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How to look sexier for your man? Sexy strategy you must learn!


Men admit: 11 “small things” will make you look more sexy

Want to increase your attractiveness to men? How to look sexier for your man? In addition to working hard on the outside, the inner charm of the individual is also very important, and we can radiate our charm through some daily actions. According to the survey, when the following 11 things happen, men will think you are sexy.

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1. How to look sexier for your man-when you are passionate about something

Serious women are the most beautiful. When you really like something and work hard for it, you will unconsciously exude charm. Regardless of whether that matter is your job or interest, being passionate about one thing makes men think that you are a romantic and self-seeking woman, and this is very sexy.


2. How to look sexier for your man-when you have your own ideas and decide everything

Everyone doesnt like to encounter this situation: “What do you want for dinner?” “Whatever.” If you are assertive, understand what you want, and be able to decide everything decisively, it will be grateful for your partner. thing.


3. How to look sexier for your man-when you get along well with his friends

For heterosexual men, whether you can get along well with his friends is a very important thing. It is enough to make him proud when he knows that he can take you to participate in the activities of him and his buddies without worrying about any embarrassment.


4. How to look sexier for your man-physical contact without hint

Physical contact is a manifestation of an intimate relationship. Your actions towards him show that you feel safe and dependent on a person, whether it is resting your head on his shoulders or climbing on his arms unconsciously while walking. Let the man make sure you feel safe with him.



5. How to look sexier for your man-when you make him feel his own value

Can’t carry things or open the bottle cap? Seek help from men! Everyone likes to be needed, and showing strength is the easiest way. This will also make him want to protect you more.


6. How to look sexier for your man-when you wear his clothes

Probably every man had such a beautiful fantasy that his female partner was wearing his clothes. Whether it’s a jersey or shirt, oversize clothes make you look more sexy, and your clothes wrapped in him give men a feeling of showing sovereignty.



7. How to look sexier for your man-you take the initiative to do intimate actions to him

Although most men like to be dominant, if you occasionally turn your stance upside down, they will not hate it, and will even love it. For men, the feeling of being aroused by women is actually good, so you might as well attack them bravely.


8. How to look sexier for your man-when you truly thank him for his contribution

Just like wanting to be needed, everyone also likes to be thanked by others after giving. Even if it’s just a small matter, such as buying breakfast for you on the way, remember to say thank you. Although paying for each other is necessary in a relationship, don’t take it for granted.


9. How to look sexier for your man-you take the initiative to do things you don’t like for him

You usually don’t play any games at all, but you are willing to learn how to play LOL for your spouse and want to enjoy the things he likes with him. This will let him know how much you care about him. For a man, this is a very considerate move (and he should do the same to you).



10. How to look sexier for your man-when you get along well with his family

Generally speaking, you should like his family, but if this is not the case, any effort you want to improve the situation will make a man find you more attractive. Whether it is helping his mother prepare dinner together or helping his father buy health products, you can feel that you value him and his family.

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11. How to look sexier for your man-cats and dogs love you

If this man is also a cat and dog lover, this will make him feel that you are super attractive. When his pet is very enthusiastic to you, it will deepen his feeling of finding the right person. After all, if you want to compose in the future Family, whether pets love you or not is also an important key.


Sexuality and pornography are often just a boundary, which can be noble or vulgar. Sexy is not just size and nudity, in fact, smart sexy is your confidence and attitude. Sexy women know how to fall in love with their own body, love their own body, know how to show their strengths, and are not ashamed of their shortcomings.


So, what about sexy men? Ask the girls around you. Everyone has different ideas. Some girls like cute brother style, some girls like six-pack hunks, and some girls think that talented men are sexy. Compared with men’s perception of women, women’s sex appeal to men is more important to women’s “spiritual” and personal preferences. The point is that if a man is attractive and attractive, he is sexy. Rather than a fixed route or type.


The same thing is that, no matter what age or field, confident men are particularly sexy. The interesting conclusion is that the brightest and smartest sexy is the most durable and the most popular. If you want to be a sexy goddess that is loved by both men and women, in addition to having a good figure, confident, attractive, attitude, brain, and know your own style, you are the sexiest woman!


I feel that sexy apart from self-confidence and attitude, the most important thing is the “natural” sexy, rather than deliberately showing off. Just like those who express their breasts every day, make their breasts look like a bowler, fear that others dont know their cup size…and deliberately dress up and present sexy stunners, unnatural behavior, and even make themselves into a sexy vase, which looks like No-brained positive girl (men think its good), poses and expressions (brainless expressions) that only poses in a bunch of AVs and photos (brainless expressions) make people feel like “you have a good body but dont seem to have any other advantages”, so sexy , I dont think its smart, really attractive and sexy.

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