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I Love Your Kisses, How To Improve Kissing skills?

Have you ever said something like I Love Your Kisses, then you must really like close contact, how can you improve your kissing skills? I give the following suggestions.

01. Implying the willingness to kiss.

You dont have to say it, you only need to convey some simple signals to express I Love Your Kisses:

1. I Love Your Kisses, let the other person notice that you are staring at the other person’s lips.

2. I Love Your Kisses, don’t pouting. Separate your mouth gently, don’t open it too wide, and make sure that your upper lip can easily bite into your lower lip.

3. I Love Your Kisses, make lips look more attractive. Use lip scrub and lip balm to moisturize dry lips, and use mint or liquid breath freshener to keep your breath fresh. Don’t use chewing gum. Otherwise, you have to spit out the gum when the other person kisses you, which is embarrassing.

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02. Break the deadlock.

If you are bold enough, try to kiss the other persons mouth or hand. If the other person does not avoid and shows interest, you can try to kiss the other persons lips.

1. I Love Your Kisses, when you are kissing a girl: gently raise her hand and kiss the back of her hand. Let your kiss stay for 2-3 seconds.

2. I Love Your Kisses, when you are kissing a boy: Lean over and kiss his cheek, and stay for 2-3 seconds. Don’t behave like you want to kiss your family. If you want to be more obvious, kiss the corner of his mouth.


03. Create a romantic atmosphere before kissing.

You can try to compliment each other and be sincere. Maybe the other party will take the initiative to kiss you.

1. I Love Your Kisses, talk intimately. When talking to the other person, lower your voice and stare into the other persons eyes. This will not only let the other person know what you are thinking, but also let the other person get closer to you.

2. I Love Your Kisses, be a little seduced by your attitude. Even if you know the opponent is an excellent basketball player, don’t always mention it. You should focus on complimenting the side that can create a romantic atmosphere. Such as:

“You are so beautiful! I Love Your Kisses,”

“Your eyes fascinate me! I Love Your Kisses,”

“I like the way you smile! I Love Your Kisses,”

“I’m so lucky to be with you at this moment, I Love Your Kisses!”


04. Can carry out plan B plan

If all these strategies fail, just fight it out and directly verbally suggest that you want to kiss the other person. But if the other party still doesn’t understand what you mean, then make it clear. Don’t worry-it doesn’t directly mean it’s not romantic. If you dont know what to say, try these sentences:

“I Love Your Kisses, I don’t want to do anything but kiss you now.”

“I Love Your Kisses, if this is too direct, please forgive me-but I really want to kiss you!”

“I Love Your Kisses, I want to kiss you so much, I don’t know what to do!”


05. Keep lips soft. Don’t pouting, open your lips slightly to give the other party a certain hint.

1. First kiss the other person’s lips gently, don’t rush to use your teeth and tongue. If the other person responds well, you can start trying French kissing, I Love Your Kisses.

2. Don’t make any noise. This will distract people and make both parties less engaged. If you find that you are making a sound, slow down and open your lips a bit more.

Don’t progress too fast. Don’t put your lips on the other person’s mouth yet, kiss lightly a few times-if the other person feels uncomfortable, you can stop.

3. Pay attention to control your saliva. You dont want to keep your mouth wet when kissing! Please be careful to swallow your saliva from time to time. If your lips are too wet, pause, take control, and then continue.

4. “Lock” the opponent’s lips.

If everything goes well, try to “lock” the other person’s lips and let your lips “fold together” (in the order given below), this will make the kiss more intimate and passionate, which is also French Good start to kissing. And say something similar to I Love Your Kisses.

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5. Make sure to breathe.

When kissing, you should be able to breathe gently with your nose. If you feel that your current posture is making it difficult for you to breathe, stop first, and then continue to say I Love Your Kisses. In fact, you don’t need to feel nervous because you can’t breathe. Shortness of breath means you are nervous or excited, which may make the other person happy.


6. Use your hands.

Don’t let your hands hang around your body like soft noodles-hands are also very important when kissing!

1. I Love Your Kisses, gently place your hand on the other person’s shoulder or waist. (According to Western custom, women will put their hands on men’s shoulders, and men will wrap their hands around women’s waist.)

2. I Love Your Kisses, pull the other person in with your hands to make your movements more intimate.

3. I Love Your Kisses, put your hands on both sides of the opponent’s face, rub the opponent’s cheekbones with your hands, or put your hands on the opponent’s chin and gently lift his head.

4. I Love Your Kisses, another sexy action is to put your hand behind the other person’s head and gently stroke his hair.


7. Try French kissing.

The way to make a kiss more sexy with your tongue is called French kissing. Why is it called French kissing-who knows! We just know what to do:

Gently swipe your tongue across the opponent’s lower lip, making the movements as gentle as possible. If the opponent responds well, try to increase the strength and intensity.

Put the tip of your tongue into the opponent’s mouth and touch the tip of the opponent’s tongue. Be gentle and make sure your tongue is always moving-its not a good idea to put your tongue in the partners mouth motionless, and your kiss will end soon.

If the opponent reacts positively, you can increase your strength and speed.


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