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How Should A Man Pursue A Woman He Likes

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How should a man pursue a woman he likes?

Now more and more people are single, but it’s not the social reason, many of them are their own reasons. So how do men pursue women they like?

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Taboo for men to pursue women:

How does a man pursue a woman? 1. Men don’t dress well

The clothes are not neat, almost no girl would like to associate with a “beggar”. Boys, can not be handsome, but must have style!

How does a man pursue a woman? 2. Stingy

A boy who often makes girls pay is doomed to be abandoned.

How does a man pursue a woman? 3. Too honest

It’s right to be kind, but it’s hard to pursue women. Men who are good at emotion are almost all experts in lying. The so-called sweet words are only a small part of the knowledge of lying. Women don’t like the result of being cheated, but they will revel in the process of cheatingIt’s up to you to control how long this deception will last.)

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How does a man pursue a woman? 4. Embarrassing situation

As far as possible to avoid the emergence of embarrassing situations, personal speechless situation is very embarrassing. In fact, you can say some humor from time to time, you know, girls rarely take the initiative in this aspect, but as long as there is a common topic 2, the relationship between the two people will make great progress.

How does a man pursue a woman? 5. Don’t be in a hurry

This is a common problem of many people, in order to attract the other side and try to show their advantages, remember not to turn out their cards. It’s like playing a game, all things have been studied thoroughly, and even you know where the next monster is. Do you still have attraction for this game? So what is attractive is the process of continuous research and discovery.

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How does a man pursue a woman? 6. Be competitive

If you know you can’t do it, you have to be brave. It’s the stupidest behavior to expose your weakness on your own initiative. Women are good at comparison. When you compare yourself, there will be other men around her.

How does a man pursue a woman? 7. Too obedient

No matter what things, too easy to get, often will not cherish. If you follow the command in all your actions, you will never be her servant and her man in her eyes.

How does a man pursue a woman? 8. Persecution

You must not be too forced to pursue girls, a small fly will be too tired to follow you all day long, not to mention you a living person, she can stand it? How to make her look forward to meeting you is worth studying.

How does a man pursue a woman? 9. Emotions are easy to express

It doesn’t mean that happiness and anger are not in the form of color. People have emotions, but they should learn to control their emotions and be calm when things happen. This is the performance of a mature man. Girls are very particular about the sense of security, they generally do not need to be helpless young boys.

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What should a man do when he pursues a woman?

How does a man pursue a woman? 1. Praise others

It’s very practical. I remember an uncle who sold corn in the vegetable market. His corn was more expensive than others, but every time he saw a group of women (of all ages) lining up around him to buy corn. In fact, his unique skill was to say, when he saw the old one, he said, you look 18 years old; See fierce, aunt said you are kind-hearted, men are called handsome, women are called beauty, you look like Fan Bingbing; Once my girl was influenced by him, Yixiu asked her, what he said is so fake, why do you always ask her to buy it? It’s expensive to queue up! She said, every time I meet her, I’m very happy. It’s only a little expensive. Why don’t I buy it from him!!

It can be seen that if a girl feels better about herself, she will like the person who affects him! Even the old tricks! Untrained people, in particular, have no resistance to these compliments!

How does a man pursue a woman? 2. Learn to listen and interview

First of all, focus on the other person, get close to the other person appropriately, cooperate with your body language of nodding and listening. When the other person expresses himself, you should affirm in time, say a story similar to the other person, and then ask questions in depth!! The point is to follow each other! It’s in this course!

This dress is especially suitable for you. It has a good texture and makes you look like a lady. It feels like it is specially made to order! Where did you buy it! Why do you want this style!

How does a man pursue a woman? 3. Friendly but controlled!

Some friends in order to please girls, will appear to have no idea, and some students in order to be cool, it is too difficult to do! In the way of reconciliation, when you do aggressive things, such as holding each other’s hand, smiling in your mouth, and using flexible language; When you want to help the other person make a decision, cooperate with friendly and dominant physical contact.

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