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How to chase a boy who doesn’t like to talk

It’s said that men chase women, while women chase men into yarn. But it’s not so easy for women to chase men. Do you know what’s the secret of chasing men? Let’s follow the author to find out how to catch up with boys who don’t like to talk.

How to chase a boy who doesn’t like to talk

To tell you the truth, this kind of boy can easily enter his heart. On the premise of chasing him, you should not get too close to any boy. (besides, he does not like to talk, which may not be true. It may just be the surrounding environment. Time. The character can’t arouse his interest in speaking. If he is very close to his friends, he should laugh a lot.

Skills of chasing boys who don’t like to talk

First of all, we need to maintain a sincere attitude. Second, we need to add his WhatsAPP, because some words may be embarrassed when we say them face to face. After that, we need to chat with him more. Take our time. Remember not to go too close to him when chasing him. We need to open a little distance, so that you can keep aesthetic feeling in his heart.

The performance of boys’ exhaustion in relationship

How about a boy who doesn’t like to talk

A boy who doesn’t like to talk and chat. But a talk has always been very serious, no nonsense, calm and clean face, after a smile. Many girls will feel that such a person is boring and can’t get together. In fact, this kind of person does not understand taste, but he is not easy to show kindness to anyone, in fact, he knows better than anyone. You’re really funny when he’s nice to you, and it’s soulful. Such boys do not say all of their feelings, most of them are affectionate. Such a boy is worth having and cherishing.

How to catch up with boys who don’t like to talk

1. Have a strong heart

Judge whether he really likes you from the details, and then have a strong heart. First, accept the fact that he doesn’t love himself very much. Chat occasionally and meet occasionally. Don’t push too hard. Give him his own space and let him get used to your existence.

2. Give him a sense of security

My boyfriend deleted me the other day because I went out for a drink and didn’t receive the video. I apologized by text message and didn’t respond to the phone bombing. He didn’t contact him for a week, and then went to him directly at the weekend. He didn’t cry. He just got along well and apologized. You have to let him know that you can’t leave, and you understand him, so he will slowly take off his guard.

3. Mobilize his love participation and enthusiasm

The most important thing to fall in love with a boy who doesn’t like to talk is not to worry. He often loses contact. If he doesn’t meet for a week, or doesn’t take the initiative to find him for three days, he will miss you when he is free, and will take the initiative to find you. If you don’t have the patience to guide a feeling by hand, you are advised to stop loss in time.

4. Develop common interests

He likes to fight landlords, so I found a team to play with him. Yesterday, the video lasted 94 minutes. I think he is very happy. If your boyfriend likes to play other games, you might as well learn for him.

5. Give him a favorite gift, go out to eat, and occasionally take the initiative to pay

On the day when I invited him to dinner for the first time, he brought me vegetables for the first time! Other people’s money doesn’t come from strong winds. It’s a long-term way to give back from time to time. Don’t enjoy your boyfriend’s material wealth while complaining that he doesn’t care about himself. You pay for him in his eyes, although not good at expression, but will keep in mind.

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