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Give Space In A Relationship To You

Space in a relationship: Emotional management needs a “sense of space”

Maybe we’ve all experienced this: being chased by our parents every day asking what happened at school, what kind of friends we made, whether we were criticized or praised by teachers ……

The age of ignorance will instinctively feel that parents are very annoying, why should I care so much about things?

However, many years later, some people have embarked on the same path, you began to ask your lover what he did today in the company, what friends he made, whether he was criticized or praised by the leader ……

You think this is a sign that you love him and care about him, but inadvertently your relationship is handled into the state you used to be most bothered by.


Psychologists say: we will unconsciously treat love in the way we are most familiar with.

Giving space in a relationship: Perhaps it is because the way we are most familiar is this way that our loved ones treat us, so we unconsciously bring our loved ones into the role of loved ones.

But these are two kinds of love. Loved ones care beyond distance because they are helping us grow, they are the older ones with absolute experience and authority, so there is no need to maintain a sense of space and vigilance.



But love does not require such care, and excessive interference can upset the fragile balance.

Needing space in a relationship: Lovers have equal levels of intelligence, life experience and their own independent outlook on life and values, so if they get along like relatives, the balance can easily be upset, thus bringing the two people too close together and losing the precious sense of space between adults.



Personal space in relationship: The two people in the relationship are like two hedgehogs getting warm, far away from the fear of cold, too close and will sting each other, in order to maintain the appropriate distance to the premise of harmonious coexistence. To a certain extent, if you want to reap the fruits of perfect love, leaving a suitable private space for each other and yourself is the secret weapon to keep your relationship fresh.


Space in a relationship: Give each other the mental space to think independently, love needs to be clear-headed, not blindly impulsive. In a relationship, it is important to leave a space distance for each other that is appropriate in and out, to have a full independent mental field for each other, not to interfere with each other on the basis of keeping their own minds active, and to maintain active, good interaction and communication in order to discover the unique charm that each other has under the independent individual.

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1. Women must learn: independent posture

Giving space in a relationship: Do not think that the independent posture will make your feelings apart, on the contrary, too ambiguous or direct way but easy to scare him away. When your relationship is not yet clear or disagreement, if you treat him in the way of close friends, such as blunt rejection or questioning him, which on the one hand will make his heart pressure, on the one hand, will also reveal your fear of losing him or his hope of the urgent heart, but make their own disadvantage in.


Space in a relationship: At this stage, smart women should not let their attempts to show so obvious, feelings need to be cultivated slowly little by little, too hasty romance is likely to burn fast, also fast out. Aggressive or brush off are tantamount to throwing cold water on the feelings, if you have confidence in yourself, do not casually change for him, as always, firmly maintain their posture is most important.



2. Women must learn: autonomous behavior

Space in a relationship: He is your spiritual and life partner, but not your nanny. Maybe you just don’t want to be too strong in front of him, but instead give him the impression of indecisiveness and lack of initiative.

Giving space in a relationship: Always remind yourself that you are a strong, confident, independent woman, happiness in their own hands, do not need to rely on him to decide everything. Men pay more attention to a woman’s head and wisdom in addition to body, image and temperament.



Let him see your self-confidence charm, such a woman for him means a different freshness and attraction, are said that women in love IQ is zero, in fact, this sentence is applicable to all the general rule. Once deeply in love, both men and women will be like a different person, always in the mind of their figure.

Personal space in relationship: Women at this time can not be blind love overwhelmed, you can sacrifice their time to comfort her, can put off friends dating dedicated to accompany him, can cry and pray for him when sad …… but think clearly, men will not do the same for you.

Remember, women have to be their own God, why not let the roles between you swap and let him play the lead role in the above series of events?


3. Women must learn: reasonable allocation of their time

Space in a relationship: Independent posture and behavioral autonomy are based on strong inner strength and personal space for free play. The time will be allocated wisely, give yourself more time, you do not need to worry about sticking around him all the time.

Giving space in a relationship: A simple activity, such as meeting with friends, chatting with girlfriends, etc., while relaxing can also make your relationships rich and colorful, without always circling around the small world of two people.

Space in a relationship: Reading, running, swimming, outdoor travel, learning some kind of skill can make you reap the joy of progress in terms of psychology and health, further enhancing your inner growth and enriching your inner world, so that you can have an independent personality and mature thinking.

These are invaluable assets for the future development of a relationship.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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