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20 Handmade With Love You Can DIY!

Handmade with love is very popular now, and may be more precious than those exquisite luxury items. Nowadays, people not only celebrate the festivals on the calendar, but also many festivals of their own invention. For example, Valentine’s Day is divided into White Valentine’s Day, Black Valentine’s Day and Western Valentine’s Day. For those who are not good at choosing gifts, especially boys, it is even more miserable. Handmade with love is a good choice.


Personally, Handmade with love gifts are divided into two types: one is practical and fits daily life. Second, it is highly ornamental (showy but not real). But the most important Handmade with love gift is “sincere”. Handmade with love can well show the giver’s intentions, and can choose the right Handmade with love according to the other party’s preferences, which is both unique and full of affection. Today, we will take stock of some Handmade with love that are suitable for men/girls-easy to make, and can also be made by handicapped parties.

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1. Handmade with love-Handball

Temari originated in Japan. On New Years and New Years Day, parents give their children a traditional item. Mothers will put a note in the temari ball to bless their children, and the child does not know what the note is written on, so temari is full of loved ones. The meaning of blessing


2. Handmade with love-Hand embroidery

This can be used as a brooch, or it can be sewn on clothes, as a couple’s outfit!


3. Handmade with love-Ping An Fu Incense Bag

The traditional craft of purse is a kind of small bag that people wear with them in the traditional Chinese costume. Sending the hand-embroidered sachet to the beloved can not only express love, but also pray for him and keep him safe. It is a romantic and classical gift.


4. Handmade with love-Line drawing

In ancient times, there was “Leading the fate, the old man under the moon”. The old man under the moon only needs to tie the feet of men and women in the world with a red string in his bag, even if he experiences “an enemy’s grievances, noble and inferior, the end of the world is from the eunuch, Wu Chu is a foreign land.” Waiting for torture will resolve everything and eventually become a husband and wife.

Legend has it that as long as you wrap your lover’s portrait with a red thread, you can stay with him for a lifetime. This gift really can be completed with patience and care. No skill is required. No stitching, it will be done!

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5. Handmade with love-DIY wallet

After wiping, the wax-waxed natural leather will have more texture and gradually reveal the original background color. It is a wax-wax leather wallet for boys. The size of the leather has been cut, just follow the tutorial to sew, there are seven colors, not too monotonous but individual.


6. Handmade with love-USB “tape”

Use cardboard to make a tape-shaped shell with a slot in the middle to put the USB in. You can put your stories, photos, videos, and everything about you in this USB to keep your eternal memories.


7. Handmade with love-a gallery of balloons + photo memories

Hang your photos on the balloons. The colors of the balloons must match well. Remember that next years popular colors will be crystal pink and quiet blue~ When she opens the door, she will be pleasantly surprised and full of dreamy and romantic atmosphere. Your little home.


8. Handmade with love-Carving candle DIY

Choose one of the most primitive white candles and engrave your name, a pattern, or a sentence on the candle.


9. Handmade with love-DIY miniature book

If your hands are skillful enough, DIY a mini-book for her and write your love advice. A small gift that she can take with her, come and have a look when she thinks of you, and let love be everywhere.


10. Handmade with love-Letter in a Bottle

Although it is an old routine, it is still very suitable for girls with serious plots.


11. Handmade with love-DIY cocktail

I have good wine and love, will you go with me?


12. Handmade with love-Romantic LDR treasure hunt

To give her a gift, don’t be so direct! Why not come to a treasure hunt and tell her the gift clues one by one. Very contrived, but very attentive.


13. Handmade with love-DIY love light bulb

Technical control can try to do this

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14. Handmade with love-The little secret in the clothespin

You have a missed message


15. Handmade with love-a jar of love candy

Love candy that makes sweets sway


16. Handmade with love-Date bottle

A small bottle, several small notes, record your daily life.


17. Handmade with love-Homemade lipstick art

After putting on the lipstick, take your feelings for your lover, imagine her, and leave your kiss on the white paper. Play freely, and at the end it is an artwork of love.


18. Handmade with love-a different “a cup”

Sending a lover’s cup has a beautiful meaning of “a lifetime”, it is not as different as your love.


19. Handmade with love-December dating game card

Develop a monthly game for 12 months. Every month you have to complete a game you love, and you can’t separate it.


Many boys asked me what gifts are memorable, special Handmade with love, and thoughtful Handmade with love. But in the end, I found that apart from the price can reflect my surprise, there is always something missing. Lipsticks, bags, perfumes, of course, are safe brands that can’t go wrong, but they are still consumables in nature and highly replaceable. In fact, gifts also play a very important role is to commemorate and collect. Handmade with love is a good choice.


Todays gift list has collected those amazing and memorable Handmade with love. No matter what stage of love, you need to use Handmade with love to express such feelings occasionally.


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