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How To Tell A Guy You Like Them Over Text?

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How to tell a guy you like them over text? Many girls, when they like men, can immediately become very elegant and charming, dress very attractive, talk very appropriately, and have a very feminine manner.

But as long as you don’t meet and start sending messages to men, these impressions will disappear immediately. Either it makes people feel bored, makes men feel no sense of mystery, or it makes their value greatly reduced and reduces their charm. So how to tell a guy you like them over text?

If a woman meets a person she likes very much, and two people are just beginning to associate, how can she send a message to improve her attractiveness as soon as possible, and how to tell a guy you like them over text?

I think the most important thing is to learn to “flirt” with text or news.

What we are talking about here is not sexual provocation, but mainly refers to how to use language to stimulate and tease each other, to create a feeling of “I like you, you come to pursue me”. At the same time, it makes the communication between you more interesting and more fun, and makes you two become familiar as soon as possible, so that he thinks you are a very amorous and valuable woman.

How to tell a man you like them through text? For example, many of us often start a message with “how are you doing?” The other side often answers like this: OK. It’s work, fitness. And, for example, what are you doing now? How is everything going today?

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This kind of information looks quite normal, but often do the opening remarks, there will be problems.

The content of the message is too simple. Simple content doesn’t create tension. In other words, the lack of dialogue content, lack of contradictions, lack of conflict and stimulation.

A calm lake, do not throw a stone, just a few leaves every day, is a dead water, a long time, can not be boring?

How to tell your crush you like him over text? In addition, this kind of very common question often leads to a very plain reply. After a long time, you will be annoyed with the reply and the other party.

So what should we do? How to tell a man you like them through text?

We should try to be specific, interesting and witty in our opening remarks. In this way, we can arouse the other party’s interest from the beginning and make him more willing to participate in the dialogue.

For example, “how was the college reunion yesterday? Did you fall asleep at the table This question is similar to “how are you today?” This kind of topic is more specific and interesting than that, and can arouse the interest of the other party to participate in your conversation.

If you have known him for some time, I think you can be more bold and provocative in the expression of information. For example, you can say: “just now my dog peed on my book, and I suddenly had the scene of you peeing in my mind.”

How to tell your crush you like him over text? Or you’re going to work out, if the common way to send a message is: “I’m going to work out.”. This kind of content is obviously boring, right? It can’t create any stimulation and excitement, which is no different from the work report.

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If it’s a provocative way, you can say, “Hi, I have to go to the gym and see those muscular men again. How boring This way can make him competitive. Although he knows you are joking, he will pay more attention to you subconsciously.

But when it’s used, it depends on people. Some men are too sensitive and suspicious, so don’t even think about it.

Just now we talked about how to tease each other with witty information. But let’s make two things clear: first of all, this information only applies to the man you really like and you want to have a real relationship with. If not, please use it carefully, so as not to provoke rotten peach blossom.

How to tell a guy you like him through text? In addition, our goal is to disturb men’s emotions, which works for most people, but for those who are too slow to respond, forget it. You don’t want to live with someone who’s too slow, do you.

Besides showing your playful and interesting side when sending messages, it’s also important to create a certain sense of mystery when replying to messages to enhance your attractiveness.

Appropriate silence is a tool for you to gain an advantage in the game between two people.

When people are communicating, it is necessary to stop and think a little. Thinking and silence can increase the sense of mystery, which is also an advantage of text and other instant messaging tools compared with telephone communication, but it is often easy to be ignored by us.

How to tell a guy you like him through text? When making a phone call, people usually talk endlessly, and it’s not convenient to pause or be silent. But when sending messages, you can think about what you want to say and avoid what you don’t want to say.

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If you’ve been with one person for a long time, when you two send messages to each other, who ends up with less mystery. Sometimes, if you don’t reply or comment, you are the one who has the upper hand.

For example, you initially set a date for Saturday, but the exact time has not been set. He sent you a message back: “OK, I’ll call you on Saturday morning.” At this time, there’s no need for you to reply, “OK.”. This conversation can end with him.

How to tell a guy you like him through text? In addition, don’t reply to the message sent by the other party immediately. Psychological research has also proved that immediate response to the other party’s information can indeed reduce one’s attractiveness. It is wise to let the other party wait for a proper period of time.

Some of us are very excited when we receive the other party’s information, so we immediately start to respond to the other party’s information in seconds, which is just like the automatic reply set by the system.

This will make it seem that you have nothing to do every day, sitting upright all day, holding a mobile phone at any time. Your own value is greatly reduced in his eyes.

So here comes the message. Stop for a second.

How long does it stop? Usually, it depends on the time of his reply. For example, he has five minutes and you have five minutes; He’ll be back in ten minutes, and you’ll be back in ten.

However, you should not be so accurate every time. Sometimes, the time can be faster, sometimes it can be deliberately delayed. In short, never let him know when you will return the message. You are a busy woman in his eyes.

Next, let’s talk about how to maintain our value and bottom line when sending messages.

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Just now, we mentioned that you can enhance your charm and freshness through some so-called little tricks, suggesting to each other: you come after me. But if you turn that novelty into a really long-term or lifelong relationship, you need to learn to defend your self-esteem and bottom line.

