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How To Know If a Girl Is Serious About You

For men and women in relationships, love is not a joke, we must take a serious attitude to treat, if only with a playful attitude, then the relationship will not last long! Today I will take you to know how to know if a girl is serious about you! Let’s have a look!

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Signs a girl is serious about you

1. Signs a girl is serious about you – every time I see you, she is always very happy

If a woman, in every time you go to her, are happy to close their mouths, and with you is always very happy. That this kind of woman’s heart must be very sincere to you, see you she will feel very happy. The kind of woman who doesn’t love you, seeing you will only make her feel upset and don’t care about you at all.

2. Signs a girl is serious about you – her joys and sorrows are all because of you

Once a woman is involved in a relationship, she will always give her heart and soul, and almost all her energy is in the relationship. Therefore, a person who really likes you, she will always be influenced by your emotions, her joys and sorrows are because of some things in your contacts. This kind of woman almost concentrates all her attention on you.

3. Signs a girl is serious about you – she is willing to bear hardships for you

Maybe your financial condition is so mediocre that when you are together, you can’t afford the expenses of two people. But this woman is willing to work hard to make money for your life. She is not afraid of hardship because she wants to be with you. Such a woman in love is willing to pay for you wholeheartedly, so you must cherish her very much.

4. Signs a girl is serious about you – she will cry for you

In fact, some women in love is very vulnerable, if the other party to do something to make themselves feel sad, this woman will always worry about gain and loss, melancholy. In fact, a woman who often cries for you is completely because in her heart, she loves you wholeheartedly. She can’t stand the flaw of your feelings, because she attaches so much importance to your relationship.

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Signs that women are not serious about you

1. She has sex with many men at the same time

Although ambiguity is the most beautiful stage of emotion, it seems that this woman is a little too casual and doesn’t take emotion seriously when she is ambiguous with many men at the same time.

2. Accept her suitor’s kindness, but never respond

She never refuses the courtship of her pursuer. She even takes it for granted that other people give her gifts, but she never responds to others’ kindness. Undoubtedly, such a woman is casual.

3. She was very enthusiastic on her first date and took the initiative to hold you

Generally speaking, it’s normal for a girl to be shy on her first date. However, if a girl is very enthusiastic on her first date and takes the initiative to throw herself in her arms, such a woman doesn’t take her feelings seriously and is very casual.

4. Women’s attitude towards feelings is usually indifferent

When a woman has had experience with more than one man, then the woman will not be too serious about her feelings. Even if there is a man around, then the man will be very painful. Because the feelings are not serious will not be how gentle to men.

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How to know if a girl is serious about you

1. If a girl is serious about you: look at her usual attitude and care for you

A woman who seriously wants to walk with you for the rest of her life will slowly grind away in the process of getting along with you. She knows that loving someone needs tolerance and respect, and she is willing to give up something less important for you. Because, for her, you in her heart weight is very heavy, she loves you also reluctant to lose you.

2. If a girl is serious about you: See if she will miss you after you leave

If a woman doesn’t miss you completely when she doesn’t have you, then she certainly doesn’t love you so much, and she doesn’t care so much about your feelings. This has nothing to do with her personality and emotional experience. As long as she is a woman and loves a man deeply, she can’t help missing this person.

3. If a girl is serious about you: see if there is any plan about you in her future

In the face of feelings, women always like to fantasize, especially when they meet their loved ones. Women are eager to make clear their plans for the next ten years. Therefore, a woman who takes your feelings seriously will put you in her plan and consider you in everything she does.

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