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Why I Don’t Love You But I Always Will

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE:I dont love you but I always will

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There is a long river between love and marriage. The name of this river is reality. In love, men and women can be together just because they like each other, and they can easily leave each other because they don’t love each other.

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But in marriage, liking is not the whole condition of being together, and even if the relationship breaks down, two people may also be tied together for various reasons. Some couples, obviously no longer love each other, but have been reluctant to divorce. What is the reason for this?

Why I dont love you but I always will? After our investigation, we learned that the reason why marriage without love is not separated is mainly because of the following six things:

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Why I dont love you but I always will 1. Because of children, even if they don’t love each other, they choose to stay together

When parents divorce, children are the biggest victims. Even in the process of divorce, no matter how much attention is paid to the protection of children, it is almost inevitable that children will be hurt.

Therefore, many couples without love, for the sake of their children, have to stick to a marriage without love. This kind of sacrifice is great, but it sacrifices two people who should have an infinite possible life.

Why I dont love you but I always will 2. Because of their parents, they don’t want to make the old man sad

Sometimes, the parents of two people in a marriage are too old to bear too much stimulation. For these people, because of their parents’ opposition, they did not choose to divorce in the end. In fact, if it’s just because of their parents, they can choose to divorce.

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What parents want most is their children to be happy. Marriage is just a shell of happiness. If you have a very unfortunate life in it, divorce is the best choice.

Why I dont love you but I always will 3. I have no hope for marriage and love, and I don’t think I will find new happiness after divorce

Some people, after a failed marriage, feel that marriage and love are just the same. Even if you walk out of this failed marriage, you will still face the same situation in the future.

For these people, they have lost any hope for all the marriages and love. Even if they just live in the marriage, they are not willing to try a new beginning.

Why I dont love you but I always will 4. Love is gone, but there is affection between two people

In fact, there is more than one kind of love between husband and wife. Some people think that with the passage of time, the love between two people is more and more diluted. At this time, family affection is getting stronger and stronger. What supports the couple to go on can be family affection.

Although this kind of marriage is insipid, it is full of mutual understanding and help between two people, which is a good result.

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Why I dont love you but I always will 5. Because of the property disputes, the marriage of death guarding the grave

Some couples are reluctant to separate because of property problems even though their feelings are gone. On the one hand, if a person in a marriage has no independent financial ability, it is difficult for him to live alone without marriage.

On the other hand, if today’s Day is the result of two people’s joint efforts, no one is willing to give up their own interests, but because of the cold money, they will stick to the grave marriage.

Why I dont love you but I always will 6. Because I’m afraid that I can’t find the next person to spend my life after divorce

Some people run their marriage to a dead end because of their own reasons. The other side’s love for themselves has long been gone because of unreasonable words and deeds. The reason why these people cling to marriage is that they worry that if they really leave their partner, they will never find another person willing to spend their life with them in the next life.

Emotional message:

Why I dont love you but I always will? Marriage is a besieged city. People outside want to come in and people inside want to go out. But some marriages are obviously no longer moistened by love. Why do people in them still refuse to divorce?

In fact, because marriage must be based on reality, love is not its foundation. So, even if love has worn out in marriage, there are many reasons to be together.

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