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How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? The Secret Of Confession!

I like a boy, he seems to like me too, but it doesnt seem to be! I have been waiting for him to confess, but I have been unable to wait. Should I confess? how to tell a guy you like him? If the sister has the above troubles, take a look at how to tell a guy you like him! In the same scene, how should I respond when I receive a confession from a boy?

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1. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

When you feel that the other party may like yourself and guessing wildly, you can test the other party’s mind first. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? for example;

Female: “Hey! Is there anyone you like?” (easy to laugh)

Male: 1 “No.”

2 “Well… yes, yes, but it’s a secret!”

3 “Yeah!” (nod to indicate yes)

If he answers 1 readily, give up! He has no interest in you.

If you are a little shy or nervous to answer 2, there is an 80% chance that he will like you too! You can proceed to the next step!

If you answer 3, you must continue to ask for confirmation. Ask him if he can tell you who the person he likes is, or if you know the person he likes. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? If he likes you too, even if he does not directly say that the person he likes is you, he will have a little hint. If he never said anything, he probably didn’t like you anymore.

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2. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

If you get the No. 2 answer in the first step, you can try to express your mind. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? If you are a bold and direct type, you can simply say “I like you!” and wait for him to respond.


How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? You who are not so bold, you can try the following sentence:

“It would be great if I had a boyfriend like you!”

“You must be very happy to be your girlfriend? Very envious!”

“Which type of girl do you like? I like to be like you.”

If the other person is interested in you, he will hurry up and tell you that he likes you too!

Congratulations on your successful confession!


3. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him-Observe and see if he likes you.

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? If he likes you, you have nothing to worry about. If he doesn’t like you, don’t despair, you can find a way to make him like you. Of course, if he is already with someone else, then you can let it go for a while. But if he is single but just doesn’t feel much about you, you can still flirt.


Inquire a little bit. Or if you are shy, you can still ask your friend to help you see if he likes you. Once you know that he likes you, you can be bold. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? If the boy likes you, then find ways to stay with you (although everyone is different, but in most cases it is the case). He will find excuses to sit with him, and even start making friends with your friends, so be careful.

If you find him looking at you, then respond to his eyes and maintain eye contact. If he looks at you, it proves that he likes you. If he looks away, then he may be shy. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? In short, don’t jump to conclusions lightly.

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4. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him-Start a simple conversation with him.

Before expressing love to the boy, or even before asking him out, have a simple conversation with him to increase mutual understanding, How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? You can start a conversation like this:

Say some compliments to him and make him feel good about himself:

“The game you played last Friday was really great. From my point of view on the scene, how long have you been playing football!”

“You are number one every time you take an exam! Can you read the teacher’s mind!”

“I like your new hairstyle! Have you cut your hair recently?”

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? Talk about what you have in common. For example, your common hobbies, or things you have experienced together.


5. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him-Try to flirt with him.

Boys are not sensitive to girls’ flirting, but this does not mean you should stop, you just need to know that even if he likes you, he may not respond.

When he talks to you, curl your hair with your hands. Many people may not notice this, but if he notices, then he will say something.

Let him do something for you. Although this is a good method, there may be many problems, such as he does not want to help you in front of his friends, or he feels embarrassed, and refuses you for these reasons. So try to pick some simple things for him to do.

Let him help you get your schoolbag. Tell him your bag is heavy.

Let him do your homework for you, even if you don’t need it. This is the best excuse to get close to him, and to see if he is patient.


6. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him-Try to touch his body.

Try to touch some suitable parts of his body to express your interest in him.

Pretending to be tired or bored, put his head on his shoulders. Or simply put your hand on his shoulder. Stare at him at this moment to see how he reacts. How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? When he is joking, pretend to hit him with a fist. Find an excuse to touch him. If his hands are big, compare them with him and say “Wow, your hands are really big!”

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