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Fun Things To Do With Boyfriend On Weekend

Some fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend:

1. Share the humor of others

Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend: Partners should learn to get pleasure from the humorous wisdom of others, you can go together to see comedy shows live movies, or listen to the funny things of friends.

This kind of pleasure can be obtained without any effort on your part, which can make each other spend a pleasant time and relieve work stress and emotions.

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2. Recapture childhood games

Occasionally turn back into a naughty big kid, from the simplest games to get the most rustic joy.

Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend: You can have a water gun fight with her or fight over a small toy or pillow fight, in a happy atmosphere, to get rid of the day’s tiredness and worries, will increase the intimacy of your relationship.


3. Learn to laugh at yourself appropriately

Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend: There is a self-deprecation with humility and wisdom, do not be afraid to be ridiculed by your lover, appropriate self-deprecation in the eyes of the other party, you will become more selfless and lovely.

Men are less analytical than women, so if you can learn how to create a relaxed and humorous atmosphere, then she will definitely love you more.


4. Good night story

A. One day, heaven is on vacation, an angel came to earth, in order to dissolve their boredom, said to a girl, I can grant you a wish, power, money, beauty, love …… The girl thought very seriously, the angel was a little afraid, if she said something he could not achieve the wish, it would be very humiliating. Anyway must let her see how great the angel is, I want her to worship me, I want her to appreciate me. “I want to hear you say good night to me every day before I go to bed!” ( #Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend )


B. “Rabbit Ash, tell me, what exactly do you like about me?” “Every little bit.” “I know I have many flaws and you can’t like every bit of me.” “Then perhaps I like your merits, but I love your faults more.” “And among the pros, which is the most favorite point?” “It’s really hard to say exactly which point.” “Why is it hard?” “Because it’s not like the likes are distributed in a dotted pattern.” ( #Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend )


C. A bird of prey fell in love with a fish, the bird can only fly in the air, the fish can only swim in the water, this love has just begun, it is destined to be fruitless, but they still fell in love, the bird of prey said, I just need to be able to see you once a day is enough, the fish was moved to shed tears, is transparent tears, melted in the water, nothing can be seen. The fish said, I am also, we are in different two worlds to produce the same love, beyond the limits of space. The bird says, such love is eternal, it has no promises, it is the connection of the heart. ( #Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend )


The fish said, such love is also the most beautiful, we can not touch each other, but in our hearts, each other are the most perfect …… The bird and the fish fell deeply into the sea of love, and insisted on looking at each other every day, no matter what the wind and rain, and never changed, until one day, they could not stand the pain of longing, they wanted to touch each other, even if only one hundredth of a second of contact, they were also satisfied. So they mutually agreed that when the bird swept across the sea, the fish leapt up to fulfill their long-cherished wish of one hundredth of a second of contact. ( #Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend )


The bird is full of excitement, smooth the beautiful wings against the surface of the sea, just to see the bird and their closest to the moment, she made all the strength, and fought to pop up. The fish finally broke out of the water, the fish’s head and the beautiful head of the bird of prey touched together, that is, in that moment, one hundredth of a second, but a tragedy occurred, the bird of prey’s head flowed blood, is the blood of the fish to leap out of the water hit. The flying bird died, died with a smile on its face, because he finally experienced the feeling of touching the most beloved, which is death, the flight of life. I wonder if this ending is a kind of perfection for them? ( #Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend )


D. A long, long time ago in a distant kingdom a princess was born She is the legendary Sleeping Princess This story tells us a truth No adequate sleep can not become a princess Please my princess now can sleep? ( #Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend )


E. One day the refrigerator and the ice cream broke up, and the ice cream left the refrigerator and walked around, and the ice cream was soaked. Then he wanted to make up with the refrigerator. The refrigerator forgave the ice cream, opened the refrigerator door and said: come up and freeze yourself. ( #Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend )


F. The white rabbit and the little fox were crowded together on the subway. The little fox said, the air conditioning is so big, if there is a piece of candy to eat it would be good. After hearing this, the little white rabbit immediately lay down on the ground. Presenting a big figure. “Eat it, now I’m a big white rabbit”. ( #Fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend )


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