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8 Things On When Does The Break Up Hit The Dumper

When does the break up hit the dumper? In the process of free love, breaking up becomes the price of growing up on the road of love, and men tend to be the dominant ones. After the sweet period of love, when the transition to the flat period is the peak period of breakup, even there will be no big contradiction to think about breaking up.

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When does the break up hit the male dumper? You have to admit that some are because of boredom, some are because of looking forward to better. But anyway, there are always some boys who are indecisive and have the Procrastination of breaking up. Today we’re going to share some of the behaviors that men have when they plan to break up.

When does the break up hit the dumper? When he has those behaviors

1. When does the break up hit the dumper? The contact frequency suddenly drops

Recently, your contact has become less and less, and the number of sending SMS, whatsapp and phone calls has become less and less, even if you don’t answer the phone or send SMS back. Maybe he is tired of it, maybe he has a new love. Of course, sometimes because of work can not reply is another matter. Anyway, you should be on your guard if there is a sudden decrease in contact.

2. When does the break up hit the dumper? You don’t have eye contact anymore

Slowly, you feel that even if you go out for dinner or a movie, he doesn’t look you in the eye. He doesn’t dare to look you in the eye. He always feels absent-minded. Maybe he has no interest in you.

However, it may be that you are thinking about something, so you can observe his side face when you don’t see him. Maybe you have troubles that you can’t say to you, so you care about him in your usual tone, and he may forget for a while.

3. When does the break up hit the dumper? He is perfunctory to you

When you tell him something, he used to listen patiently, but now his attitude suddenly becomes inattentive, even unwilling to listen to you. This may also be the proof of your weak feelings. Before self hypnosis, “he must be too tired”, don’t forget to summon up courage to confirm your emotional state.

4. When does the break up hit the dumper? He is picky about you

When his feelings for you become weak, and even have the idea of breaking up, you are already “redundant” in his eyes, even bored, and he is not good at breaking up. At this time, what you do in his eyes is wrong, there are problems, always picking your fault, even provocation.

In this case, you must pay attention to his mind may be thinking: let you can’t bear to start, and then tell you you are very annoying, to break up with you, is your problem, perfect ending.

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5. When does the break up hit the dumper? He has lost patience with you

As mentioned earlier, if he wants to break up in his heart, he has an emotional object in his heart in most cases. He begins to lose patience with you and can’t tolerate your little temper. Even if he can coax you when you are not happy in the past, he will ignore you or lose his temper now.

6. When does the break up hit the dumper? There’s cold physical contact between you

Hand in hand hugs and kisses will reduce the number of times, even hugs and hand in hand will become rigid, always busy as an excuse not to take the initiative to ask you. If you live together, you may even have a cold sex life and have no interest in you. Your way of sleeping also begins to change and you begin to sleep with your back to you.

7. When does the break up hit the dumper? He doesn’t care about you

He thought in his heart that when he broke up, his psychological activity was probably: she doesn’t belong to me. Why do I care so much about her. So you never play games. Even if you play games, he won’t care about you. You play with your friends very late and you don’t come back with phone messages. When everything seems indifferent, you are not far away from freedom.

8. When does the break up hit the dumper? He began to be on guard

When planning to break up, alienation must be an important performance, and it also starts to alienate you. If you were honest with you before, you will find that he quietly changed his mobile phone power on password, network account password, bank card password, etc. I’m on guard. I’m going to draw a line with you. Isn’t the problem obvious?

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