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How long does it take a man to forget his first love

For many men, the first love is the most unforgettable, how can easily forget, exist in the memory of the brain is unable to forget, to a woman pay sincerely, will pay all their feelings.

How long does it take a man to forget his first love

Number one: it will take a lifetime

Mr. Wang just graduated from university. When he was asked how long it would take him to forget his first love, his answer was “for a lifetime!” I blame myself for not cherishing her and losing her. Now I have been breaking up for five years, but I still can’t forget her and haven’t started a new love. I have tried, but every time I want to find her shadow in other women, but in the end, she is not what I want. So simply do not love, so torture yourself, has been single bar!

Second: first love is the most unforgettable, how can easily forget

Mr. Xue has been working for three years. After breaking up with his first love, he also talked about a new relationship. Although they are OK, Mr. Xue said that the first love is the most unforgettable and will not be easily forgotten. Even now I have a new girlfriend, but sometimes I still think of my first love. After all, I have done a lot of good things and paid my true feelings for my first love. Now I just want her to be happy. I hope she will be loved and loved for the rest of her life.

Third: can not forget, can only be buried in the heart

Mr. Sun has a family and has children. Although his wife is not in first love, she still loves her. For the problem of first love, Mr. Sun said that he would never forget that there was always a place in his heart that belonged to her. After all, they had been together for several years and had some good memories. But now that I’m married, I have to have a sense of responsibility, be responsible for my wife and children, and bring them a better life. So the first love can only be buried in my heart. I just know this person, and my wife will accompany me in the end.

Fourth: it will fade in a few years, but I still can’t forget her

Mr. Jiang is different from the others. He was hurt in his first love. In order to retain his first love, he put down his dignity and begged her not to leave, but he finally broke up. Mr. Jiang said that at the beginning of that year, the whole person was decadent, and her mind was full of her. She didn’t want to do anything and didn’t want to go out. He locked himself in the room every day and drank to paralyze himself. Finally, I figured it out. Since she didn’t love me, I didn’t need to be like this for her. So later, I cheer up and live my life well. Slowly, my feelings for her fade, but I still can’t forget her. After all, she has been in my world!

Will men be attracted to their first love again

1. It was the first time I was really emotional

That kind of moving feeling will let the man remember for a lifetime, in fact, miss the first love is miss, at the beginning of that desperate for love, miss the youth. Miss each other at the beginning, nothing can be happy together, miss the girl who grinned when she saw her. When you see your first love again, it’s hard to avoid being moved.

2. Full of regret, want to make up

Xiaoxiao in the movie “later we” said: “later we had everything, but we didn’t have it.” I was very impressed. It’s true that when we first fell in love, we were still young and had nothing but love for each other. Maybe they haven’t even had a decent meal or given a precious gift in the same family. It’s a pity that they were separated because they were young and didn’t know how to cherish. So when a man meets his first love again, he feels regret. He feels that now he is together, he can do many things that he couldn’t do before, and give her as many beautiful things as possible.

3. I love my girlfriend or wife very much

No matter how beautiful the first love is, no matter how unforgettable it is, it is the past style after all. Sometimes the feelings can’t go back, because even if they are together again, their feelings have changed. Plus now also met his true love, his life is also very good, even if Miss will not be moved, because some of the things to give up, eventually return to the dust. Think too much, read too much, bitter is oneself, hurt is the person in front of you.

4. Memories of first love are not good

Most people’s first love is beautiful, because two people are out, no interest disputes, are blindly want to give the best to each other, want to love each other heart. But do not rule out some people’s first love is not good, but also painful memories. Some men may no longer dare to fall in love after their first love because they are afraid of being hurt and putting themselves in endless pain again. For these men, even if they meet their first love, they will not be moved. First love is a barrier in everyone’s heart, a deep or shallow barrier. No matter whether we can pass it or not, the past is the past. The important thing is to cherish the people in front of us.

How to treat one’s first love correctly

First love is beautiful, every relationship is worth cherishing and treating with heart. But the first love is the past, the past can only stay in the past, and the pace of time will not stop, we also need to look forward. Some women are trapped in the memories of their first love. But the past should be blown away by the wind. Girls should cherish the people in front of them, even if the first love is good, just miss it occasionally, take the first love as a good memory, and live a good life at present.

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