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How do lovers fight frequently? What islovers quarrel too much?

If lovers quarrel, it will have a certain impact on their feelings more or less. Especially for lovers who often quarrel, their feelings will be weakened. So what should we do if lovers quarrel frequently?

How do lovers fight frequently

Learn a lesson from every quarrel, don’t make the same mistake again, and make an agreement with the other party, who is angry, who will finally transfer 200 yuan to the other party. Like this, you can calm yourself down to a great extent. After all, if your temper comes up, you will have no money. What’s more, those boys whose economic power is controlled by girls’ mobile phones. If the temper between lovers comes up, two people choose not to give way to each other, no one will give face to anyone, then it is certainly easy to quarrel, because in addition to the two people have feelings, in fact, each other’s living habits, growth style and education level are completely different, then there will be a lot of friction in life, if two people can’t make some contribution for each other It’s very difficult for this relationship to last for a long time.

What happens when lovers quarrel too much

If a couple quarrels more, they will understand each other more and more deeply. In fact, both sides know each other’s temperament and know where the bottom line is. If they quarrel, they should go out to play or go out to play, and they should love each other or fall in love. This feeling is a sweet choice and will only get better and better;

It’s normal that there are many frictions between lovers. Two people are in a running in period, but this kind of quarrel will not hurt their feelings, nor will it make the temperature of their feelings drop. While running in, both sides are also looking at each other. This kind of way is rational and will not produce bad effects. If one side apologizes to the other side, it will be forgiven by the other side;

Lovers quarrel, swearing, recklessly to talk to each other, this type of quarrel, is the premise of breaking up, because this kind of quarrel is to hurt feelings, start, the more quarrel, the more can’t pull down face, will be more fierce, the damage to each other’s emotional ties will only be more and more big, when this happens, both sides will start to think about this relationship .

How to make up a quarrel between lovers

1. One side should show weakness appropriately to avoid the cold war. It is normal for lovers to quarrel occasionally, but the cold war will make the tense more serious and affect the feelings of both sides. Lovers don’t have to fight to win or lose. One side should show weakness to avoid intensification. After the cold war, one side should show weakness to break the embarrassing atmosphere.

2. Transposition thinking. When both sides think about problems from the perspective of the other side, they will feel that the other side is not unreasonable and understand the other side.

3. There are different ways for different personalities. Everyone’s temperament is different, maybe a hug, a smile, a word of concern will be able to resolve the past.

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