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How To Find A Boyfriend If You Are Shy? Best Tips

Shyness will prevent you from tasting the most delicious food in life – love. People are shy because they are worried about the perception and interaction of the outside world, which often hinders your social communication and your choice of love. If so, don’t worry: you can still find a boyfriend – even if you’re shy. I’ll teach you how to find a boyfriend if you are shy.

How to get a boyfriend if you are shy

Seek help. Introverted and shy girls are advised to let your closest friends and trusted family know you want to date. Your friends may know people you don’t know, and in some cases, you may know who will be your best candidate.

There’s no harm in trying, right?

Introverted and shy girls can consider holding a dinner party. Ask each of your guests to bring someone you don’t know. You will expand your social circle in a comfortable home.

Even if there is no date at the party, you will hone your conversation skills and charm.


Find a female friend to attend a blind date with you and give you some suggestions when you are disappointed with the dating game. If you feel you need encouragement, you can talk to her. Let this person know who you’re looking for so that she can help you with your dating.

Confidence is attractive. Unfortunately, shy people often disguise themselves as uninterested, cold or arrogant. When you meet a new friend or find a friendly stranger in a coffee shop, consciously try to smile and keep eye contact with them. Pay attention to your body language and try to look more approachable. For example, you need to meet strangers regularly in the cafe.

Remind introverted and shy girls that wearing clothes is not to impress others, but to improve their confidence. Find a style that makes you feel great( If you need some style help or affirmation, please consider the female friend mentioned above)


Spend a lot of time on yourself. Assess what you want, appreciate, and need. Reflect on past relationships and determine what you want to be different next time. Observe the health relationship around you and record your psychological feelings. Let your introvert work for you.

Even if you are introverted and shy, you also have your own interests, so remember to give full play to your advantages. When you already have a date, if you’re not sure what to say, focus on what you do and like. Your face lights up when you talk about what you are most passionate about. Let him know the real you.


Be optimistic. Nervous on your first date? Remind yourself that you have nothing to lose. Not every date brings lasting love. It’s just making friends. It’s an opportunity to make new friends and hone your dating skills.

Single shy girls should remember to be yourself. Be honest with your date. Shyness is not worth being ashamed of. You can make fun of yourself. Talk about your interests. Allow yourself to be quiet. You don’t have to suddenly become the focus of the party. Be brave and pay attention to the people you like. And respond honestly and warmly. You’ll be fine.

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Tips on finding a boyfriend if you are shy

1. How to find a boyfriend if you are shy – Narrow your options

Narrow your options. Before you start high-pressure communication with potential boyfriends, use your shy behavior to give full play to your advantages, and use your no time to talk to observe the behavior of people you may like and what they like to do. This will give you a chance to exclude those who are not really interested in you and like you. Naturally, you will also notice your shy behavior


2. How to find a boyfriend if you are shy – Use your strengths

Use your strengths. Being proactive about your personal interests will make you more likely to contact men who have common interests with you and participate in more activities or teams of your interests, which will give you some common ground and make it easier for you to communicate when you approach or when you want to break the deadlock. You should also participate in some activities you are good at, so that you can attract the positive attention of those who are proficient in it without talking.


3. How to find a boyfriend if you are shy – Attract the attention of boys

Attracted the attention of the boys. Don’t let your shyness prevent you from decorating yourself properly. Use your body to “catch” the right boy. Wearing the best clothes seems to be overestimated and exaggerated, but the fact is that this practice can express the confidence that men like to see women. Flattering clothes are very helpful in attracting potential boyfriends.


4. How to find a boyfriend if you are shy – Eye contact

Eye contact. It’s important to send the right signal when you’re shy. Body language is the main way of communication between people. Summon up the courage to look into the eyes of the man you like, or smile quickly, give them the green light and let them close to you. This will relieve pressure and achieve the goal of approaching him, while opening the window of opportunity.


5. How to find a boyfriend if you are shy – Talk bravely

Get out of your comfort zone. Healthy interpersonal relationships are based on communication. This does not rule out you because you are shy. Go out of your comfort zone and talk to potential boyfriends. Eventually, you will have to face a prospect. If your boyfriend is what you really want, the return will far outweigh the risk.


6. Online dating through dating software.

If in reality you are shy and dare not communicate with others, you can try using strange dating software. Because everyone doesn’t know each other, you can speak freely, make many strange friends, and exercise your communication skills at the same time. I have done a lot of evaluation of dating software, and the most satisfied is Latemeet. If you are a shy girl looking for a boyfriend, Latemeet will help you.

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