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How To Make Him Fear Of Losing Me, Learn To Ignore Men

How to make him fear of losing me? Women in the gender emotions do not always do the active party, learn to properly ignore  boyfriend can play a role in promoting feelings, because two people together, every day are tired together slowly will feel bored, so the appropriate distance for both people are good, especially for women, do not always around the boyfriend’s side, sometimes your occasional neglect will make him love you more.
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It’s easy to love someone, and it’s easy to be loved by someone.

[How to make him fear of losing me]

But to make the other party’s feelings for you always the same, or more and more profound, just simply let the other party know that you love him is not up to it.

In fact, everyone has this little thought.

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“As long as I treat him well enough to let him see my feelings for him, he will understand my heart and will cherish every bit of what I give to him.”
Perhaps it can be said that life with those failed relationships, is because too much reliance on this small mind, precisely because of the hold to pay will have a corresponding return.

How to make him fear of losing me? That’s why they give their feelings to each other without reservation, so much so that when they end up all over the place, it’s still not clear where they are not doing well.
The nature of love is beautiful, but to achieve this state may need to understand the truth that “distance produces beauty“.
If two people are too close to the distance, the possibility of conflict will become greater and greater, and the relationship will face a crisis.
So, in front of the feelings, no matter how much you love him, you have to learn to moderate the “ignore” each other.

Because this can enhance the freshness, but also to reduce the chances of emotional crisis, I believe that your moderate snub will be replaced by his love for you.


How to make him fear of losing me? Moderate ignore is not to ignore each other’s messages, but not to show so enthusiastic, to make him have a sense of crisis, so as to cherish your presence.
Perhaps, someone will ask to cold shoulder each other is not to return each other’s messages?
Of course not, here the cold shoulder is to let you do not so often to find each other, and do not show so positive.
Because this will make the other side think that your feelings come too easily, will be a little lax, so that do not cherish your feelings.
In real life, there are really a lot of people who have this experience, obviously they give their feelings to him without reservation, but there is no reason, the two people walking away from each other.

Perhaps this is the lazy psychology of people, because they feel that having love is too simple, they want to sit and collect the benefits, only know to draw, do not know how to pay.
Faced with this situation, want to salvage feelings, we should do the most is moderate cold.
For example, not as active as before to give each other feelings, so that each other feel the crisis of losing you.

In this way if he really loves you and does not want to lose you, he will show how much he cherishes you.

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It turns out that love also has skills, not that as long as love, it can really go on for a long time, but need to add an insurance policy to the relationship with the help of some skills.
Therefore, no matter how much you love him, it is important to understand that love will not be because of your efforts alone.
Want to make the ending of your relationship a little more perfect, just moderate a little cold, do not need to worry about whether it will be because of your cold, the feelings fade.
To believe that people who love you will therefore love you more, even if it really fades, it only means that he does not care enough about you.


How to make him fear of losing me?

If you want to have a higher status in a relationship, you have to learn to pay a little less.
This will make the other party elusive to you, but also to avoid the other party will be because you pay, become emboldened.
In the end, the relationship is a matter of two people, if only one person to pay, it will lead to the other party does not have the space to pay, and thus do not know how they should really do.
Therefore, the appropriate cold in the world of feelings, not only will not affect the feelings between you, but let your feelings have a value-added space.

In fact, how much the value of the relationship depends entirely on the attitude and approach of the person concerned, if the mutual give and take does not reach a balanced state.
This may become a sticking point for two people’s feelings, which may be triggered at any time, and the appropriate cold shoulder is always good for the two people.


How to make him fear of losing me

The two people’s neglect is naturally to moderate, and not deliberately, after all, some things to do more than the opposite will cause counterproductive effects.
The face of the other party to send a message to give a timely response, but also not too often to find each other.
Because this is likely to make each other no independent space, feel too depressed with you, thus leading to more and more conflicts between you.

Psychologically speaking, there is a lot of room for two people to add value to their feelings, and the fade will be particularly fast, and the chances of conflicts are greater.
As long as you master the relationship skills, then your feelings will naturally get better and better.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice or contact me on Bothlive.

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