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Tell You How Much I Love You

Lovers get married, but not all lovers can be the ultimate partner. There are many reasons. There are work reasons, problems in other places, family reasons and the last resort.

For a partner who can be accompanied to the old age in life, it needs to experience the running in of time, and it needs the quantification of qualitative change, because you can’t choose from the left like shopping. The objects of reference are those with thoughts and emotions, which can not be arbitrarily manipulated. If you want to try, it’s estimated that you’ll never get off the list. Of course, take the initiative to love you, except for those who love you very much, but that is not necessarily what you like. I urge you to think twice before you act.

The heroine An is an elegant and talented woman. Although she lives in an ordinary family, she has a cheerful personality and a decent appearance. Although she is not a lady of a big family, she can also be called a jasper of a small family. She is also the master of fashion when she dresses up. But she is a girl who likes plain face. She pays more attention to internal decoration. For her, makeup on formal occasions is also a tool she needs when she saves the scene.

Due to the busy work, hindering the time with her boyfriend, every day in addition to work is shuttling on the way to work. An’s ability is very strong. At present, she is a HR of a foreign enterprise. Many people can’t catch up with her achievements when she is so young. At first, her boyfriend was more appreciative, but with the passage of time, her boyfriend was ambiguous because she couldn’t always be with him. Men long for the nourishment of love, don’t women want the sweetness brought by love? No, there are no women who don’t like the company of men. But for an, she doesn’t dare to relax. She wants to keep what she has now. The pressure from her boyfriend’s family members is overwhelming, not only material, but also social status gap. Only if she works harder can she have equal status with her.

Her boyfriend is her first love. They have been in love for six years. She cherishes this relationship very much. As soon as she has time, she will send him a few Whatsapp messages. Where he can’t see her, she often looks through the photos of her boyfriend in her mobile phone. Each one represents sweetness. Even if she is tired, she thinks it’s happy. Parents see in the eyes, pain in the heart, feel let the daughter suffer, know the door is not the right reason, but she still insisted, I believe her charm will win everyone’s blessing.

“Let’s break up! I’m in love with someone else

At the moment when she heard this sentence, she didn’t believe it was from her boyfriend. She suddenly felt that everything she had done was futile. She had worked hard for so long, and finally she was waiting for a break-up. Six years of feelings in an instant soul fly annihilation, she finally believe that the gap is difficult to close, even if it can, someone give her time to wait? Obviously not. It’s a cruel fact.

My boyfriend began to state, “you don’t love me at all. What you care about is your work. You don’t care about my feelings at all. I also need my girlfriend by my side. You should remember our time together very clearly! How long is that? You must only remember where you are, but you don’t remember the time. Do you know why? Because we spend so little time together that you can clearly remember every scene we have together. ” My boyfriend was very depressed and didn’t look at him with his head down. After all, he had been together for six years. After all, he had been in love.

An was silent and didn’t shed tears. What her boyfriend said was true. She couldn’t refute it, but who knew it was not easy for her“ Yes! You’re right. I haven’t done anything. What have I done? ” She laughs, she laughs at her own stupidity, she laughs at her own excessive self-reliance and what others can easily get. She needs to work harder and the longer process is just getting better. It seems that she is a clown for people to watch.

“You go, I got your message.” Then, when she turned around, tears could no longer stop pouring out of her eyes. Every step was extremely heavy. She recalled the past between them and gradually became a miniature.

A quiet woman, do not fight, do not rob, do not cry, do not ask the reason, has been listening, and then turned away. I think that boy should be very confused! Break up is so simple, I want to say he met the most should not let go of strange woman.

Women can be free and easy, not to leave must cry, that is not the label of modern women.

“Love is precious, pay more!” Hard work, no regret, she also has her own pride.

In the evening, I received a message from my boyfriend: “are you right?”

“You want me to tell you how much I love you“ Monologue in An’s heart.

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