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How To Attract a Man Physically? How To Attract Husband

Many women want to know how to attract a man physically. To put it another way, with your body language, you can successfully attract a man’s eyes and heart to yourself. Come on, ladies, if you want to know how to attract a man physically, take a look at this guide!

1. Seduction of eyes – how to attract a man physically

The seduction of a woman’s eyes is definitely not as simple as staring at a man. It’s not a kind of seduction. It’s too low-level. The real eye seduction, is your instant gaze, and then rapid eye flow, such eyes will make men very moved.

2. The temptation of bowing – how to attract a man physically

I love you the tenderness that you bow your head. This sentence must be the favorite of many men, right? If a woman looks at a man with a smile, he will think she is stupid. But if a woman looks at a man with a smile, then lowers her head and smiles again, this kind of seduction will make a man unable to hold on for a moment.

3. Seduction of grimace – how to attract a man physically

Don’t squeeze your nose and eyes, but appropriate spit out, or wrinkle your nose, or bite your lips, so think grimace will make men think you are cute.

4. Gently lift your hair – how to attract a man physically

I’ve seen a female colleague seduce our male boss, wearing her hair and pulling her hair. As a result, she was reprimanded by her boss, saying that she didn’t comply with the company’s regulations and that her appearance was unqualified. Ha ha, so if you want to seduce a man with the action of lifting his hair, you have to grasp the scale and propriety.

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5. Looking up – how to attract a man physically

Ask when you tie his tie or hang it around his neck. Because in these two times, your face is just below his line of sight, which brings two benefits: first, your face will be smaller visually, which makes it more delicate and charming. Second, when you look up at a man, it can fully stimulate his desire to conquer and let his androgen gush out. At this time, even if you want the stars and the moon, he will promise without saying a word.

6. Tongue – how to attract a man physically

A woman’s tongue is the spirit of a woman’s body. If you sip it lightly, it will naturally lead to the invincible temptation. Please pay attention to your scope of application.

7. Thigh – how to attract a man physically

Gently lift up the skirt on the thigh to see how many people can resist the temptation

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