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I Love You No Matter What Quotes The Situation Is

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A cruel truth is that the person you think loves you more doesn’t necessarily love you.

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I love you no matter what quotes 1. Reasonable people love you more than those who simply coax you

No matter how much we fight I still love you quotes: When you meet someone who makes you unhappy in the company or school, he always says some sweet words such as “don’t be angry”, or scolds that person with you. You may be very satisfied with what he does, but he doesn’t really love you.

There is no doubt that this is the best way to calm you down. But when the person who causes unhappiness is your family, friends, colleagues and classmates, and you can’t get rid of this person in your life, it’s really not the most appropriate way to solve the problem. If he can not only calm you down or calm you down when you are very sad, but also discuss the problem with you in a gentle tone, so that you can consider the problem from the perspective of the other party, He is the one who really has a state of mind and is also the one who really thinks about you.

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You may feel bored for a moment and don’t want to listen to the truth, but if you listen to more truth, you will have your own thinking direction to regulate your emotions when you encounter similar situations, which will be better for you in the long run. He is not stupid, he does not know to coax you this matter passed? Why take the risk of making you angry and reason with you? If you are angry, he will have to be angry. What’s good for him?

What you want should not be a vent or a haven, not a person who turns you into an emotional waste, but a person who can make you grow up, independent and better.

I love you no matter what quotes 2. People who are used to you without principles are likely not to love you

I will always love you no matter what: If you are 100% sure that he really wants to love you all his life and never let you feel the suffering of the world, I will not say the following. But it’s a pity that, generally speaking, you have many shortcomings, and he can tolerate you unconditionally. He agrees to your unreasonable demands whatever you do, because he doesn’t intend to be with you forever.

Maybe you can bring him some benefits, or the novelty, or he can’t find a better one for the time being. Let’s put up with you for a period of time. When you don’t want to put up with it, just pat your ass and leave. Anyway, a big man doesn’t suffer. If you have any bad habits or bad temper, leave it to the next person to deal with you. And often it is the girls who feel that the scum man is so kind to me, doting on me and indulging me. When they meet true love, they feel that he doesn’t love himself enough.

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If the person who really loves you wants to be with you all his life, he not only needs to change himself, but also has to change you, so that you can learn to be sensible and independent. Change must be painful, but it’s really for you. True love is not to spoil you into a useless person, but even if he is not in the future, you will become a better person.

I love you no matter what quotes 3. People who always break up don’t love you

No matter how hard it gets I will always love you: If a person always breaks up with you, he doesn’t love you. He said to you, “I don’t deserve you, you deserve better”, “I can’t give you happiness, we have no future”, do you really believe it? Do you really think he did it for you? Let me tell you, he means “you are not worthy of me, I want to find a better one”, “I am not happy with you, I don’t want to have a future with you”.

If he really loves you, he will find a way to solve all kinds of problems between you, and will work hard for your common future and happiness instead of letting you go easily. To put it bluntly, he loves himself more than he loves you.

It’s really because of objective reasons that he has to break up with you. That’s only once. How can you still have the opportunity to “always” mention it? Do you know that it’s better to let you have a long pain than a short one? Repeatedly break up, love you today, do not love you tomorrow, with such a person together what happiness to speak of

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I love you no matter what quotes 4. People who know you may not really love you

I will always love you no matter how hard the situation is: Let’s watch the show and bring you coffee, or your favorite strawberry flavor; Send you back to the dormitory downstairs, touch your head before you leave; You said today’s moon is so beautiful, he said it’s not good for you. You are so excited that you feel like you are in love.

If it’s not because I don’t care about you so much, can I naturally get in close contact with you, hold hands in a few days, and want to kiss in a few days, aren’t you afraid that you are tired of his intimacy? Love is restraint. Love is to touch and draw back. People are not perfect in front of the person they really like. They are cautious. Intimate contact and love words will make them shy.

In your eyes that silly and a bit dull person, may be really like you. And you don’t like his performance. You are more interested in the person who can do everything with ease. So, girls often trust their sincerity to others.

I love you no matter what quotes 5. True love in need

I will always love you no matter what: A person who really loves you, even if the quarrel goes to the deepest, will not hurt you, because the most trusted, he knows how to hurt you the most. And if he does use your trust to hurt you, remember the pain.

Don’t be cheated by sweet words again. The next time you quarrel, he will still hurt you. A person who really loves you, even after breaking up, will not be willing to really hurt you, he said “I don’t like you”, “we can’t be together” and even “don’t bother me again”.

You think he is forcing you to put down, but the person who really let you down is yourself. You don’t have to thank someone who hurt you, and don’t trample your heart on him again and again.

So what is true love?

I love you no matter what quotes 1. Love is more about heart than heart

I will always love you no matter what: People who are good at sweet talk and love talk, people who give you small surprises in festivals, people who always make you happy, people who do a lot of warm little things, people who always show love to you, people who like to have close contact with you, people who make you move.

People who always keep their promises, who won’t leave you easily, who won’t be cruel when they quarrel, who always keep a distance from other opposite sex, who are willing to take the initiative to hold your hand in public, who will definitely return your message, and who give you a sense of security are people who make you feel at ease. If you can’t have both fish and bear paws, choose the latter.

Because the former is more about love and passion, while the latter is about trust and stability. Sooner or later, the tide of love will recede. If there is no trust and stability to maintain the relationship, all the good memories will be just a flash in the pan. As long as you harvest the beauty, you have to spend more time to adapt to its disappearance.

I love you no matter what quotes 2. I trust you because I love you

I will always love you no matter how hard the situation is: The trust here not only refers to the trust in the relationship between men and women, but also includes the trust in many details of life. For example, sometimes when you don’t reply to his message, if he attributes it to “she didn’t see the message or she is busy and has no time to reply”, then there is a high probability that he didn’t reply to your message for these reasons, so you can trust him as well.

Many situations are similar. If you accidentally say something that sounds ironic, if he thinks, “she certainly doesn’t mean that, how can my girlfriend taunt me?”. With that probability, he would never want to mock you.

I love you no matter what quotes: He loves you, so when thinking in another position, he believes in your love. This is a good state for boys and girls to get along with each other. But some girls in love think that “he’s not jealous and doesn’t ask if there are boys at the party” is because “he doesn’t care about me”.

Don’t think so, should cherish the boy to your trust, and give trust. Trust is the basis of emotion. Don’t doubt him without any reason, and don’t cross the border by yourself. The lack of trust is irreversible.

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