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15 Examples To Show If He Still Loves You?

“Does he still love me? “If you are worried about his love for you, ask yourself these 15 questions about his behavior to uncover the truth.

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There is a long-standing stereotype in our society that women are difficult to understand, but in fact, men are not easy. Just when you think you’ve figured out all the problems, they’ve changed everything and made you lose your head. You think everything is going well, your relationship is going well, and then something happens.

If you feel that everything has changed, but don’t understand why, and don’t get any answer from him, there are some ways to judge whether he still loves you.

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Most of us know the difference between loving someone and falling in love with someone, but sometimes, as the relationship develops, it’s a hard line to distinguish. If he suddenly stops being gentle, focused or loving you, and you worry that he doesn’t love you anymore, cheer up. There are many reasons why men change their behavior towards the woman they love, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t love you anymore.

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Does he still love me? How can we be sure?

To find out if he still loves you, ask yourself these 15 questions. Your answers are likely to explain things clearly.

How to prove that he still loves me? #Is he under a lot of pressure at work?

 Usually, a man can’t separate his family life from his work life. If he is under a lot of pressure at work, it may spread to your time together, which may even alienate the closest couple.

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How to prove that he still loves me? #Will he do some small things for you?

 If you notice that the coffee machine is full of water, or that your windshield wiper fluid is full, it’s a sign of love. Men may not be able to express their love for you in words, so they will try to express their love for you by doing things.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #Will he go home in the evening?

Does he always come home to you at night instead of going out with friends? A man who is still in love will find a way to go home and lie next to the woman he wants to wake up and see.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #Will he ask you how is your day?

If he is still interested in your life, or listens to you when you are not doing well, then he still loves you.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #When he speaks, does he use phrases like “we” or “our”?

If you don’t notice the change in his labeling you as a couple, it’s likely that he doesn’t plan to go anywhere because he still loves you.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #If he had a bad day, would he tell you?

If he confides his secret to you when he is frustrated, he still thinks you are an integral part of your relationship. A man is not interested in sharing his feelings with people he doesn’t love.


How to prove that he still loves me?  #Will he ask your opinion again?

Before making a major purchase or decision, will he discuss with you and see what you think? When a man is in love and intends to spend his life with someone, he will care about each other’s ideas and respect each other’s opinions.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #Is his mother behaving differently?

 If his mother suddenly stops calling or starts avoiding you, there may be a problem. Usually, if a man is struggling with his relationship, he will ask his mother for advice on what to do. If she has evaded you, it may be because she doesn’t know what to say and doesn’t want to get involved.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #Do you find him dishonest?

If you suddenly find out that he is not honest with you, what he is doing, or what he has been doing, then you should be cautious. If a man doesn’t love, he will try every means to avoid going home and being with the person in his life by making up excuses or dishonesty.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #Does he care about his health?

No matter how old a man is, if he doesn’t take care of himself, his health may affect his behavior. Men are the most reluctant creatures to seek medical treatment, because doctors will only make them complain, back pain, stomachache, and even general discomfort. Before you take responsibility for his changed behavior, take a good look at his habits and how he feels physically.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #How long have you been together?

 In a relationship, when things start to change, there will be a period of time. You go from excitement to daily running in. If you’ve been together for a while, maybe you need to add some spice to your relationship. He may just take you for granted.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #What’s your attitude towards him?

 If you want to get close to him and he doesn’t accept it at all, it’s not the same as being indifferent when you think something’s wrong. It may be that you see your own behavior reflected in you. Most of the time, we pay too much attention to other people’s behavior, and ignore how our behavior causes a certain reaction.


How to prove that he still loves me?  #Do you still have sex?

If you haven’t had sex for months, there’s probably something wrong. What happens in the bedroom usually indicates what will happen to the relationship. It’s not a safe way to determine if he still loves you, but it’s a good hint to tell you how he feels and how you feel.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #Does he have a new group of friends?

If a man is thinking about leaving his partner, he will find a group of friends who are different from his old friends. Sometimes, he did it to give him more courage to break through, and sometimes it was friendship that pushed him to want more.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #Did he hide his cell phone?

His cell phone used to be on the bedside table every night, but now you can’t seem to find it. This is not a good sign. When a man keeps his cell phone secret, he doesn’t want you to accidentally see something pop-up, or let you browse it. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s cheating, but he may be discussing plans that have nothing to do with you.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #Will he say “I love you”?

 In a relationship, after a period of time, you forget to say something that means a lot. If it’s been a while since he said “I love you” last time, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. If you say it to him and you don’t get a response, try again. If he doesn’t respond to you the second time, maybe it’s time to start planning alone.

How to prove that he still loves me?  #Have you seen him around?

When a man falls in love with a woman, he will try to be by her side. You may not even notice him walking into a room, and then suddenly he shows up, just hanging out. If you see him still there and try to get close to you in silence, it’s very likely that he still loves you.

If you know you deserve to be loved, and you’re with the man you love, you may not feel the need to find answers – they’re right in front of you. Sometimes you just need to open them and look around for the answers you want. If most of your answers to the above questions are yes, he is likely to love you.

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