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I Love You In Numbers, I Love You The Most!

1. I must tell you something. That is, after meeting you, I never felt desperate anymore. The whole person became simple and happy. I always feel that the weather is so good today and the trees outside the window are so beautiful. I Love You In Numbers, this poet Even the most annoying essays are quite lingering after reading.


2. You have to know that I was a little bastard who would blow up this fucking world with an atomic bomb on my back if I couldnt be saved, but for me now, the world is thriving, I Love You In Numbers, You see, I used to be a person who would use “Fucking teeth” to describe “complex”. What is the difference between me in front of you and a pupil? Sure enough, spring is here.


3. I Love You In Numbers, do you know why the crow is like a writing desk” “Because I like you, there is no reason”

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4. I Love You In Numbers, the answer is very long, I have to spend a whole life telling you, are you ready to listen? “


5.. I Love You In Numbers, “My ears and my heart like you, they ask me to tell you.”


6. I Love You In Numbers, “I look at everything like you, I look at the moon, like you, and the stars, but also like you. Those white, clear, gentle and cold lights, they all remind me of you.


7. I Love You In Numbers. Actually, I don’t know how to like, but I want to come to you. “


8. I Love You In Numbers, there are many places in my soul that are cynical and arrogant, but it has a core, which is afraid of the dark and weak as a sheep. Only the most equal fraternity can comfort it. You and me belong to this core value.


9. I Love You In Numbers, “You are my wife, naturally better than the world’s tens of millions.”

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10. I Love You In Numbers, when I own you, whether I buy a tie in a department store or clean up a fish in the kitchen, I feel happy. ——Kawabata Yasunari


11. I Love You In Numbers, I really don’t have any talents, just because I was fortunate to meet you, so this mediocre heart gave birth to a lot of romance out of thin air.


12. I Love You In Numbers, the greatest happiness in life is to be sure that someone loves you, someone loves you because you are you, or more precisely, even though you are you, someone still loves you.


13. I Love You In Numbers, “Please be sure to take your seat right. All the stars, moons, clear springs and streams that I said, cream and honey dipped in sugar, all the beautiful things in this world are just to describe you.”


14. I Love You In Numbers, I have never loved anyone before. You are the first one. I am afraid that I do not do well and make you feel that love is nothing more than that.


15.I Love You In Numbers, “Wake up and feel like I love you.”


16. I Love You In Numbers-“I want to sleep with you” “I want to get up with you”


17. I Love You In Numbers-Quiet and miss you, and I feel that everything is incredible.


18. I Love You In Numbers-We should be together, otherwise it would be too damaging.


19.I Love You In Numbers-When I think of you, I have a smile on my ugly face.


20. I Love You In Numbers-You are my banner when I step through everything that has fallen and go to war towards eternity.

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21. I Love You In Numbers-I hate my overthinking. Maybe I am a bad person, but I will get better if you kiss me.


22. I Love You In Numbers-I never dreamed that I would write the letter on the staff, right? The staff came by accident, and you also came by accident. But my letter to you deserves to be written in the staff. I hope you and I are an endless song.


23. I Love You In Numbers-I give you my entire soul, together with its quirks, small tempers, light and dark, 1,800 kinds of bad things, it is really annoying. Only a little good, love you. (Although the word “love” appears in this sentence, this sentence is definitely a classic in the classics.)


24. I Love You In Numbers-I want to watch the rain and rockery in the pavilion while watching the ants, watching the butterflies fall in love, watching the spiders making webs, watching the water, watching the boat, watching the clouds, watching the waterfall, watching Song Ru sweet sleep .


25. I Love You In Numbers-We are all superfluous people in the world, but at least we are the most important people in the world for each other.


26. I Love You In Numbers-I will send you the love of the whole universe and the thoughts from the immortal to the eternal age.


27. I Love You In Numbers-Whether it’s a ghost or a destiny, it’s great to know you.


28. I Love You In Numbers-My body is very good, able to resist wind and rain, but I can’t help thinking of you.


29. I Love You In Numbers-The galaxy is hot, you are the ideal of the world; the night wind is cold and you are the fire of the world


30. I Love You In Numbers-No matter how mediocre I am, I always feel that my love for you is beautiful.


31. I Love You In Numbers-I have gone through twenty years in a muddle-headed manner. I have been an immortal in the sky. I have been condemned by thousands of people. I think I have tasted all the sweets and bitters. Only when you look back will you know that this is the world.


32. I Love You In Numbers-The world is messy and you are clean


33. I Love You In Numbers-Can hang on my heart as the sun and the moon


34. I Love You In Numbers-The road I walked is muddy, smooth, happy and sad


35. I Love You In Numbers-The landscapes I have seen have mountains and seas and ruined jungles


36. I Love You In Numbers-I have seen a lot of people. Interesting but not interesting. I love you the most


37. I Love You In Numbers-I want to go to the fireworks in the first half of my life I want to go to the wind, frost and snow in the second half of the night I want to go on my way I want you


38. I Love You In Numbers-Physical affection can’t deceive people.


39. I Love You In Numbers-I just love you, I want to touch you, I want to touch you. I really do. “


40. I Love You In Numbers-I don’t want to miss the next winter with you

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