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Grieving The Loss Of Your Affair Partner – What To Do?

Grieving the loss of your affair partner, about this, if you treat this matter as a lost love, this matter may be much easier.
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Then the problem is that you have to look at the loss of love correctly, you also have to understand the state of love.

Not everyone can face the loss of love with grace, some people feel painful to the extreme and depressed for a long time after the loss of love. It is really a very painful thing to fall out of love, but, in the long term in the pain of falling out of love can not come out, very bad for people. So, how do people get through the painful period of lost love?

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What to do when you fall out of love?

[Grieving the loss of your affair partner]

1. Find the right reason, learn to comfort yourself

The famous American psychologist Ellis’s ABC theory tells us: what makes people sad and painful is not the event itself, but the incorrect interpretation and evaluation of things. Therefore, in the face of the pain of lost love, we must learn to find reasons for themselves from different perspectives. The author believes that attempts can be made in two ways.
Is to look for reasons that will make you accept the reality of the breakup. For example.

A.I love him or her but do not dare to guarantee that she or he will love me.

[Grieving the loss of your affair partner]
Married people still have a lot of people divorce and choose a new spouse, not to mention talk about the object, I am only one of the other party to choose and reference, I have no reason to ask others must choose me.
love is a matter of both parties, our breakup, indicating that they also have factors that are not suitable for each other, the responsibility is not all on the other party.
now the breakup is for the future hand in hand, if we have been in a quarrel in love or even married, the breakup factor still exists, to that time will be more painful, now the short pain is for the future not long pain, should be pain in the present, not pain in the future;.
Since he or she proposed a breakup, I still have to pester him or her, that means I have no backbone, a person can have no strength but not no backbone.
Leave him or her because there is a better person waiting for me.

B. Is seeking the other such person has no reason to be worthy of their own further pursuit. For example.

[Grieving the loss of your affair partner]
He is a philanderer, such a person is not reliable, it is my luck to leave him or her
He or she has many flaws, how can I love with a person who has so many flaws for the rest of my life?
He or she is a person who does not care about the feelings of others, more selfish, he or she is now so unfeeling to me, and expect him or her to be good to me in the future?
He or she is not good enough for me, and I should not be looking for someone like him or her.

His or her actions make me heartbroken, I need to be happy and not in pain, I can only be happy if I let go of my extravagance.

I am tired and I want to relieve myself as soon as possible …… When you search for some suitable reasons like this, it is possible that your mindset will undergo a fundamental change.

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2. Shift the object of attention and try to adjust the mindset

[Grieving the loss of your affair partner]

For lovers who have not been broken up for a long time, memories are a pain. Whenever you want to think about each other, try to shift the target, put the target on the appreciation of another kind of scenery or another thing to deal with. For example.

A. Immediately focus your attention on some daily objects, you can admire a small flower, watch a pattern, pay attention to an ornament, etc
B. Close your eyes, try to imagine something quiet and beautiful, the blue sky, the deep sea, the vast grassland, the golden beach, herds of cattle and sheep, white clouds and other long beautiful scenery in your mind
C. Listen to a piece of music that you like, preferably songs that celebrate the good life or soothing light music, do not choose those too loud or too sad tunes, because these music may aggravate their bad mood
D. Do not be alone, this time should go to ask their friends to do some of their favorite activities, can swim, shopping, watching movies, etc.
E. Go outside to find a place with fresh air, quiet environment, soft light, undisturbed and movable, choose a posture where you feel comfortable, or stand or sit or lie down, let yourself relax wholeheartedly, listen to birds, humming songs, do deep breathing.

F. Don’t go to bed too early at night, wake up in the morning to get up immediately, and try to leave yourself less time and space to remember those past events.


Strengthen the exercise of will and try to change yourself

[Grieving the loss of your affair partner]

How strong one’s willpower is is of great importance to change one’s emotions and enhance one’s ability to cope with new environments. To adjust from one state to another is definitely a painful process, without pain there is no change, and to change there is pain. If willpower is not strong, the lack of courage to change in the face of pain, it is difficult to get out of the shadow of pain, so strengthening the training and cultivation of willpower in this period is also extremely important. Suggest that these friends can do so try: with behavioral rewards or punishment to train themselves, you can use a rubber band around the wrist, once you remember that past, you will use the rubber band to pop yourself (a little force, so that they are slightly painful), while suggesting to yourself “I have broken up with him or her, he or she is not suitable for me, I think about him or her again is I think of him or her again is to look down on yourself”. After a period of training, I believe you will have new discoveries.

When analyzing and exploring yourself, be sure to respect the objective laws.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice or contact me on Bothlive.

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