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If He Goes Down On You He Loves You! 7 Signs

If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, ambiguous feelings are always irritating, but generally girls are also worried about the feelings that are contained in them. If they are in the ambiguous period for a long time, they will eventually end without disease, and always need a confession to enter a new stage. . If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, but the boys have been slow to express their minds, and the girls are afraid that they are just being passionate. “Does he like me? Or do I think too much by myself?”, “He may be just a good friend of mine”, and “Whether he confessed, if he likes me, he would have told me already!”. The editor guesses that the above inner monologue is also a small theater that happens to every girl caught in an ambiguous period. However, if He Goes Down On You He Loves You, some men may not be very good at expressing themselves. If you want to understand his mind, you can see through the following 15 body language.

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1. If He Goes Down On You He Loves You-Only you in my eyes

When boys like someone, they can’t help but stare at each other! Regardless of the external appearance factor, in a gathering of a group of people, if the other person always looks at you unscrupulously, does not mind being discovered by you at all, and even smiles to you, If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, its the representative I want to make a good impression on you (laughs); or if you look at you secretly, if you find out you will be nervous, blushing, divert his eyes in embarrassment, or bow his head quickly, it also means that he is interested in you! If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, next time you make eye contact, give him a smile~ Maybe you can open the topic easily!


2. If He Goes Down On You He Loves You-My pupils dilate when I look at you

If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, the eyes are the piercing of the soul, and you can know a persons inner emotions and true feelings by looking at the pupils. Studies on the relationship between the sexes have shown that when people see the things they love, their pupils will dilate. , The pupil of the phase will shrink. So pay attention to the other persons pupils looking at you. If the pupils are dilated, the eyes seem to flash with love. If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, it means that he has been attracted by you. You must know that people can freely control facial expressions, but they cant. The pupils!


3.If He Goes Down On You He Loves You-I want to be close to you

Body language is also a key indicator. Favorability directly affects whether the other person wants to be close to you. When chatting, I hope to interact with you and communicate directly with your body. When walking, you will lean towards you, and when sitting, you will turn your shoulders toward you. When you are speaking, make a focused listening action, lower your shoulders, tilt your head and listen patiently, or whisper to your ears and narrow the distance between each other. If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, it shows that he is to you. Interesting, like and enjoy being with you.

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4. If He Goes Down On You He Loves You-Body Touch

In addition to body language, physical contact is also whether the other party wants to develop further with you. Boys will have the idea of touching the girl they like. Pay attention to whether the other person takes advantage of the situation to touch you, such as tapping your head, touching your hand while walking, hooking your shoulders, etc., or touching your body while walking. Pull back to the inside of the road and help you protect you when the bus is too crowded. If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, but remember to pay attention to the fact that before being officially together, if the boy has too close and too close limbs to touch you like a bear and touch you, the other person may not really like you, but want If you want your “body”, you must say no bravely!


5.If He Goes Down On You He Loves You-Mirror Action

According to psychological research, if He Goes Down On You He Loves You, people will subconsciously imitate the person they like, unconsciously imitating actions, voice and behavior. Next time you meet, you might as well take some quizzes to see if he is smiling when you smile, is he also holding his cheek when you lift your cheek, is he also touching your head when you touch your head, if the other person imitates you His actions are likely to mean that he has a good impression of you!


6.If He Goes Down On You He Loves You-Pay attention to your recent situation

If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, when a boy likes you, he will pay special attention to your recent situation, be curious about your movements, and even study things you are interested in. If the other person often pays attention to your Facebook or Instagram, they will even click like and leave a message; they will tag you when they see things you like or are interested in, and share them with you; why do you feel relieved when you know that you are going out with a girl? , I will try to ask you out when I know you are free; I seem to be very familiar with your current situation during the conversation, and I will ask your friends about you, etc., If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, these are all He obviously has a good impression of you and wants to be in love!


7. If He Goes Down On You He Loves You-Send you home

If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, after the evening party, if the other party takes you home, whether its worrying about your safety or wanting to stay with you longer, its a strong signal to have a good impression of you, even Because I like you, If He Goes Down On You He Loves You, Im willing to spend double the driving time on you; if the other party didnt take you home, but waited for you to get home after private message asking if you were home or caring about you You might as well watch the changes.




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