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Hot Girl Sex: 7 Skills

Hot girl sex: Hot girls need to go to learn to tease men irresistible several techniques

Small movements can always attract the attention of men, women use some small movements of flirtation, so that he can not escape from your palm, firmly grasp his sexual psychology, to give men the greatest satisfaction, he will still go cheating cheating?


Here to see how experts teach you to seduce seduce your man.   

Girls hot sexy: Men may seem careless, but in the relationship between the sexes, what moves them is often some small details, small actions.

Summarized the most exciting moments for men, to help women to arouse men’s desire to love and share sexual pleasure with him.


1. Beauty out of the bath – Hot girl sex

Hot girl xnxx: Just out of the bath of the woman, wet hair, surrounded by a large bath towel, bare shoulders, can always attract his attention.

2. Change dress – Hot girl sex

Sexey girl: Change the dressing style, so that the right clothes to set off their own characteristics and charming, can be sexy lace lingerie, can also be fresh and light romantic nightgown. Women do not have to be born beautiful, the important thing is to have their own characteristics, and just right to show in front of him.

3. Whispering – Hot girl sex

In his ears to whisper some whispers, say some mutual favorite sex jokes, even just a soft whisper in the ear, can quietly convey your love signal. In sex learn to communicate and communicate in various ways, not only will let each other’s sexual desire to be satisfied, but also will add infinite sweetness and tenderness to love and family life.

4. Imitate his movements – Hot girl sex

Play the role of body language, imitate his interesting or unique actions and language, which will make him feel your cute and affectionate, the next will have unspoken tacit understanding.

5. Energetic teasing – Hot girl sex

Occasionally do some bold teasing, in the last row of the cinema gently touch his body, on the sofa enthusiastically exert your massage means, until you both feel the temperature rise.

6. Gentle massage – Hot girl sex

After a tiring day, seriously give your husband a full body massage can not be more appropriate, especially after the bath, so that the emollient oil with fingertips gently in his back, chest, thighs and other places to move, both to relieve fatigue, but also gradually let him enter the state.

7. Blushing and shyness – Hot girl sex

Male androgen secretion, so he can’t help but want to take you into his arms.

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Girls hot sexy: Sexy girls know how to make men more comfortable. Do you know the skills of caressing men?

If a woman does not know the heart of a man, then no matter how strong the sexual desire for that man of yours is and how much he loves you, it will be difficult for you to provoke his sexual desire and even more difficult to have a perfect sex life.


Hot girl xnxx: Many men feel that their female partners are not skilled enough in stroking their penises with their hands. The woman’s hands themselves look so delicate that they seem weak in grasping the man’s penis. They seem to be afraid to push, but often pull hard at inappropriate times, resulting in a broken rhythm. Obviously, women should have a proper and comprehensive understanding of caressing.


Sexey girl: The first thing to consider is always the size. There are always various discussions about the size of a man’s penis, when it is more dependent on ancestral genetics. In fact, as far as human sexuality is concerned, it is a waste of time to spend a lot of effort on this issue, and a large phallus will not bring more physical pleasure to women, unless some women are born with a large phallus in their heart.


Hot girl xnxx: What about the shape? Is it better to have a curved handle or straight as an arrow? In fact, it depends mainly on whether you can hold it in your hand, whether you can grasp it completely. That way you can squeeze the whole thing. But don’t play it like an accordion. Be gentle, but strong. If the size of the penis is really unusual, it is advisable to caress it with two hands so as not to miss any part.




Hot girl sex: Discover every inch of a man’s penis well. Men love to have their penises adored, teased, caressed and massaged by women, and let him know that you are not afraid, shy or disgusted by it. Don’t be in a hurry to pull at first, but feel how full it is. At this point you can stroke your fingers from the testicles all the way to the glans, then slowly cross back to the testicles from the other side, making short and consistent movements without pausing.

Hot girl xnxx: Now you have to gradually speed up, but still don’t pull or slap hard, you may want to tease the sensitive parts of the penis. This includes the glans, its enlarged part and some soft areas at the base of the penis.


Hot girl sex: Flatten your hand, then slowly grip the top of the glans and rotate it in a rotating motion. Just like you would open a Coca-Cola lid (not the pull-top style), I’m sure your man will moan with pleasure. The glans is super sensitive and this action will give it a delicate pleasure. He may look pained, scream out, or even try to push your hand away, but in reality he won’t want to let go of your hand for a second. Now you have to keep plowing even if he begs you to stop.


Hot girl sex: After a while, slide your hand around to his balls, making sure to gently grasp them in your fingers and slowly pull them outward. If they are as big as a foreign egg, weigh them in your hand a few times and tell him how heavy they are and how sexy they are.

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