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The Most Accurate How Do I Know If My Crush Likes Me Quiz!


Have you ever done How do i know if my crush likes me quiz or how to know if my crush likes me quiz? Every girl hopes to meet someone who loves each other. However, we often encounter the embarrassment of misrepresenting and misunderstanding. It seems that judging whether the other party really has a good impression of oneself is the key to the problem. So, does the person you love really like you? Come to an accurate How do i know if my crush likes me quiz!


How do i know if my crush likes me quiz, the test begins:

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01. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-Do you think the other persons eyes are always staring at you, secretly looking at you:


A. Always look at you if there is nothing if there is nothing 5 points


B. Occasionally colliding with four eyes 3 points


C. It seems that I have never passed 1 point


2. How to tell if my crush likes me quiz-The other side of the circle of friends you post will definitely look through it one by one, right?


A. I often watch it, almost never falling down 5 points


B. I occasionally look at it, and also like it 3 points


C. Almost never appeared 1 point

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3. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-He remembers your things very clearly, such as birthday, what you like, what you want to eat, right?


A. The other party knows you very well, and knows exactly what you like to eat and what you want to buy on your birthday 5 points


B. I only remember some important days, but I dont know what I like 3 points


C. Completely unclear, and have no idea to understand 1 point


4. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-If the other party is playing a game and you need the other party’s help, then the other party will:


A. Stop the game, even if scolded by teammates 5 points


B. “Wait, I’ll finish this round” 3 points


C. “I’m not free. Didn’t you see me playing games?” 1 point


5. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-the time when the other party replied to you on WeChat:


A. Seconds 5 minutes


B. Half an hour 3 minutes


C. For a long time, you almost forgot 1 point


6. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-When you ask each other out on weekends, you feel that each other:


A. Deliberate dressing 5 points


B. As usual 3 points


C. More sloppy than usual 1 point


7. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-In WeChat, you say you feel uncomfortable, and the other party:


A. Give you medicine immediately 5 points


B. Very concerned in speech 3 points


C. Will not notice at all 1 point


8. How do I know if my crush likes me back quiz-When the other person talks to you, do you think the other person will be very patient:


A. Listen to you patiently and complain 5 points


B. Generally, sometimes I will be impatient 3 points


C. Always impatient 1 point


9. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-when you are eating with each other, the other’s hands


A. Very relaxed, stretched out evenly 5 points


B. Half fist state 3 points


C. Some tension, stiffness 1 point


10. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-When the other person stands side by side or sits with you, his legs and feet are:


A. Toward your side 5 points


B. Facing straight ahead 3 points


C. Towards the opposite direction 1 point


02. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz, test analysis:

1. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz’s test result is 40~50 points, the other party is very obsessed with you

The result of this How do i know if my crush likes me quiz is mainly like this: You may not feel it, but the other party cares about you very much. Now he puts all his thoughts on you, and it is not too much to say that he doesn’t think about eating or drinking for you. What he wants to do most is to hold you tightly in his arms, kiss your lips deeply, and stay together forever. However, he who is not good at expressing his words may be so clumsy that you can’t feel his love for you at all. Therefore, in fact, the other party still cares about you very much, and don’t reject others thousands of miles away.


2. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-24~39 points, you and him have a good impression of each other

You seem to be flirting for a while. You know each other’s goodwill, but it is the courage to pierce this layer of window paper. Either you are stronger, or you are both shy, worried that if you are rejected, you will be embarrassed to death. In fact, since you love to be brave enough to love, why bother to regret it later? Who says that girls can’t take the initiative, might as well give the other party some clear hints, so that even if the other party is an elm bump, you can understand it. So, take courage.


3. How do i know if my crush likes me quiz-his passion for you is cooling

Maybe he still had a good impression of you, but unfortunately, the passion will slowly cool down. The other party may lack courage because of lack of self-confidence. Maybe it is some hint that he could not get your response, so the other partys love lasted for a while. Just let it cool down slowly. If you think the other party is still pretty good, don’t let it go easily, you can find some opportunities to suggest to him. Although the other party may choose to alienate you due to low self-esteem, if you can send a clear signal to the other party, you can rekindle his passion. This How to know if my crush likes me back quiz analysis result, do you think it is accurate?


4. How do I know if my crush likes me quiz-10~16 points, the other party has no feelings for you

The result of the analysis of How do i know my crush likes me quiz is this: Maybe you once felt that each other felt very much, but unfortunately, this is just your wishful thinking. It may be that you are too affectionate, or it may be that he is a walking hormone, so that you feel that the other persons smile is a soft spot for you, but in fact it is just a courtesy response from the other person, and you are precisely because of the other persons calm and peacefulness. Indifferently addicted. Even if you act decisively and reluctantly stay together, what you get is only contempt. After all, men never cherish the love that is easily obtained. However, happiness depends on fighting for. If you are confident enough and accept the other’s casual attitude, you might as well take the initiative. As the so-called female chasing male compartment yarn, the chance of success is actually quite large.

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