How do men fall in love

How Do Men Fall In Love? 10 Magic Tips Let Men Fall In Love With You

For the man you like, any woman has no resistance! Of course, a woman also hopes that the man she likes can be affectionate and meaningful to her. So what is the way to attract the man you like? Here are all the tricks to attract men! How do men fall in love? How quickly do men fall in love? 10 tips to attract men, absolutely let a man fall in love with you!

1. Be at ease

Act like you like him, and you don’t seem to like him.

A woman’s attitude towards a man should be like flying a kite. The thread in your hand should be tight and loose. You treat him as if you are aloof. You seem to like him very much and you don’t care about him. This kind of irrelevance will let men want to guess your mind, naturally will unconsciously close to you.

2. Combination of hardness and softness

Let men know that you are a very gentle side, also have a very independent side.

Men don’t like women who are too clingy, and they are also afraid of career women. How do men fall in love? If you are in both roles, I’m sure that man will be charmed by your occasional gentleness, and will be convinced by your strong independence.

3. Hard and soft

Women should know how to act coquettishly, but also know how to refuse.

Women in front of men must have the principle when things touch their bottom line, firmly say no, unacceptable things must be refused, so that men can know that you are not without principle.

Of course, if it’s your fault sometimes, you should know how to admit your mistakes in front of men. It’s very important to learn how to act coquettish. It’s normal. There’s no need to feel ashamed.

4. Keep a sense of mystery

Women should not fully reveal themselves, keep the mystery that makes men curious.

Women do not show all their men, if you let men “at a glance”, a long time they will lose the freshness, they naturally have no interest in you. How do men fall in love? Women, you must maintain the appropriate mystery, of course, the kind of mysterious men fascinated by curiosity. Whether it’s for a man you like or someone else, it’s appropriate for humans to maintain a 35% mystique in their daily interactions.

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5. Good listener

When he needs it most, a woman should be a qualified and excellent listener and give him reasonable advice at the right time.

Women don’t talk in front of men all day, it will make them feel disgusted.

How do men fall in love? Men have the most vulnerable times. At this time, you should “take advantage of the weakness” to be the best listener around him, but don’t rush to give opinions or suggestions: it’s not too late for him to give pertinent opinions after he has finished speaking.

Men have the most vulnerable times. At this time, you should “take advantage of the weakness” to be the best listener around him, but don’t rush to give opinions or suggestions: it’s not too late for him to give pertinent opinions after he has finished speaking.

6. Always smiling

Good personality, bright eyes, and teeth, always keep smiling.

Men don’t like women who are too hot-tempered. After all, men are “macho” in front of women. How do men fall in love? It’s very important for a woman to have a good personality. Women in front of men to maintain a brilliant smile, give men a warm feeling and good mood, this will leave a deep impression on him, he will always want to see your smile.

7. Know his friends

Actively integrate into his circle and keep a good image all the time.

Men are very face-saving, so they all hope that their women can be “hands-on”, which requires you not only to have a connotation but also to have an appearance. How do men fall in love? You don’t have to be very beautiful, but you have to dress up appropriately, and then take the initiative to integrate into his circle. The scale should be just right.

8. Common interests

Take the initiative to develop the same or similar hobbies as him.

If you want a man you like to like you, first you are the type he potentially likes. If he hates you from the beginning, there is no solution. If he doesn’t feel for you or you are still ordinary friends, how do men fall in love? Develop the same or similar hobbies as him. Then you might as well cultivate common interests with him, at least you have something to say. When you talk more, some ambiguous feelings between men and women come out. It may be a matter of time whether you like it or not.

9. Keep beautiful and elegant

Men can experience the phenomenon of “love at first sight” without more information, while women need more information. Not surprisingly, this may have something to do with biology again. According to brain research, men tend to be more visual.

How do men fall in love? I’ve said that men are “visual animals”, so your beautiful appearance is absolutely the first condition to attract him. If transposition thinking, women will not like a bad man in appearance, women also want their lover is to pay attention to his appearance. After all, humans love things that are pleasing to the eye.

10. Appreciate him

Everyone feels that they are not appreciated. How do men fall in love? If you can observe him carefully and appreciate his advantages, he will be very moved. He will treat you as his soul mate. “My God, I met a woman who knows me. She must be another me in the world!” When you fall in love with a person, it’s not difficult to appreciate him, but real love is “I appreciate his advantages, I also love his disadvantages”. You like the man must have his shortcomings, if you can maintain tolerance, even think that is his lovely place, you can win his love.


It’s not very easy for a man to fall in love with you quickly, but it’s not too difficult to failure. How do men fall in love? First of all, you should make him interested in you, and then deepen his impression and interest in you. It is much easier for a woman to attract or pursue a man than for a man to pursue a woman. You have to have faith. As long as you refuse to attract him, you can’t be sure of his charm!


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