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Grieving The Loss Of Your Affair Partner, Time Will Heal You

Grieving the loss of your affair partner, Time will heal you. Many people want to get out of this heartbreaking period immediately after a breakup, but it takes time for everything to work itself out. When profiling and exploring yourself, you must respect the objective rules and pay attention to the following issues.
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Grieving the loss of your affair partner

1.Is not to avoid reality. Avoiding the problem can occasionally temporarily ease the conflict, but the problem will always exist and not be solved, and over time, the problem will worsen or chain new problems, so that the problem should be solved easily becomes more complex.

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2.Is not to magnify the problem. In the search for each other’s shortcomings or do not do the right place, should be realistic, do not generalize the other side of the total denial. If a small shortcoming unprincipled magnification, not only the mood more and more painful, emotions will also get worse, it is easy to produce revenge, if once you can not control their emotions, you may make irrational things. Those who carry a knife to kill, throwing sulfuric acid disfigurement of many tragic cases are driven by this psychology brewed, the lesson is very profound.

3. Do not be too eager. For those who are anxious to get rid of the pain, to admonish themselves from time to time: no one can instantly forget the heartfelt pain, the heart of the wound can only be healed through the passage of years, environmental changes and their own strong exercise.

The pain of losing love is certainly painful, but people should not torture themselves for this, hurt yourself, and he or she will never feel, so it is worth it? So, don’t be miserable when you fall out of love.

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The 4 stages of lost love

[Grieving the loss of your affair partner]

The first stage of breakup: shock and disbelief

The first reaction of people at this time is disbelief, can not accept the fact that the breakup. The first stage is to find all kinds of evidence to prove that love still exists, but it is all a shell of the old love shed.
The first stage of psychological therapy for lost love advice, the immediate wielding of the sword to cut the love, is the best way to deal with the problem of breakup. Of course, where the sword is bound to bleed all over the place, but the faster the action, the sharper the wound will be smaller. You have to believe that time has the power to heal everything.

The second stage of love loss: anger and vilification

The anger of the betrayed person at this stage of the breakup burns in the chest and it lets itself go as hard as it can to hate the person.
The second stage of psychotherapy breakup advice, “broken up” when the anger is normal, this emotion should not be smothered in the heart, you can write a letter, try to write the other party’s shortcomings and faults all over, write and then tear the letter to shreds, throw it into the depths of the trash.

The third stage of lost love: recovery and pleading

When the anger is over, the heart is left full of sadness, it is not easy to manage love, you may want to leave your pride and everything to save, but the end result will only make yourself more depressed, pain.
The third stage of psychological therapy for lost love advice, he or she has left with the fact that the attitude of the relationship, it is not worth your energy to change anything. If you continue to interact, you can only be mired in the mud and can not extricate yourself.

The fourth stage of broken love: game love

At this stage you may be dismissive of past beliefs in love and turn to actively seek alternatives, desperate to fall in love with a stranger to prove that you have come out of the breakup shadow. Then …… calm down, move on with your life, and love the next person again.
The fourth stage of psychological treatment of lost love advice, anxious to find a replacement will only make their own hearts more tired, rather than in the loss of love immediately after a change of environment, temporarily and can touch the painful memories of love, things, people isolated, and wait for their mood to calm down, and then re-engage in a new relationship.

In fact, the psychological treatment of lost love boils down to one sentence, love is not the whole life, of course, love in a certain relationship is not more. Figure this out, whether in love or break up, you can face alone.


The performance of lost love

[Grieving the loss of your affair partner]

Work like crazy

Many women think that crazy work will make their brain consciousness to stop a certain aspect of the operation, the pain of lost love temporary anesthesia. However, it is also easy to let yourself go to the other extreme, that is, never believe in love again, or even reject love


Because of the trauma brought about by the loss of love, there are many women who have taken a way similar to self-harm from the physical destruction of their own, that is, without fear of overeating. But this is not only a harm to the body, but will also let yourself remember what was once a little bit. So, what appears to be a life of release is actually an internal torture.


In fact, travel is a good way to relieve a broken relationship, but many people choose a way to revisit the same place. For example, some of the places where the story with the lover happened before, personally I think this is not sensible. To go should go to places that have not been, such as the mountains, the sea, the sea, a million horses, so that it is easy to let themselves in the environment to purify their hearts. However, it is still recommended not to be too limited to the trip itself, but to feel the meaning of travel.


In the anesthesia of alcohol, it is easy to let their consciousness temporarily short-circuit, and this is a common thing that many people who have lost love do. But drinking alone will increase the feeling of loneliness. You can drink with a few good friends, so that you can get drunk with an open heart, but also allow yourself to pour out your emotional garbage with the strength of alcohol.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice or contact me on Bothlive.

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