to you,

If you don’t eat on time, he will attack you. At night, he will connive at you and give you some kebabs. When you over diet, he is more worried about your health than you.

Love your external people, worry about your beauty and body;

People who love your soul worry about your mood and health.

If I ever said I love you I was lying:expression of man’s true love for you.He really loves you and will put your health first.

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If I ever said I love you I was lying: expression of man’s true love for you 04

He takes you to your parents

When a man identifies you, he will announce your relationship to the whole world, and he wants to announce to the whole world that you are his.

Open circle of friends, take you to see friends, the most important thing is to take you to see your parents, give you a clear sense of security.

Many girls in love are always worried about gain and loss, sensitive and vulnerable, just because of too much “uncertainty”.

Ambiguous words, suddenly let go of the hand, evasive words, hot and cold attitude, will let you fall into a confused state: is he serious?

There is a kind of pain called “never been firmly chosen”. People who don’t love you will always bring you bad feelings.

The person who identifies you will give you a clear sense of security and let you know that you are important enough and precious enough.

He will take you to meet his parents and introduce you to them in a big way. At the same time, he also wants to see your parents to further confirm the relationship and get the approval and blessing of the elders.

There is a saying that “the supreme happiness of life is to be sure of being loved.”

I hope you have this feeling of being loved.

Love is a beautiful thing to look forward to, but staying together is a long and difficult process. Everyone is eager to be with the love of his life, all our efforts and efforts are to achieve this goal. As long as we can get to the end, what’s the relationship between more harmony and tolerance?

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