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How Often Should I See My Boyfriend

According to the survey, when asked “how often should I see my boyfriend“, only a small number of girls think it’s better to meet every day, while the vast majority think it’s better to meet once a week or three days. Among them, most of the girls who answered once a day were in long-distance relationships, and they met less, while those who answered once a week were in the same place with their boyfriends.

It seems that there are many people who can’t meet every day because of work or other reasons. The people who answered “once a week” and “once every three days” thought that “meeting every day would be boring”.

Here is my opinion on how often should I see my boyfriend

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If you are not in a long-distance relationship, and both of you work in the same area, and you usually have enough time to meet, then the best frequency to achieve the effect is once a week. Because it can keep both parties looking forward to it, and it won’t make your boyfriend think you are too cold, which is also the frequency most girls like. After all, dating should focus on high quality, small separation can make each other’s feelings more stable, but also have their own space. If you are tired of being together for a long time, you will be tired even if you have passion!

Of course, the “once a week” I said is the frequency of meeting your boyfriend, but the daily contact can not be less. Although dating is the best catalyst to promote the relationship, it’s also inseparable from the connection between you if you want the relationship to heat up faster, so many couples are curious about the dating skills. Dating between lovers can not be carried out every day, but contact must be made every day. After all, a good relationship is maintained. Just like skin, it needs moisturizing all the time. However, love also needs keeping fresh.

In fact, there is the same truth in love, often meet can shorten the distance between each other. The more frequency you appear in his life, the more weight you have in his mind.

So in love, in order to achieve the best effect of dating, we must grasp the number of dating, do relaxation, neither let each other feel the feeling of being left out, but also let both sides can leave some imagination space.

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How often should I see my boyfriend – characteristics of different meeting frequency

For men and women who have just come into contact, they will be cautious when they get along with each other. They are afraid that if they meet too often, they will make each other unhappy; Or worry that if you don’t see each other for a long time at the beginning of love, it will make each other feel indifferent to you. How often should you see your boyfriend? How to let the mood heat up quickly? Here are 3 characteristics of different meeting frequency.

How often should i see my boyfriend in a week

1.Meet every day

How often do you see your boyfriend? For those men and women who are able to meet every day at the beginning of their relationship, if one of them is emotionally dependent and wants to know each other’s situation at any time and meet frequently, then you can meet every day. If you really love each other and know each other well, you will not feel tired every day.

In the period of hot love. Couples have begun to establish a sense of connection with each other, you need to heat up, you start to show your sensitive side, let each other feel more real, and describe the future together. This time belongs to the period of love, you need to strike while the iron is hot, contact once a day, or meet once every other day. Before you do this, you need to make sure that you can enter into a deeper relationship. Otherwise, it will cause the heart to go far, the body is not in front of the situation, is likely to enter the friendship zone, or after the meeting lack of consistency.

It’s unreal for you meed everyday. Here is a very interesting and practical way to treat him as your little secretary and tell him about what he will do every day. In this way, he will feel more value around you and will feel safe by what he does; And he will feel that you are very busy, in addition to the necessary reminders, will not disturb you too much, is not easy to think.

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2. See your boyfriend every two or three days

In the early stage of relationships, in order to avoid reducing the demand between lovers, people are also in the high-frequency period of love. Therefore, lovers should not meet too often. After the first meeting, they can wait one or two days to start the topic discussion. If you don’t feel attracted enough, then you can start the first contact from the beginning of the day and at night. Then, in the early stage of love, you need to keep communication for many times. The number of meetings is almost once a day or two.

If both men and women are relatively independent and have their own ideas in the early stage of communication, they may not adapt to the rhythm of frequent meeting in the early stage of communication. Because before has been a person, suddenly fell in love, has not fully adapted to two people’s life.

But not meeting for a long time may affect the feelings, so if possible, it is recommended to meet once every two or three days. Not only will not feel greasy crooked, but also timely increase feelings.

3. See your boyfriend once a week

For those who can’t see each other every day, they should meet at least once a week. Because there is a cycle concept in the early stage of love, we call it one week emotion. For example, in the early stage of men and women’s relationship, we meet on weekends, date together, play crazy together, and do romantic things together, but we have to separate before we go to work.

When you have deep contact with the other person. In this condition, you also adapt to each other, familiar with each other, then, you will cool down, into the cold period of love. The cold period of love usually takes three months. At this time, if you meet too often, exposing too much sense of need will cause each other’s discomfort, and you also lose your good attitude due to too much emotional input. At this time, we should control ourselves, contact once or twice a week, two or three times is the best, and the difference is not more than once a week.

If men and women meet more than a week at the beginning of their relationship, maybe you are really in love at the beginning, and you will feel like glue when you meet. However, in the case of long-term loneliness, you will gradually forget your feelings, and it is easy to be taken advantage of by others. This is also the reason why it is difficult to persist in long-distance relationship, because it is too difficult to persist, too difficult to live a lonely time.

The above are the tips on how often should I see my boyfriend. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future.

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