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How To Be Emotionally Available? 7 Tips

How To Be Emotionally Available? Emotions play an important role in our lives. Emotion is the perception of the mind, and it is as powerful as the perception of the body. Emotions tell you what you like and dislike, what you want and what you don’t want, and just because emotions convey these important information to you, you need to fully understand and recognize your emotions. However, when you are controlled by emotions, it will also greatly affect your performance and thinking on major issues. How To Be Emotionally Available? At the critical moment, if you want to go all out, you need to take some measures to get rid of emotional control.

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1. How To Be Emotionally Available-Don’t have negative self-deprecating thoughts.

How To Be Emotionally Available? Don’t feel sorry for yourself and blame others all day long. We see many perfect bodies, perfect lifestyles, and perfect jobs in the media every day. These are all to arouse our envy. But whether you choose to be troubled by these things is up to you.


How To Be Emotionally Available? Don’t compare. Once you start to compare with people, you will belittle your unique value. You have your unique talents, abilities, and shortcomings. These things you have, either make them shine or make them dull, it depends on your choice. The only thing that can be compared is the price, and no one can compare it. How To Be Emotionally Available? Dont think that you dont have the ability to deal with a situation, or that everything is always the opposite. Thinking like this will only weaken your initiative. You should think logically and actively find solutions to problems.


2. How To Be Emotionally Available-Don’t think about the future.

How To Be Emotionally Available? This is because your guesses about the future are often wrong! Whenever we start to think “Oh my God, if I do this, something will happen”, then we are immediately scared and disturbed by ourselves. In fact, if you don’t think about these consequences, you won’t have any fear or worry. Follow your feelings, it is impossible to predict the future, so why bother?

How To Be Emotionally Available? If you have to worry about the future, imagine yourself in 5 minutes, completely losing your composure for the unforeseen future. Do you want to be like that? Of course not. Then, use this negative image to warn yourself not to be that kind of person.


3. How To Be Emotionally Available-Get out of the situation.

How To Be Emotionally Available? Imagine your life as a movie, and look at what is happening in a condescending manner from the perspective of someone else. Doing so will enable you to interpret a situation objectively and emotionally.

How To Be Emotionally Available? Imagine yourself as a bystander to observe, don’t have any prejudices, and don’t have any selfish thoughts. To get out of the situation, you cannot be subjective, but remain objective, just like a doctor treating patients. In neurolinguistic programming, this technique is called “refactoring”. How To Be Emotionally Available? But this separation has its inherent risks. Frequent separation of one’s feelings may lead to psychological and personality problems, so separation of feelings depends on the situation, and you cannot rely on being separated from emotions when encountering difficulties. Sometimes it is better to face difficulties directly than to get out of emotion.

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4. How To Be Emotionally Available-Think logically.

How To Be Emotionally Available? Don’t make assumptions on the basis of fear, anger, or other similar emotional reactions, start from pure facts. Logic can help resist emotional out-of-control and help you see the facts clearly. After all, facts exist objectively, not what you imagine.


How To Be Emotionally Available? If you are worried about not performing well in an interview, then use facts to remind yourself. First of all, if your qualifications are not enough, you will not even get an interview opportunity. Secondly, even if you do not get the job, it can only mean that you are not suitable for this company, not that you have problems with your own abilities. How To Be Emotionally Available? Maintaining a logical way of thinking in an emotional crisis can speed up your psychological recovery. When you find that you are used to being emotional when facing difficulties, you should try to command your mind to think logically.


5. How To Be Emotionally Available-Emotion also has its uses.

How To Be Emotionally Available? Emotion is also useful occasionally. It has a reason for its existence. Otherwise, people will not have emotion at all. Studies have shown that, in fact, sometimes following our feelings (especially when we are not energetic enough) makes us make better decisions. [2] So, if you have a feeling that is very strong and you are sure that the feeling is not for no reason, just follow it.


How To Be Emotionally Available? If this strong feeling is only a whim, just leave it out of the blue. For example, it may be paranoid, neurotic, restless, terrible, and disgusting. Anyway, you should forget it as soon as possible. Because this inner voice will only drive you crazy.


How To Be Emotionally Available? If this feeling is real (for example, sadness is a real negative emotion), you have to face it. You can forget only if you really work hard to forget. Accept it first, forget it again, and eventually, over time, this emotion will be replaced by other emotions.


6. How To Be Emotionally Available-Take a deep breath.

How To Be Emotionally Available? In difficult situations, deep breathing can help you calm down, and it is also beneficial to your health. You try the following methods to stabilize your emotions:

Inhale through your nose for 2 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, and then exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat this process, and you will feel the emotions slowly subside.

Sit down in a comfortable chair and pay attention to the depth of your breathing. Don’t deliberately change the original breathing rhythm, but make a fist with both hands, place your thumb on the outside of the other four fingers, let go, and then clenched again. In this way, you will find that your breathing gradually becomes deeper and slower, and at the same time you will slowly relax and release your emotions. [3]

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7. How To Be Emotionally Available-Distraction.

How To Be Emotionally Available? Don’t worry about it all day. Instead of doing this, get up and do something else. The thoughts in your mind come and go, you can completely drive away bad thoughts and put them into new thoughts. Soon after, you will think, “Oh, I’m sorry for that kind of thing.”


How To Be Emotionally Available? Do something positive to cheer yourself up. If you are anxious or sad and can’t help yourself, it is better to take your pet for a walk, go to the gym to exercise, or take a camera to take pictures outside. Do something positive, distract yourself, and force yourself to stop focusing on emotions. How To Be Emotionally Available? Do things that require full attention, such as knitting, sewing and other such repetitive activities.



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