How to tell a guy you like him through text? We know that if a person does not defend his own value and has no bottom line, others will not respect you and it is difficult to establish a stable and long-term relationship.

How to tell a guy you like them over text? For example, you and a man just dated.

The other party sends you a message asking you: what are you going to do tonight.

You say: don’t do anything, watch TV at home. what about you?

He said: why don’t we have dinner together. How about six?

You answer: OK, see you at six.

There’s nothing wrong with this conversation. You really have nothing to do that night, and you really want to see him.

It doesn’t matter if you do it once or twice, but if it becomes normal, a potential signal you give the man is that he can ask you out without any difficulty.

And he will think you are a monotonous life, usually seems to have nothing to do, which will reduce your attraction to him.

If we change the way. He wants to invite you to dinner at six tonight.

You can answer: I really want to goYou can add an exclamation mark), but I’m a little tired today. I want to have a good rest. Can you change the time? How about Saturday?

If you answer like this, although you refuse him, but this kind of refusal often won’t hurt the other party.

When you say you really want to go, you add an exclamation mark, which means that you want to go in your heart, and you also discuss whether you can change the time, instead of making a blunt request.

If you do have something that night, such as fitness or girlfriends party, tell him directly, and then make another appointment with him, he will appreciate that you have your own life outside him.

How to tell a guy you like them over text? Some people will sacrifice their original arrangements for dating, which is often counterproductive.

In any case, although you refused him, you can still see that you are really interested and won’t hurt him.

And you’ve set a specific time for your date to continue.

How to tell a guy you like them over text? More importantly, in this process, your value has been strengthened, and he will be more fascinated by you.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry that if you refuse him this time, he will fall into the arms of others. If he really wants to do so, it also means that you are wrong.

Of course, if you and the other party have been dating for a period of time, the relationship has been very close, and the mutual mode has been relaxed and harmonious, then you don’t need to carry it.

If you are new to someone and don’t know each other very well, you need to show your life value beyond the relationship, such as work, hobbies and entertainment.

When you do this, you show her that you focus on self-improvement, which will increase his desire for you.

How to tell a guy you like them over text? Some people will ask, to maintain self-worth and learn to refuse is to let us play hard to get? I think this is different from the so-called hard to get.

The premise of maintaining self-esteem and self-worth is that you imply to him that you actually intend to associate with him, but as a high-value woman, you need the other party to chase you.

You are telling each other: you come after me. And playing hard to get, your language and behavior to the other party’s attitude is fuzzy, or hot and cold. So don’t mistake maintaining self-esteem for playing hard to get.

There is also a problem that can’t be avoided when they first started their relationship, that is, the problem of rolling sheets in bed.

How to tell a guy you like them over text? At the beginning of their relationship, the woman must be the one who holds the bed pass card, and the man does not have the right, right.

But if you give them this chance, I guess most people will want to roll the sheets with you soon after they meet. It’s a man’s nature.

If you play too early at this time, it’s invisible proof that you are a woman without bottom line.

The other person will soon realize that you are a frivolous woman, which is obviously detrimental to a long-term relationship.

Therefore, at the beginning of your relationship, you should learn to maintain your own principles for some sexual cues. You don’t have to be angry to make yourself look like a martyr, which is easy to scare the other party.

You can be more friendly to change the topic or turn a blind eye. Of course, you can’t send messages of sexual suggestion or photos of yourself that are too naked.

If these photos fall into the hands of some cheap scum men, you know what the consequences will be, right? Now there are many such things, I don’t need to say more.

So when it comes to text, we have to mention emoticons. Emoticons are a very useful language softener.

How to tell a guy you like them over text? We know that sometimes it is difficult to judge the true meaning of other people’s information, but with a bad smile, we can understand it immediately.

Especially when we are teasing each other or making some sarcastic jokes, I believe our friends are absolutely experts in using facial expressions.

But when it comes to expressions, don’t overuse them. Many people use expressions in almost every message.

But the problem is that when the real wolf comes, or wants to emphasize some key information, the meaning of your expression is often weakened or completely ignored.

Therefore, we should use emoticons cautiously and use them as a strategic tool when necessary. When not needed, text content is enough.

Of course, this is still only applicable when two people are just beginning to associate.

For example, you and your partner have an appointment for tomorrow. If your appointment is a little early and you want to reconfirm tomorrow’s appointment, it’s not impossible to send a message.

But don’t say, “do we have an appointment tomorrow?” This kind of words. This kind of expression sounds a little unfriendly. You don’t mean that, but it sounds like you’re worried about him standing up.

Of course, this is still only applicable when two people are just beginning to associate.

For example, you and your partner have an appointment for tomorrow. If your appointment is a little early and you want to reconfirm tomorrow’s appointment, it’s not impossible to send a message.

But don’t say, “do we have an appointment tomorrow?” This kind of words. This kind of expression sounds a little unfriendly.

How to tell a guy you like them over text? Well, today we talked so much about how to use text to tell him you like him. In fact, mobile phone is just a communication tool. How to use the communication tool itself is not important, the important thing is that we should know how to be an interesting woman in two people’s communication, and how to maintain our own value and bottom line. Only in this way can we keep constant in mobile communication and truly establish a healthy and long-term relationship.

So, now with your mobile phone, you can go to gossip or shopping, just don’t stare at the man waiting for him to send a message!!!

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