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Hope Peace Joy Love: What Is Love?

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Hope peace joy love: What is love? A person to you, you think is love, but he can also be better to others.

A person to make you happy, you think it is love, but he is just a born humorous person.

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You think it’s love when a person is frugal and spends money for you, but he just wants to chase a girl to fall in love and show his loyalty.

A person remembers all your likes and dislikes. You think it’s love. In fact, it’s just his basic politeness to receive people and things.

What is love? Ten thousand people can give ten thousand answers, in fact, they all express their demands from their own point of view.

But none of them can escape from the basic law of love, which is the famous love triangle.

Love triangle theory is a love theory put forward by American psychologist Steinberg. He believes that true love consists of three basic components: passion, intimacy and commitment.

In other words, the details and evidence of love described by anyone can not escape the inclusion of these three basic elements.

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Hope peace joy love: What is love? 1Is the love you have really healthy?

Advent hope peace joy love: At this moment, you may have doubts about your own love: you always feel that you are in love, but there is something missing.

This is very likely because what you think of as “love” is not “love” at all. There must be something missing in your love.

In the love triangle theory, unhealthy love can be divided into seven types: like love, infatuated love, empty love, romantic love, companion love, stupid love and no love.

It can be said that in today’s love, a considerable number of couples are in these seven types, living in a state of “sub-health”.

Describe these seven wrong love patterns in detail. Please take your seat in front of the screen and either remedy or stop loss in time.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 01. Love like:

Advent hope peace joy love: It means that both sides only appreciate each other, and it may be very comfortable together, but only so. No passion, no long-term hope and commitment, like two good friends, maintain the so-called love.

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Hope peace joy love: What is love? 02. Infatuated love

Advent hope peace joy love: It means that both sides only have passion, but lack of understanding and desire to stabilize. The most common cases are flash love and one night stand. Both parties are only with each other because of their brain heat, and then they find that each other’s soul is not attractive to them, let alone a sense of belonging.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 03. Empty love

Advent hope peace joy love: It refers to the fact that both sides only have commitment, but lack attraction and comfort to each other. The most typical example is “parents’ orders and matchmaker’s words”. In the blind date market, people get married in order to get married. They have no promise to stay with each other forever. They look plump, but they are vulnerable.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 04. Romantic love

Advent hope peace joy love: It means that both sides have passion and intimacy, but can’t give each other a commitment. It’s very similar to the love we had with our first love when we were students. We love each other and hurt each other, but there are few in the end.

Pouring the most beautiful and attentive process, even if you know there is no result, you are willing to fly moths to the fire.

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Hope peace joy love: What is love? 05. Companion love

Advent hope peace joy love: It’s about intimacy and commitment, but lack of passion. Similar to “empty love”, for example, when most people reach middle age, their marriage is stable but ordinary. In any way, their feelings are more like “family love” than love.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 06. Stupid love

Advent hope peace joy love: It means that there is only passion and commitment, but there is no intimacy that can maintain the peaceful coexistence of two people.

This is the result of many “flash marriages”: the two sides simply don’t fully understand each other. They just jump through the running in stage with their masks that haven’t been relaxed and their fantasies. They promise each other with two seemingly perfect masks, but sooner or later they will show their true colors.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 07. No love:

Advent hope peace joy love: It refers to three basic elements are not available, two people together is to deal with, in order not to be alone, in order to have a company.

But if you encounter difficulties or better people, you can always separate.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 2What are the forms of true love?

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 01. Eager to give

Did you find out? The more you love someone, the more eager you are to give them something – on the contrary, it’s easier for you subconsciously to ask for someone you don’t like so much.

This is because, when love really germinates, the other party will have a strong sense of participation in your life.

He hopes that you can have the best things, that your giving can bring you convenience, that you can add points to him, that you depend on him, that you can’t do without him.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 02. Coexistence: seeking common ground while reserving differences and understanding tolerance

This kind of tolerance is not connivance, but a kind of willing concession with a “long-term, stable and inevitable” attitude.

For example, you don’t like fat meat and are used to throwing all the fat away. People who don’t love you will blame you for wasting, but people who love you will not blame or criticize you even if they think it’s wasted. Instead, on the basis of tolerating your practice, they will either help eat it or persuade themselves to understand it.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 03. Relaxed and happy

Good love will make a person happy, so many people become happy, many people are broad and fat, many people even look at life, this is the most direct form.

But if you feel that you become haggard and miserable after falling in love, please stop and ask yourself if this is a good love – is it that you are the only one who loves so hard, but the feedback from the other person is not satisfactory.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 04. The courage to be with each other after knowing each other clearly

It’s not great to love someone, because you are likely to love your own fantasy.

When you really see each other’s true face, see each other’s shortcomings and childishness, see him as a human vulgar and self-interest, still feel that he is your life belongs to, is really great.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 05. Balance and respect

Love must be balanced. This kind of balance does not mean equality, but a comfortable and acceptable mode of getting along.

Naturally, there must be respect and respect for each other’s giving and understanding in this balance, rather than one side blindly taking and the other side blindly giving.

Hope peace joy love: What is love? 06. It has four characteristics of love: autonomy, mutual love, exclusiveness and persistence

Autonomy means initiative, active contact, active responsibility, and initiative to have a sense of boundary with other opposite sex;

Love each other, that is, love each other, the other must be different in the heart;

Exclusive, that is, single-minded, do not allow any irresolute ambiguity;

Persistence, that is, commitment, want to accept the life expectancy and courage with each other.

So, true love is very harsh. It’s hard to meet, even many people can’t find true love in their whole life.

If you are lucky to be met, cherish it well, don’t let the right person go easily.

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