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The Meaning Of The Hanged Man Love

How do you think of the hanged man love or what the hanged man tarot guide? The eyes of the man who is hanging are closed, and his thoughtful expression seems to have wandered away, and he seems to have been inspired in his sleep. No one knows how long he has been hanging on the tree, and no one knows how long this training course will last.

About the hanged man tarot love or the hanged man reversed love you have to understand one thing. Because of the relationship of hanging upside down, the perspective of “hanging people” to see the world is not the same. It can be said that it is contrary to ordinary people. His happiness and satisfaction are spiritual, and his rule of practice is not to care about worldly vision.

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His posture of hanging upside down seems to be a kind of dancing posture or a kind of skill. Although his body seems to be suffering and he can’t know whether he will succeed, he is happy in it. Getting happiness from sacrifice and dedication is the motive force of “hanging people” training.

4 Things on the hanged man love 

1. The hanged man loveThe meaning of hanging people

What are the hanged man love? “Hanging people” represents the willing sacrifice, dedication and unrequited payment.

“Hanging man” is the hardest card in 22 tarot cards, and it is also the card most related to physical training. With one foot tied or hung on the tree, he maintained the weight and balance of his body with willpower, which was the torment and pain of his body.

And the other foot is relaxed horizontal hook, this is the spiritual level of ridicule and practice. No one knows why “hanging people” chose this kind of practice out of voluntary or forced? Is it suffering from physical torture, or enjoying spiritual ascension? The answer is only “hanging people” themselves know.

2. The hanged man love-Strange composition

“12” plate “hanging people” and “21” plate “the world” are a kind of echo, but also a kind of contrast; The goddess in the “world” is the one who attains the right fruit and enjoys the perfection.

The hanged man love, the composition of this card is quite strange. At first sight, you may feel whether it is printed reversely. Indeed, he looks at the world upside down. His vision and view are different from ordinary people. He will hang on a tree, maybe voluntarily, for a greater vision. At the expense of the present situation, he may also be punished, and is repaying his crime or the crime of others, The role of scapegoat.

3. The hanged man love-People hanging represent waiting

What are the hanged man love?Due to the obstruction of action, this card represents waiting, waiting for the arrival of the opportunity, what is lost is the freedom of the moment. However, when you look at the face of dangren carefully, it does not appear the slightest pain, but lies in the mentality of dangren himself, who is willing to work hard.

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In the interpersonal aspect, it also appears that in the relationship, the parties need to bear more responsibility, and may bear the grievance, in order to maintain the existence of the relationship, in the relationship, they should pay attention to the other side, and ignore themselves.

For the hanged man love, on the other hand, in terms of material and money, the present effort is emphasized, but the final result may not be achieved. It is possible that the desired goal and money can be achieved, but it may also be in vain.

Although hanging people is not free in the form of fate, they are hanging in a tree and trapped here. However, hanging people jump out of the limit of fate from the spirit of thinking through their views on the other side of things.

4. The hanged man love-It’s not that you always have to pay back

What are the hanged man love? The first card of the hanging card is justice, the hanging card is in the next card of the justice card, and the wheel of destiny is in front of the justice card. The hanging role is the person who is punished.

These three cards are connected together to repay the fate. The truth of the universe is that there are gains and losses, and there are gains and losses. You have more, no matter what means and methods you use, What does not belong to you must be paid back in the future. The role of hanging people is to repay his sin with suffering.

5. The hanged man love-It’s hard to make a choice

The final thing about the hanged man love. On the other hand, some people can’t make a decision in the role of justice because they can’t accept any choice, either white or black.

Each side of the present choice has its white side, strengths and advantages, but there are also black side, weaknesses and shortcomings that people are afraid of. They are afraid to repay these dark crimes. Each side is good and each side is bad. They do not want to make a choice. However, it is also a choice not to make a choice.

That is to say, if she has lost all her current choices, she still has to repay the choices she does not make, or bear the final result.

In case of indecision, we may be able to find a way to tell him that the state of hanging people is also a part of life and a step of a complete life journey, which should not be evaded, but should be transformed into a view of the responsibility of life and the meaning of life.

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