How To Get A Shy Guy To Make A Move? 10 Things You Have To Do!

Why didn’t he take the first step?

Only by understanding the reasons can you know exactly what to do: How to get a shy guy to make a move?

Reasons you should know:

1. He is a slow man.

He is slow to do what he does and what he decides. This kind of person likes to spend more time thinking.

2. He’s not sure if you’re interested in him.

He’s afraid of being rejected by you. If he is not 100% sure you will accept him, then he may not want to take a risk.

3. He’s not sure if he likes you.

He likes you, but he’s not sure how much he likes you. He doesn’t want to establish a relationship with you and regret it. That’s bad, so he’s still thinking.

4. He didn’t know how to take the first step.

Some people are just not sure how to do it. He’s very shy. He doesn’t have a lot of dating experience. He doesn’t know how to ask a woman out.

5. He wants you to take the first step. 

Some men want women to take the first step. Maybe he likes to be pursued by women, maybe he likes brave women, or he just doesn’t want to take risks.

6. He has someone else.

Maybe he has a secret relationship now.

7. He doesn’t want to ruin your friendship.

If you are a friend or a colleague, he does not dare to destroy the relationship, because he is afraid that the final result is that your relationship is not even a friend.

8. He felt embarrassed. 

You know, it takes courage to go out with women, especially women who are interested in themselves. Men worry about not being good enough or attractive enough. At the same time, they are afraid of being rejected.

9. You’re with his friend dating.

Men follow the rules of friends.

get a shy guy to make a move

How to get a shy guy to make a move?

Now that you know all the reasons why he didn’t take any action, you can try to determine which reason he didn’t take the first step. After identifying the cause, try the following 10 ways to encourage him to take the first step:

Some men respond well to subtle cues and body language changes. Others just don’t know. To see which of these methods works for you, and then start there.

1. Flirting. 

You only flirt with people you find attractive, no doubt about it. Men will want a hint from your actions.

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2. Touch. 

You can push him gently and even put your hand on him when he is joking. Even small, simple touches like these can indicate attraction and chemistry.

3. Put Hints in the conversation.

The next time you chat, you can intersperse the idea that you want him to take the first step in your conversation. For example, you are talking about feminism. You are saying you are independent and brave, but you still appreciate some romantic traditions. For example, men always take the first step towards the women they like. He may understand your intentions.

4. Look at him.

You know what I mean. Keep eye contact, then smile, look away, and quickly turn back. It should look natural. Therefore, if you are not familiar with this function, please practice this series of actions in front of yourself in the mirror.

If you want to know how to get a shy guy to make a move, you can use eye contact while drinking or biting your lips.

5. Get close. 

How can we hear their voices clearly in noisy and crowded bars? Get close to them. So you know how to get close, right? Remember, even if it’s not loud. Keeping your body close to him, even your arms together can ignite a spark between you.

If you want to know how to get a shy guy to make a move, you can try whispering and whispering, and he will take the initiative to approach you.

6. Face him. 

Body language is the key to cleverly making others aware of your interests.

If you want to know how to get a shy guy to make a move, do this: if you are chatting, please face him with your whole body. If you stand, point your toes at him. Even if you sit side by side with each other, cross to him. These limbs are very subtle, but subconsciously they are more effective than you think.

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7. Get attention. 

Do you want him to pay attention to a part of your body? All you have to do is put your hands through your hair or play with the necklace. This will draw his attention to your beautiful clavicle.

These little moves are very clever. For women: when a man is stretching his shirt and his shirt is just raised, the woman can only see the bottom of his abdominal muscles. It’s sexy, isn’t it? In the same way.

8. Bait. 

A good way to get a shy guy to make a move is to give him an idea. Maybe the shy man doesn’t know where to pick a date or what to do to make you happy.

If you want to know how to get a shy guy to make a move, you can say that you want to eat in the newly opened restaurant, or that there is an art exhibition that you want to see (you don’t want to go, but it’s an excuse for him to ask you out). At this time, as long as a man who is interested in you will say to you, “let’s go together.”

9.Make sure you are single. 

He may wonder if you have a boyfriend now, or if you have recovered from a failed relationship. He didn’t dare to ask you out.

If you want to know how to get a shy guy to make a move, you should disclose that you are single now and have no date recently, and express your expectation for dating.

10.Answer yes or no explicitly.

Men are afraid of rejection. If he does not take action because he thinks you will refuse him, please make it clear that you take his invitation. You can say that you have a date recently, but you are not interested in that person. If he is as interesting as you, you will be happy. (use the word “you” in your sentence.)


In addition to the above 10 ways, you also need:

1. Patience!

As mentioned before, some people’s pace is very slow. They need more time than others to do everything. No matter what reason he has been afraid to take the first step, you should not worry. If you wait too long, you can move on because he doesn’t like you. You know, no matter how shy a man is, he will take the first step in the face of the danger that his favorite woman is about to be taken away.

2. Smile!

A man likes a woman’s smile. Your smile is the best encouragement for him. He will think that what he says or does will not make you feel stupid, which will give him enough confidence to continue to talk with you.


I’m sure this article will solve your current problem: How to get a shy guy to make a move? How to make the first move on a shy guy? How to make a move on a shy guy? How to encourage a shy guy to make a move?, etc. If you have any other problems, please come to FirstDatingAdvice at any time.

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