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How Do Smart Boys Chase Girls

Girls are a very learned thing, so we must pay attention to the method when chasing girls, so how can smart boys chase girls? Let’s learn about it with Xiaobian.

How do smart boys chase girls

1. Sweet love words blurt out

If you want to stir a woman’s heart, you must first know how to make her feel shy or embarrassed. There is a kind of women who usually seem to be careless and get along with men. In fact, the reason why she has no scruples about the opposite sex is that they don’t make her feel shy. Instead, they feel that they are the same as the same sex, so these men are not in her consideration. The first sign of heartbeat is that she shows shyness in front of you, and the ones that can make women blush and heartbeat are often those “bad men” who are full of love words.

2. Stand up when the girl is misunderstood

The way women get along with each other is quite different from men. Men may not know each other, but if women quarrel with each other, they may not get along with each other in their life. Sometimes some scheming women like to create some fallacies to wrongly others. At this time, what the wronged girl needs most is a prince charming who can recognize the green tea whore and stand up for her.

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The way of smart boys chasing girls

1. Meet her best friend now

Smart boys will not take the initiative to find her, but may first know her good friends now. Girls know more about girls. When a boy wants to know a girl, he should not waste his time trying to figure out what the other party is thinking. He can listen to the girl’s opinion, and the most suitable one is her good friend. They basically talk about everything. If you find her good friend, you can get to know her more comprehensively. Of course, don’t be too stingy, not every pair of sisters is “plastic love”, to deal with her best friend, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Learn about her past relationships

Smart boys will learn about her past love history through various ways. In this way, even if they like her again, they can think about many problems rationally and avoid falling into the mire in the future. Knowing the face but not the heart, only seeing her appearance can’t see her heart. If you want to know what type she likes, look at the people she’s been with. If you want to know her character in love, look at how she broke up with her predecessors. From her past feelings, in fact, you can know a little about her view of love.

3. Let her see what she’s good at

Girls all like boys who have special skills. It’s better to create opportunities for them to see their special skills, to have a sense of admiration for you and to attract her. Don’t feel that you can’t do anything. Being good-looking is also an advantage. After all, in today’s society, beauty is justice. You can try to learn some dressing skills to highlight your advantages. Of course, you can also learn and sell on the spot. There are so many special courses in the market, and there are many instruments and techniques that are easy to use. These can become your capital to show off and your sharp weapon to attract girls.

A quick way to catch up with girls

1. Change your habits and talk to make yourself better

Smart boys don’t express their love all at once, because it usually scares girls and has a negative effect. The best way to chase girls is to change themselves and become what girls like. Xiao Wu takes a fancy to a girl, and the boy she likes is a kind of boy full of poetry, So Xiao Wu often cleans himself up, stands at attention, appears in front of the girls, brushes the sense of existence, and becomes the president of the literary society. And the girl is a member of the literature society, the result really attracted the attention of the girl, later Xiaowu was actually confessed by the girl, and the girl and Xiaowu also successfully walked together, and now they are still together, it is said that they will get married soon!

2. Full of mystery

A smart boy will hide himself as a Doraemon pocket, full of mystery everywhere. When he first met you, he would not know all of himself to you. Maybe he has brought you a kind of mature and responsible side today, but maybe in a moment, you suddenly find that he inadvertently let out his lovely and frank side. This kind of treasure boy is very attractive to girls, because you never know what other advantages will appear in his pocket next moment.

3. There’s one thing smart guys can do

Smart boys will have a surprise stunt, which may be playing ball or musical instruments. Whether it’s playing guitar or erhu, there must be a way to attract people’s attention. People are not afraid of being too bad or too good, and they are most afraid of being mediocre. When they can be excellent, can take out the hand, like the girls will attract themselves, so boys must strive to enrich their own knowledge and nature.

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