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10 Goodbye Emotional Break Up Letter To Boyfriend

01. The first goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend

I think the two of us are inappropriate, and I don’t want to continue loving you anymore.


I dont know how you look at our relationship. Just a few days ago, I suddenly understood why I cant feel your love for me. Because youre afraid of being responsible for me, you think you love me, then It’s because you are lonely and you need it. All you love is my body. I hate stingy people and can’t stand your being stingy to me. Your attitude has hurt me deeply. It turns out that I am so worthless in your heart. You despise my self-esteem and my pride, maybe you think I am not worth your money at all?


You only love yourself, you are selfish and dont want to be responsible. What have I asked you for in the past year? Why have you done? I dont care about it, but this is what I should care about. You said you would marry me , You are a bad man who lied to me! I won’t listen to your phone anymore, and you won’t have the opportunity to hurt me again. I hate you. This goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend is for people to see Sent a sad letter.


02. The second goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend

Now that you understand that he is not suitable for you, then don’t expect him to reply. You will definitely be sad and lost in the near future, but I believe that time will forget everything. Don’t look back, don’t return again In the previous life, it wouldn’t make sense…


The dogs in my family don’t like you, and the cats and cats in your family don’t like me, so don’t say anything, you will gradually understand later. I used to think that it takes a lifetime of courage to propose to you to break up, but to this day, I have to admit that the courage needed to live with you is actually greater. Break up with you! No reason or excuse is needed, it just doesn’t feel anymore for you. This is the end of this goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend.

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03. The third goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend

Please answer my following question: Did you feel a little happy and excited when you met me? Did you really want to get close to me when you saw me? Do you really want to see me all the time? Do you have a lot of things you want to tell me, but you don’t know what to say when you meet me? I see the four heavenly kings in the same mood as yours, just admiration, not love, how can the four heavenly kings be with me? Just like I can’t be with you!


You love me so much! I feel very sorry for you, really sorry… Actually, I also hope that our love has a future… But… the road is too rugged and too difficult to walk… You are better to me than to yourself… I am really No retribution…I’m really sorry…Love without a future is painful…I am really in pain now…We should have a future in the past. Aren’t we very happy before? Why is this happening? But our distance is getting farther and farther, so it’s just our fault! Do you like this goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend?


04. The fourth goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend

How can I save my boyfriend after breaking up? Will sending him 100 text messages save his boyfriend’s heart? SMS is an important way of communication. Sending a text message to your ex is conducive to saving love. Let me teach you how to write a text message to save love.

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05. The fifth goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend-think about the purpose of saving your boyfriend before sending a text message

The sixth goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend-Some girls want to save their boyfriend after breaking up because they are unwilling. She is unwilling to give so much but not get the reward she deserves; she is unwilling to persist for so long and finally gets dumped… If you are holding such a mentality to restore your boyfriend, then you are doomed to fail. Because when you write a redemption message, your tone must be very angry, which will make the other party even more resentful.


The seventh goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend-There is only one purpose to save the boyfriend, and that is because of love. Because I love this person and I dont want to lose him, so I want to redeem it; because I dont want to lose my true love, I redeem it; I regretted breaking up because I impulsively propose to break up, so I redeem… Only because of love, writing redeem messages is full of love. Only in this way can you let the other person feel your love and have the opportunity to save the other person’s heart.


06. The eighth goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend-Notes for writing a redeem text message

The text messages to save your boyfriend must not expose the sense of need. Don’t just say, “I love you so much, I can’t do without you!” in the first text message, because this is exposing the sense of need you want to reconcile.

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The ninth goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend-If your boyfriend knows that you are sending text messages to get together, he will feel a lot of pressure when he receives your text messages, which is not conducive to recovery. Sending text messages should be relaxed. Don’t emphasize that you want to get back together when you open your mouth. You should understand from the other person’s perspective. You are putting pressure on him, so he wants to stay away from you even more.


07.  The tenth goodbye emotional break up letter to boyfriend-The text message to save the boyfriend can’t have too many excuses. 

It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong after you have broken up. The purpose of texting him is to restore him instead of blaming him, so dont chat with him in a preaching tone. Its best not to mention these contradictions. First, remove the other sides guard so that the other side can be restored smoothly. .



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