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Here: Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend

What are reasons why I love my boyfriend?

Do you need a reason to love someone? Of course you do!

Love is subjectively driven and not controlled by the outside world, but under this subjectivity, it actually follows an inner trajectory, only that many times we are not aware of it ourselves.

Human preferences and tastes determine what kind of person you will subconsciously look for, and this taste is your aesthetic sensibilities and values formed from various sources, from childhood to adulthood.

Long before we meet love, we bury the trail of love.

Boyfriend reasons why I love you:

For example, some people only love beautiful people and can orgasm when they see a beautiful face.

For example, some people can’t stand cheapskates, and then the beautiful face once you do people buckle, not generous, immediately good feeling all over.





Love is aesthetic, but sometimes it is also traumatic.

Reasons to love your boyfriend:

For example, people with a strong sense of inferiority will subconsciously choose poor conditions to look honest.

For example, people with low self-esteem will be like those strong and authoritative people close.

Reasons why you love your boyfriend: This is like why you love to eat steamed buns, you love the taste, texture and the needs of the body itself, or maybe the buns represent your mother’s love, or you grew up in the hungriest time, someone gave you one, you will always remember the warmth, your mouth is eating the buns, but the heart is thinking about another thing.


Reasons why I love my boyfriend:

So there are many replicas and imitations of love, some people love, not people, but love. Some people’s love, just to be loved, and will not actively love people. There are people whose love is a distorted and perverted spiritual dependence.

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You say that you can’t find the reason for loving him and don’t know how to answer what you like about him, which is not really too normal. Reasons why I love my boyfriend: True love is a good interaction between spirits, a creative emotion. This person must have something that you appreciate and admire. It’s not just because he has a “good personality” that you can benefit from. If this is the case, then what you love is to be loved, not true love.

A lot of people get confused between being loved and love, the former is a passive sufferer, the latter is the active creation.


So what kind of feelings are more likely to last, in addition to like, but also to understand, admire, adore, only the spirit hitched to the antennae of the lovers are more likely to last. Boyfriend reasons why I love you: If at this moment, you like him simply because he is useful, then this person is easily replaced, because human needs are often changing.

What love is, is a subject that we need to study throughout our lives. Boyfriend reasons why I love you: Love is so complex and so simple. Love calls people to become vulnerable, a tear can be broken; and has a steel helmet and iron armor, although millions of people to stop me to carry on.

Reasons why I love my boyfriend: The first thing that you need to do is to get to know love, cherish love, understand love, and become better, so that you can deserve every encounter and live up to every good moment.





Love is not only not blind, it is very explainable

The principle of psychological visibility means that we need to be “seen” by another person, who is like a mirror to our soul.

Reasons why I love my boyfriend: Suppose you are an optimistic, lively and cheerful person, full of enthusiasm for life, brave and very confident.

Then you meet a pessimistic, closed, unenthusiastic and very unconfident person.

He will see your confidence as an attack, and doubt the intention of everything you say and do, and always feel that you want to manipulate him. You may feel confused, puzzled and deeply misunderstood and unappreciated.

Reasons why you love your boyfriend: In another situation, when you express yourself very confidently, another person immediately read your confidence and ease, and smile at you, how do you feel?



You will feel that you are “seen” by him. This is what we call the feeling of being seen.

Reasons why I love my boyfriend: When your soul is truly seen by a person, you will fall in love with that person.

Psychological visibility actually opens the door to our self-discovery. We are constantly deepening our self-awareness in various interactions with others.

Reasons why I love my boyfriend: In an intimate relationship where we are truly visible, we also continue to discover abilities we were not even aware of before, as well as personality traits that are not obvious.

For example, if your partner is someone who is better connected to your body and your emotions than you are, then with her you will also unconsciously explore your connection to your body and your emotions.


Reasons why I love my boyfriend: One of the best things about a mature intimate relationship is when you are doubting yourself and your partner says to you, “Honey, please don’t pretend you don’t know you can do it, please be yourself!

In the midst of loving you, I met myself.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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